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Threatening charge laid in road rage incident: Avon Lake police blotter



Threatening: Overlook Road

On December 2, a caller called 911 to report that a man had followed her from Learwood Square, passed her car and attempted to get into her car. The suspect pulled up in front of his car, blocked it, and started screaming and threatening her and her son. The man was charged with threat.

Stolen vehicle: Parkside Drive

On December 7, a resident reported that his girlfriend’s car was stolen from his driveway overnight

Flight: Driftwood Court

A resident reported that his remote control was stolen from the vehicle on December 7.

Suspicious activity: Lear Road

An agent was dispatched to a business on November 30 to investigate a suspicious call. The appellant told an employee that the owner and employees were under investigation and the owner was in custody. The call showed it was from the Avon Lake Police non-emergency number. The caller was able to get the worker’s number when she gave him her full name and cell phone number. The worker was able to contact one of the owners and found that he did not have

appealed and was not in custody. The owner’s wife contacted the police.

Firearms fees: Boulevard Électrique

On December 7, a man reportedly discharged a gun inside his home. The man was transported for an assessment.

Fraud: Lear Road

A 17-year-old said he was scammed for $ 500 on November 29.

Flight: Somerset Lane

A resident reported that a delivered work computer was stolen from the apartment lobby on December 1.

Flight: Saratoga Drive

On December 2, a woman reported the theft of an engagement ring.

Flight: Fay Avenue

Police responded to a disruption between two contractors on December 3. One of the contractors allegedly stole money from the house and was being held by the other. The suspect has been charged with theft.

Burglary: Bounty Way

On December 3, a resident reported a forced entry into the house and that a possible burglary had taken place.

Fire: Dakota Run

Police and firefighters responded to a residential fire on December 5.