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Wellness festival, sliding sports facility among new tourism offerings



Mr. Tan said that the tourism sector is on the verge of a strong recovery, thanks to the many sacrifices and efforts undertaken by the industry over the past two years. This includes retaining important skills, building new capabilities, and updating products and infrastructure.

As many other destinations reopen and step up their inbound tourism campaigns, Mr Tan said Singapore needs to find ways to differentiate itself, in terms of services, experiences and engagement with visitors.

Outlining STB’s plan for the next six to 12 months, Mr Tan said the country was rapidly accelerating its international recovery campaign – SingapoReimagine – around the world, including in Australia, India and Indonesia.

To support in-market efforts, STB will intensify its regional and global partnerships with aviation players such as Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Changi Airport, as well as leading online travel agencies and media partners, to present Singapore.

It will also launch a new incentive program that will provide visitors with a complementary experience when visiting Singapore.

“We want to delight our visitors with hidden surprises so that they experience more of Singapore, in unexpected and delicious ways,” Mr. Tan said.

To do this, he said businesses will need to develop more unique and unusual experiences for visitors, especially repeat visitors who think they know Singapore.


In the medium and long term, Singapore will have to defend and develop its position as a global-Asian hub for business tourism.

“Rumours about the decline of business travel are greatly exaggerated. In the US and Europe, our MICE stakeholders tell us that there is huge demand for face-to-face business meetings, many of them have resumed,” Mr. Tan said.

“Here in Singapore, it’s the same. Most Singapore-anchored trade shows and association conventions are keen to resume full physical events in the coming months,” he added.

The aim is for Singapore to be “a home for the best MICE events”, especially those that can bring together Asian, European and American businesses, he said.

In particular, STB is focused on growing trade events that are relevant to future needs such as sustainability, urban solutions and advanced manufacturing.

“In this way, our MICE sector can support the growth of Singapore-based businesses in these areas, giving them a competitive edge right here in Singapore and enhancing Singapore’s geo-economic relevance at a time when globalization is under serious threat,” did he declare. noted.