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People’s Postcode Lottery win in Buckwell, Wellington


It was a dream come true for six neighbors in Buckwell, Wellington, who each won £30,000 with their postcode.

Lucky Postcode Lottery players pocketed the cash after TA21 8TE was announced as the street prize winner.

Getting a knock on her door from Street Prize presenter Matt Johnson came as a big surprise to former professional dancer Lorna.

Seeing how much she had won, she said: “No. Oh my God. Oh, this is life changing for me. Is it real? I thought even if it was £50 it would be fun. I can’t don’t believe it, thank you very much.”

She added: “I’ve performed on stage in front of thousands of people, but I’ve never been so nervous. I’m so excited, I’m really shaking. I’ve never won anything in my life.

“I’m a retiree with pension credits and I’m also supporting my daughter and two grandchildren, so that’s going to help.”

She said: “It means I can help my grandchildren and my daughter. She is a single mother and she works in the hospital. She will be delighted. The eldest has just turned nineteen and is coming to go to college. I’m going to help him with the fees and the books and everything. The little one goes horseback riding, so I’m going to buy the uniforms and pay for the lessons.

“It means I can also spend a little on myself. I’ve spent my whole life helping children and I’ve never done anything for myself, so it will be fabulous just to make me happy.

“I’m going on a cruise. I want to go somewhere warm so maybe the Caribbean. The fjords have always fascinated me, but I’ll have to go in the summer! Or the Greek islands, I’ve been there before and I absolutely loved it. My granddaughter is studying archeology so she will want to come with me because there is so much history there.

Other winners included couple Leslie and Linda, who each took home a check for £30,000. Linda burst out laughing when she saw her award, and Leslie said, “I’m over the moon. It’s life changing.”

Leslie, a limo driver, said: “I’ll put it in the bank for now, then we’ll book a holiday and go away for a week or a month, see how we really get on.”

Linda said, “I’m going to take my time and think about what I want to do. I might get something or go on an adventure or something. It’s going to be good.”

Leslie added: “Mauritius is beautiful, I went there a long time ago, but Linda really wants to go.”

Handing out the gold envelopes, Matt Johnson said: “What an absolute pleasure it was to meet Lorna, Leslie and Linda and present them with this fantastic surprise. Looks like they have great plans for their winnings, and I hope they have an amazing time spending the money.”