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Warning to Nationwide Customers Who Rely on Free Travel Insurance


People doing business with Nationwide who are considering taking a break abroad now that UK travel rules have been changed have been urged to check before leaving.

The government has announced that travel rules will change from October 4, with eight countries removed from the Red List and the entire Orange List removed.

The end of mandatory testing and far fewer people needing to be quarantined have resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of people booking a break abroad for the end of the year and next year.

But according to Money saving expert, Nationwide is ending its free European travel insurance offer for FlexAccount customers as of December 31.

The bank stopped offering the benefit to new customers in 2016 – but customers who had an account before that date still got the free insurance.

It will now end.

MSE states that anyone who has paid for annual upgrades, for example to keep insurance after their 70th birthday or to cover a health problem, will be able to keep their FlexAccount travel insurance until the upgrade expiration date.

Nationwide says a quarter of existing FlexAccount customers still benefit.

A Nationwide spokesperson said: “We have kept our European travel insurance free for long-standing FlexAccount members for five years after removing it for new members in 2016.

“However, with a relatively low proportion of members now meeting the eligibility criteria, we have made the decision to simplify our proposal and align the conditions for all FlexAccount members.”

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