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What the Newspaper Say – January 11


Newspapers today are dominated by a possible Tory scandal after an email revealed 100 people were invited to 10 Downing Street in May 2020 while the rest of the UK was stuck at home

The Guardian and I splash with a quote from the email that asked guests to “bring your own booze”.

the Daily Mirror, The independent and Metro bear allegations that Boris Johnson and his wife were among around 40 guests to attend the lockdown garden party.

the Daily Express calls the Tories’ saga a “partygate farce” and quotes the alleged author of the leaked email, Senior Assistant Martin Reynolds, as saying that guests should “make the most of the good weather”.

the Daily mail also covers the ‘drenched and anti-lockdown party’ held ‘less than an hour’ after the rest of the UK was told they could only meet one person at the outside.

In addition to the “containment drink”, The temperature reports that the Prime Minister has “put pressure on his scientific advisers to reduce the isolation period recommended for Covid to five days”.

The daily telegraph also contains reports of growing anger among Cabinet ministers over “misleading guidance on isolation” after health officials “admitted their advice was not accurate” when they previously opposed the reduction to five days.

Somewhere else, the Sun splashes with the Prime Minister’s call for Britons to get vaccinated and “not be a Novak”.

the Financial Time reports that Russia has threatened to withdraw from diplomatic talks to end the crisis over Ukraine if the West continues to ignore demands for security guarantees.

And the Star of the day claims the common cold can somehow beat Covid.