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Somerset County Suicide Prevention Facebook Concert Series


Local musicians are coming together virtually this weekend for the cause of suicide prevention in Somerset County.

Members of the Somerset County Suicide Prevention Task Force are set to host a series of Good Vibes Save Lives concerts from 5-8 p.m. Sunday using facebook live.

“The event will feature a Facebook livestream of stunning performances by local musicians donating their talents to help the cause of saving local lives through suicide prevention education, advocacy and reducing poverty. stigma,” task force co-chair Jesper Nielsen wrote in an email. “The event is a fun event for all ages and donations of any size are welcome.”

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The concert series will feature musicians Brian Furman, Jeff Perigo, Ray Helinski, Charles Troll and JD & Cindy Ross.

Nielsen said funds donated at the concert will be used to help prevent suicide locally.

“All funds donated, beyond the small administration fee charged by the Community Foundation of the Alleghenies for hosting the fund, go directly to suicide prevention in Somerset County,” he wrote. .

“The Somerset County Suicide Prevention Task Force is an all-volunteer organization that works with community leaders, residents, schools, libraries, community organizations, social clubs, associations and businesses to advocate advocating for measures that help prevent suicide at the local level, distributing suicide prevention resources, educating the community about suicide prevention, causes, signs that someone is potentially at risk of suicide, where and how accessing help, how to talk about it in a healthy way that makes it easier to seek help when needed, and much more.”

He said a link will be posted on the event’s Facebook page on how to donate to the cause. The event can be viewed at fb.me/e/27Njz0f4j.

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