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Who do you trust in this COVID world? | Columns


Which of the following groups do you think is the least trustworthy in the world today: doctors, lawyers, cops, big business, preachers or politicians? Your answer can say as much about you as it does about the groups in question.

In this COVID world, there appears to be an ongoing war between the medical profession and a significant segment of politicians. One way or another, big business is drawn into it as well, and some clergymen seem to weigh on one side or the other of the political spectrum.

As for the war against alleged police violence, that is another story. And so are members of the legal profession, about whom Shakespeare wrote in Henry VI, Part II: “The first thing we do, kill all the lawyers.”

Probably the most suspicious group for my money is the politicians. And it certainly doesn’t help the cause when the biggest pol in the country is on TV crying crocodile tears and yelling something like “Please get the vaccine.” End of message ”.

Now let’s talk about the wonderful world of medicine. In a recent column, I commented on the full approval of COVID vaccines by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seen by the medical profession (as well as about half of politicians) as a key step in the fight against the pandemic. .

I was called by a reader, who insisted that only emergency approval had been granted. She was half right; full approval is still pending at the time of this writing for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. But Pfizer is now fully endorsed by the CDC.

On the same day, the CDC recommended the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which both work similarly, over J&J over concerns over the rare cases of blood clots seen in some recipients.

Mistrust of doctors dates back to ancient times, when knowledge of how the human body worked was in its infancy. Even in George Washington’s day, the standard procedure for some illnesses required bloodletting as a way to clear the infection from the body.

We have come light years since then, even over the past half century. When my mother had her gallbladder removed, it was opened wide. By the time I took mine out a few decades later, they drilled three holes in my stomach, pulled it out, and released me from the hospital the next day. Since then, two of my daughters have had gallbladder surgery, and it was a nearly drive-thru procedure on the same day.

So who will I listen to when it comes to my health? Even with the best doctors in the country changing their minds almost daily when new information comes in, it is obvious to me that they are more in touch with immunology and these issues than a politician testing the winds of public opinion. on what best improves the chances of re-election.

If they say vaccines are safe and effective and are more likely to keep you alive and healthy, who am I to argue?