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Taunton DJ and sex offender Christopher Reynolds back in jail


A sex offender released from prison for good behavior is back behind bars after violating his parole conditions.

The precise reason for the recall to prison of former Taunton DJ Christopher Reynolds, 60, has not been disclosed.

But he may now have to serve his six-year sentence handed down in April 2019 at Taunton Crown Court.

He could only be released before the end of his permit in March 2025 with the agreement of the parole board.

Reynolds, who committed the offenses after caring for two girls aged 12 and 14 some 30 years ago, only admitted guilt after subjecting them to the trauma of two trials.

One of its victims told the County Gazette this week, “A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

“It is not known why he is back in prison. It is possible that he will have to finish the rest of his sentence in prison.”

Reynolds, who worked in clubs and on the former radio station Taunton TV and Apple FM and was also known as Chris Young, was convicted of seven indecent assaults and received three six-year prison sentences, three terms of three years and a sentence of 12 years. barely a month, all concurrent.

He must sign the sex offender registry for life and has a 20-year restraining order barring him from contacting his victims.

During his trial, the 14-year-old victim said he ‘took my mind and made me feel special and wanted’.

But her “dirty secret” made her feel “worthless”.

“I felt ashamed and disgusted,” she said, and since Reynolds’ crimes came to light, she’s cried every day.

“The demons came out but never left me,” she said.

His other victim met Reynolds at “a low point in my life” and saw him as her “savior” who “felt like my only friend, a father figure”.

She said: “I was looking forward to him texting and meeting me, but he was just setting me up for his own payoffs.”

She had recently made contact with her father, who had previously figured little in her life and was dying of cancer at the time.

She added: “He stole my teenage years and took away my only chance of having a short relationship with my father.”

Reynolds’ behavior caused her to self-harm, take drugs and alcohol, and contemplate suicide.

The judge told Reynolds, who was married and had children, “You no doubt consider yourself some sort of local celebrity.”

The judge added: “You have an unhealthy interest in young girls.”