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What the Newspaper Say – October 20


Significant potential vaccine development, fears of a slow rollout of boosters and the queen’s age dominate the front pages on Wednesday.

The independent leads with an exclusive saying that a new version of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine is being developed to target the Delta variant.

There is darker news from the Daily Mirror regarding vaccination, however, with the newspaper saying fears are growing about a “fatal outbreak of Covid in winter” due to delays in rolling out booster shots.

The sun picks up on that theme by splashing with his campaign for all Brits to receive a reminder, while the Daily Express says millions are being urged to have the jab to “protect Britain from a looming wave of winter infection”.

The daily telegraph, meanwhile, says the deployment of the booster in nursing homes “fails.”

And the I warns that the government and its advisers may have dropped the ball regarding the pandemic, saying Covid scientists now only meet once a month despite rising infections.

On the environment, The Guardian says experts have warned that UK plans on carbon emissions “fall short of ambitions and funds”.

The Daily mail, on the other hand, highlights the amount of money to be spent to move towards net zero emissions, calling it Boris Johnson’s “trillion pound green bet”.

Metro leads to the same story, under the title “Countdown to Net Zero”.

And The temperature claims Britons are facing higher taxes in order to pay for the government’s green commitments, while also signaling the Queen’s protest that she is too young to receive the Oldie of the Year award.

The Star of the day has a cheeky take on the latter story, claiming the 95-year-old is “not amused” and borrowing a famous quote from the monarch’s daughter Anne with her headline “Naff orf!”

And the Financial Time said Chancellor Rishi Sunak is considering a “reduction in the surcharge on bank profits” to keep the City of London competitive.