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The panty store in Frome which is Somerset’s hippest store


There are so many trendy stores in Frome and the surrounding Somerset area that it was hard to pick one that we thought was the most trendy.

It’s a tough competition.

But thinking about all the stories we’ve made throughout what a tough year 2021 was, and we’ve done so much about the big independent companies thriving against all odds on our patch, it was such a thing. hard to think which is the “hottest”.

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But a company in Frome really marked us, its originality, the way in which it has adapted its company to face current challenges, its pure innovation and its originality.

Truly Sopel in the beautiful craft district of St. Catherine in Frome is a truly wonderful store.

We love Frome and we love St Catherines, there are so many brilliant independent businesses and artisan shops.

Truly Sopel is a lingerie boutique run by Truly Sopel (yes, that’s her real name).

But this is no ordinary panty store.

What Truly has done is unique, she designs her own underwear and sleepwear and it’s so cool.

She even makes chunky panties fashionable

That’s right, she had reintroduced thermal chunky panties to the market and they are actually sexy.

They’re beautifully made, they keep you nice and warm, and they look lovely.

It’s the work of a true genius, eat your heart out Bridget Jones.

She even manages to make the slippers look sexy.

Truly’s store looks amazing, its window stunning.

She does her own photography and her website and Instagram account are innovative, sexy and stylish.

Truly’s pajamas are to die for, every girl will want them.

With a vintage touch, she celebrates the feminine figure, her shop exudes sensuality but in a really good and creative way.

After the first lockdown she really focused on her online business and it is going very well.

She said: “My designs of interlocking lace camisole sets and satin pajamas have been

popular, so I am very happy.

“People are buying properly local, more than ever, it shows.

“And with so many new people in the area, it’s really good to see.

“We Indians really appreciate it.

She is currently working on a new Days of the Week collection, and a
clothes for Valentine’s Day so she’s busy at her sewing machine.

We love the Truly Sopel store, we can’t wait to return.

To order online, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

But you really have to visit this awesome shop to see for yourself the wonderful creative work being done, the fabrics are all gorgeous and this is a great shop to visit.