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UK fuel shortages live: key workers ‘must come first over gasoline’


“I only stand in line because everyone else is,” says motorist amid panicked fuel purchase

The shortage of truck drivers in the UK is a consequence of Brexit and low wages, according to the man expected to replace Angela Merkel as German Chancellor.

Olaf Scholz, head of the SDP, said free movement of workers was a benefit of the EU that the UK had chosen to leave behind.

“We have worked very hard to convince the British not to quit the union. Now they have decided differently and I hope they will deal with the problems that arise from it, ”he said.

Many service stations in the UK remain dry and unions have called on the government to use emergency powers to prioritize key workers for fuel.

The British Medical Association has warned that when the pumps go dry, “there is a real risk that NHS staff will not be able to do their jobs.” The Royal College of Nursing and the Unison and GMB unions also called for priority.

Meanwhile, Edwin Atema, head of the Federation of Dutch Trade Unions, said EU drivers will not come back to help the UK ‘out of the shit’.

He said the 10,000 short-term visas being considered by the UK government would not be enough to tempt drivers.


Jerry Can’s sales soared seventeen over the weekend – Halfords

Halfords saw a seventeen-fold increase in the number of jerry cans sold over the weekend compared to the same period a week earlier.

Containers were the fourth most frequently searched item on the auto and bicycle retailer website.

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GMB joins calls for fuel priority for key workers

The GMB union has also called for key workers to be given priority on fuel.

Rachel Harrison, GMB Country Manager, said: “Staggering incompetence has left our emergency services without the basics they need to save lives.

“In times of crisis, we need to put our frontline workers first.

“During this totally preventable crisis, oil must be a priority for key workers who save lives and move the country forward. “

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Nurses call for fuel priority for key workers

The Royal College of Nursing has joined with unions in calling for key workers to be given priority when it comes to fuel.

Patricia Marquis, Director for England at RCN, said: “We already know that some nurses are warning their employers that they may not be able to be there tomorrow to ensure that the shifts can be done in. completely safe.

“In light of these supply issues, healthcare and care workers must be a priority or patient care will be compromised.”

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How and when will the UK fuel crisis end?

Matt Mathers consider what must happen to put gasoline back into the pumps:

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How does the increase in the price of oil compare to previous years?

Oil prices have risen nearly 20 pence since the start of the year. The UK average fell from 116.46 pence on January 1 to 135.87 pence on Sunday, the highest price in 8 years.

In 2020, prices plunged at the start of the pandemic. But in 2019, they only increased by 7p over the whole year.

In 2018, prices weren’t even a dime at the end of the year, but that was after a drop as the global oil supply increased. From January 1 to the end of October, prices rose by around 10 pence before dropping dramatically before picking up again in the new year.

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Panic buying: over the street

Karenza Passmore, 55, of Langley Park in County Durham, said she was unable to drive to work on Monday.

“Yesterday I used 30 [miles] trying to find diesel but there was no fuel, ”she said.

“The closest garage to me is four miles away, so it’s a risk now, [chancing] my arm to see if gas stations have it.

Ms. Passmore Works is the director of the North East Religious Resource Center, a charitable organization.

“Today I was supposed to see a colleague at the office – [I’m] going to have to cancel and do it online, hoping things work out and I can refuel soon!

“I don’t want to add to the hype – I’m sure things will work out the way they did with toilet rolls and food on the shelves – but lack of planning and infrastructure is a problem. clearly predictable is so disappointing. “

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Visa changes do not solve the “long term problem”

Gary Smith, general secretary of the GMB union, said the government’s visa plan is an insufficient short-term solution to solving the UK’s economic woes.

The 10,000 short-term visas offered for foreign workers will “not solve what is a fundamental long-term problem, a government that has failed to plan for the country’s economic needs and our inability to properly pay key workers.”

When asked if it would be wrong to grant 100,000 visas, he replied, “I’m not convinced that just issuing tons of visas will solve the problem. We have a short term crisis, we are going to have to come together and find solutions for it.

“But there has to be an honest conversation about a country that is mired in low wages and precarious work. We are paying for years of lower wages and terms. “

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Brexit and low wages to blame for UK truck driver shortage, Angela Merkel’s successor says

The shortage of truck drivers hitting the UK is a consequence of Brexit and low wages, said the man who will replace Angela Merkel, as the German Chancellor said.

At a press conference on the morning of his election victory, Olaf Scholz was asked by a British journalist about the chaos disrupting British supply chains.

“Free movement of workers is part of the European Union,” replied the head of the SPD, the likely head of any government that emerges from the coalition talks.

“We have worked very hard to convince the British not to quit the union. Now they have decided differently and hopefully they will deal with the issues that come with it.

Jon stone, political correspondent, has the full report:

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Which large companies operate gas stations in the UK?

The UK’s largest service station operator is Motor Fuel Group. Other major players include EG, which also operates Asda, Esso, BP, Shell, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

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Conservative culture war doesn’t get you gas, says Labor

Labor leader David Lammy said Britain was facing a “winter of discontent” with lingering supply chain problems.

Speaking at an event on the sidelines of the labor conference, Lammy said: “We have taken a major decision to leave the EU and as a result of the [Boris Johnson’s] okay, we’ll see skills shortages, we’ll see supply issues.

He added: “There is a culture war [the Tories] grow but it’s starting to run out, because guess what? Dealing with statues is not going to get you gasoline in the morning.

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