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Ukrainian orphans on their way to Scotland after arriving in the UK


A group of 52 children from orphanages in Dnipro, Ukraine, arrived safely in London before heading to their temporary home in Scotland.

The children, aged one to 18, and their guardians were due to leave Poland on Monday but were held up after key documents were not provided in time.

The Virgin flight finally landed at Heathrow on Wednesday evening and the group are on their way to Callander in Stirling, where accommodation has been arranged for them.

Home Secretary Priti Patel tweeted of their arrival: “52 children from Dnipro Kids have arrived in the UK to a safe and warm welcome.

“Many thanks to my team at the UK Home Office, the Ukrainian and Polish authorities, the Scottish Government and Virgin Atlantic who worked urgently on their speedy arrival.

“The care they will receive will contribute in part to healing their suffering.”

The charity Dnipro Kids, formed by supporters of Edinburgh’s Hibernian FC, has enabled many children to flee Ukraine to Poland.

The charity’s Robert Brown said so and Stirling council were ‘committed to giving the children a wonderful time so they can escape the trauma of what they’ve been through, and we can turn their experience into an adventure they will remember for the rest of their lives.”

The youngsters are expected to spend several weeks in the Callander area before moving to Edinburgh.

SNP MP Ian Blackford said: ‘The flight from Warsaw to London, before the transfer to Scotland, with the 52 Dnipro orphans, is in the air.

“Bravo to Dnipro Kids and everyone who made this possible.”