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Strode College students partner with Route1Advocacy


STRODE College Creative Media students produced a number of short animated videos to publicize the Route1 Advocacy program.

Route1 Advocacy is a Somerset County Council program that recruits volunteers and advocates to help improve the well-being of vulnerable children.

Route1 Advocacy supports children and young people known to Somerset Children’s Social Care.

The program offers two options for defenders and independent visitors.

Advocates work alongside individual children to ensure that their voices are heard and their wishes and feelings are taken into account when making decisions that affect them.

Independent visitors make a long-term commitment to a child in care.

They visit regularly and establish a relationship of trust and support and a friendship that can sometimes last for many years.

It can really bring life-changing experiences and opportunities to a vulnerable child or young person.

Recruitment is important to Route1 Advocacy and the children they support. As their needs increase, they seek additional volunteers. The program trains and supports people in these roles.

The partnership with Strode College informs the community in a fun way and strengthens the work of volunteers.

Using animation is accessible and engaging for everyone, it’s also a great opportunity to work with young minds.

The films, created by the students, will be featured on the Route1 Advocacy Volunteer for Route1 website (somerset.gov.uk) and will be shared on their Instagram channel @route1advocacy, Facebook @Route1AdvocacyandIndependentVisitors Social Service, Twitter @route1advocacy and other networks social media channels.

Route1 Advocacy Coordinator Julie Rickwood said: “I have, once again, been really impressed with the response and the work of the students at Strode College. They embraced the passion and commitment of the Route 1 team and created wonderful animations, thank you.

As the population migrates to the use of digital devices and engages more socially using their cellphones and tablets, Route1 Advocacy believes their recruitment efforts are best supported through animation. Today, individuals interact with video five times longer than static content, making it a more effective delivery method.

Adrian Smith is a course leader for creative media production at Strode College. “This is a great project that will help students gain work experience and create another product for their portfolio.

“Collaborating with a real client also allows students to develop their professional practice and skills in the workplace. There is currently a skills shortage in the UK film industry, so now is an ideal time to study a media course at Strode.

For more information on the course, visit www.strode-college.ac.uk.