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What the Newspaper Say – August 5


Changes to England travel rules top many Thursday papers, while photos of Meghan’s medal winners and the GB team also feature on the front page.

Time writes of a “summer getaway boost” because vaccinated travelers in France, Dubai and India can avoid having to self-quarantine on their return to England.

While The daily telegraph leads with the “resumption” of holidays in France following a “significant removal of restrictions on foreign travel”.

The Guardian says millions of Britons have received a “boost”, but added that the decision “will raise questions as to whether the government is complacent about the spread of the beta variant”.

the Daily Mirror bears the title “French reconnection”, the Daily Express talks about the summer “saved” and the I written about the holiday opening changes.

Metro leads on covronavirus, all 16 and 17 year olds being offered their first doses of vaccine before returning to school, while the Daily mail says kids as young as 12 will be offered jabs.

The independent writes that a “blueprint” for responding to a coronavirus outbreak was drawn up in 2005, but the plan was “lost” and was never implemented when Covid-19 began to take hold.

the Financial Time says the World Health Organization has called for a “global moratorium” on booster injections as poorer countries struggle for access to vaccines.

And the Star of the day carries the success of Sky Brown and the potential impact on skateboarding in the UK.