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SNP calls on Boris Johnson to step down after video of assistants joking about the party


The Scottish National Party has said Boris Johnson has lost the confidence of the British people and called on him to step down.

Following allegations that a Christmas party was held at number 10 last year in violation of Covid-19 restrictions, SNP Westminster chief Ian Blackford said the Prime Minister “could no longer lead the most urgent problem facing these islands “and called on MPs to remove Mr Johnson if he does not resign.

Mr Blackford was speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, where he and other opposition MPs sharply criticized Mr Johnson’s leadership following leaks of images showing Downing’s former press secretary Street, Allegra Stratton, laughing as she seemed to rehearse answers to questions about a Christmas party.

Mr. Blackford said: “Confidence and leadership are a matter of life and death. Downing Street willfully broke the rules and laughed at the sacrifices we all made, breaking public trust.

“The Prime Minister is responsible for the loss of the confidence of the people. He can no longer lead the most pressing problem facing these islands.

“The Prime Minister has a duty, the only fair and moral choice left to him is his resignation. When can we expect it?

Mr Johnson replied, “The party opposite and even the other party opposite are going to continue playing politics. I will continue my work. “

But SNP Westminster chief reiterated his call for Mr Johnson to resign.

Mr Blackford said: ‘The people of these islands followed the rules even when it meant missing friends and family, missing births, missing funerals, missing the chance to be next to a loved one in his last moments.

“People sometimes sacrificed themselves to the point of breaking up, while the British government laughed at them.

“It is clear that this Prime Minister has lost the support of the public and now even of his own benches.”

Mr Blackford said “people feel disgust” at the allegations, and described it as “a moment of moral judgment”.

“Each member of the Conservative benches must now decide, is the man who will rule these islands when lives are at stake?”

“It is time for the members of this House to act; if he does not resign, he must be removed.

Mr Johnson said: “I thank the Right Honorable Gentleman for his support and vote of confidence, but I can tell him that I will continue my work.

“I think it’s the right thing to do and I think it’s very, very sad that when the public needs to hear clarity from their officials and politicians, the parties opposite try to confuse tracks on events or not. events of a year ago.

Mr Johnson addressed the video leaked earlier in the PM’s Questions, saying he apologized “wholeheartedly for the offense it has caused across the country and I apologize for the impression that it gives “.

He said he asked the cabinet secretary to establish “all the facts and report back as soon as possible”, adding: “If these rules are broken, disciplinary action will be taken for all those involved.”