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Three Musketeers Comedy at The Brewhouse


The award-winning Navet Bete presents his hit show The Three Musketeers: A Comedy Adventure at Taunton’s Brewhouse.

Performed with a cast of four, the company takes 40 characters, 50 outfits and 112 costume changes to condense the classic into two hours of mayhem and madness.

Featuring hilarious heroes, thunderous romances and crazy fun with BMX bikes, this comic book reimagining is all for one and every man for himself.

The show is the company’s second co-production with the Exeter Northcott Theater and the fifth collaboration with one of the UK‘s leading comedy directors and writers, John Nicholson.

Al Dunn, co-artistic director of Le Navet Bete, said: “This is a Musketeers like no other.

“It contains all the elements of an epic story that we’ve turned around and put on our chaotic comedic spin to shatter the show from the stage – literally.

“We have the best creative team we’ve had to date behind us, so expect big laughs, unexpected characters and a night at the theater you’ll never forget.”

Co-writer and director John Nicholson said: “The Navet Bete has an inimitable flair for multi-character work and also a love/predilection for bonkers storytelling.

“The Three Musketeers is a very fun prospect for Le Navet Bête.

“It’s a widely known and beloved story that’s often played for laughs among dramas, but in the hands of this society it hits the odd bone hard.

“With just four performers, it’s a distinctive offering.”

The Three Musketeers: A Comedy Adventure is at The Brewhouse from Taunton on Friday and Saturday July 15 and 16. Book your tickets on 01823 283244.