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What the Newspaper Say – December 24


National newspapers are publishing more new Omicron findings amid record cases and a slowdown in lockdown calls.

the Guardian leads with a call for caution from Sage despite the results. Although the UK Health Security Agency study found that the risk of hospitalization is up to 70% lower with Omicron than with Delta, Sage warned that a 90% drop in severity could be needed to that the wave stops before the previous peak of hospitalization in the United Kingdom.

The daily telegraph adds to its report from the same study with insider comments that it is “increasingly unlikely” that new rules will be introduced before New Year’s Eve. the I Also highlights the optimistic results, with the newspaper claiming it is easing the “threat” of restrictions in England after Christmas.

But the Financial Time, also head of the new study, said Boris Johnson’s cabinet was “deadlocked” on the issue of post-Christmas restrictions.

The independent presents new figures revealing absences of NHS staff increased by 50% in one week as hospitalizations increased.

the Daily mail has a very keen focus on Christmas Eve royalty, with the new Sussex family photo and a preview of the Queen’s Christmas Day post.

the Daily Express and Daily Mirror also performed with the Queen’s Speech and its focus on the loss of the Duke of Edinburgh.

And the Star of the day says NASA is urged “to help astronauts have more sex in space.”