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When is the next travel update? Date of review of green list countries and what happened during the last announcement


Spain has avoided being added to the red list, meaning fully vaccinated Britons can continue to travel there without having to quarantine themselves on their return.

France has also returned to the orange list and seven new countries, including Germany and Austria, have gone green.

Following the review, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps declined to rule out moving destinations such as Spain on the Red List in the future, but spoke encouragingly of the summer vacation.

He told Sky News: “With the coronavirus, you can never say there is no chance.

“But that said, vaccination levels and what we now know about the virus and what our scientists have been able to determine over the past year mean that people should be able to leave, enjoy their vacations without looking over their own.” shoulders. all the time and like I said the next round of changes isn’t for three weeks.

When is the next travel advisory?

The traffic light system is reviewed every three weeks.

The Department for Transport said: “These regular review points will allow the government to balance helping the public understand Covid requirements while traveling to England while allowing us to continuously assess the risk for different countries. “

The most recent review was on Wednesday August 4th, which means we can expect the next one on Wednesday August 25th.

Any modification is likely to come into effect from 4 a.m. on Sunday, August 29.

What should we expect?

People will be watching the number of cases in Spain and Greece closely, to make sure they at least stay on the amber list.

Poland did not turn green in the most recent review because it has a very low infection rate, but it could be on the list next time.

Meanwhile, Turkey remains on the red list. Cases have increased in recent weeks, but as one of the most popular travel destinations among Britons, there will be hope that it can regain control of the virus and return to the Amber List.

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