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NJ’s mother’s fear behind pressure for adapted bus upgrades


At 11, Emma was stuck on a bus for more than seven hours before it was finally found 2.5 hours from her school for students with special needs.

When the bus returned, Emma and her comrades were screaming, drenched in urine.

The bus driver apparently lost his sense of direction for several hours – and no one at the school, nor the children’s parents, were able to contact the vehicle.

“It was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. It was horrible,” said Jenn Love, Emma’s mother. “I thought I was never going to see her again.”

Love, from Cranford, said there was no reason people could instantly know the identity, location and contact details of an Uber driver, but wouldn’t have the ability to get the same information for a person who transports their vulnerable children on a daily basis. .

Love’s mission for years has been to upgrade equipment and improve communication from the buses that carry students with special needs like Emma, ​​now 19, who is autistic and non-verbal. . Lawmakers aim to help it by the end of the year.

A state law proposal, sponsored by lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle, would require these buses to be equipped with an indoor camera, GPS that shares real-time location, and two-way communications equipment.

“When we return to the Assembly in November, I will ask President Coughlin to release the bill,” Assembly Minority Leader John Bramnick said at a Zoom with Love press conference.

Bramnick said he would like to see the bill passed and signed by Christmas.

The bill is referred to as “Emma’s Law”.

Contact reporter Dino Flammia at dino.flammia@townsquaremedia.com.

NJ’s best corn mazes, pumpkin patches, hayrides for 2021

Whether you’re looking for your own “big pumpkin” this fall, or just wanting to navigate a fun corn maze and eat cider donuts, the Garden State is for you.

Farms in every region of New Jersey offer a wide range of fall festivities and attractions – here’s a recap.

The 10 most requested bills in Trenton in 2020 and 2021

The state’s Election Law Enforcement Commission has ranked the most requested bills in Trenton, based on the number of official contacts reported.

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Bridgewater, NJ’s new program tries to avoid crises and arrests


BRIDGEWATER – Building on an idea from Mayor Matthew Moench, Somerset County has launched a pilot program in this township with the aim of identifying potential crisis situations and residents at risk, and then offering the support needed to discourage escalation to the point of police intervention or arrest.

County commissioner director Shanel Robinson said the Community Police Alliance is an example of government working for the people and hopes it will be the spark plug for similar approaches in neighboring towns.

Licensed social worker Dameon Stackhouse has been hired by Somerset County as the program coordinator and, according to a county statement, reports to her social services department while working closely with Bridgewater Police.

This fieldwork, according to Robinson, will allow the coordinator to observe how the police department’s familiarity with its residents can elicit appropriate responses to certain scenarios.

“You understand these families who are in crisis. You get calls, perhaps, more frequently than other calls in the community. So some of these situations may not require incarceration or arrest,” he said. said Robinson.

As currently defined, the role of the Community Policing Alliance Coordinator is to follow police recommendations and then direct individuals or families to the best path to resolution.

Robinson said Stackhouse’s involvement amplifies services already available to residents in crisis, but they may not be familiar with.

He is expected to discuss the program with county and city officials at next week’s Council of Commissioners meeting.

“We definitely want to bring this to the fore with the public because it’s already been approved and the person is out there in the community,” Robinson said. “What better way to provide a service to the community, which we already offer, than to put someone in the position to identify, then follow and follow an individual or families.”

Rather than involving the authorities, Robinson mentioned the Bridgewater Community Health and Welfare Center as an alternative outcome that could be achieved through the pilot program.

“Instead of arresting them, incarcerating them and being released and then going through the same iteration, they may need to be referred, for example, to Richard Hall or other services for help that they need, ”she said.

The stresses of life, from anger management to parenting issues to food insecurity, can break anyone, Robinson said. And they can be exacerbated by drug addiction, mental illness, or an environment of domestic violence.

But if the Community Police Alliance is successful, it could promote mediations that are less controversial and with much less serious consequences for everyone involved.

Patrick Lavery is the anchor for the New Jersey 101.5 afternoon news. Follow it on Twitter @ plavery1015 or send an email to patrick.lavery@townsquaremedia.com.

Cozy Winter Vacation Rentals in NJ

Fireplaces and hot tubs await, from the North Jersey ski area to the peaceful off-season South Jersey lake.

These house rentals have all the amenities for a relaxing and luxurious stay.

That $ 10,000 could get you in New Jersey

Haunted Hayrides and New Jersey Attractions for 2021

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Boris Johnson news: Latest updates as PM dismisses inflation concerns as Javid says healthcare should start at home


Boris Johnson says there is ‘no alternative’ to inflation

In a series of televised interviews on Tuesday, Boris Johnson said there was “no alternative” to wage-fueled inflation – and allayed concerns that the increase in driver wages. heavy goods vehicles would increase prices in stores.

The Prime Minister’s comments came amid warnings of 1970s-style inflation triggered by the reduction of EU workers due to Covid and the removal of free movement rights for EU nationals to after Brexit. Inflation is currently 3 percent and is expected to soar.

However, Mr Johnson argues that in the aftermath of Brexit the UK is going through a ‘transition’ from a low-wage, low-productivity economy relying on cheap foreign labor to a low-wage model. higher wage and higher productivity in which companies are forced to improve the remuneration of local workers and invest in innovation and skills.

Sajid Javid delivers his first speech at the party conference as Health Secretary. He is expected to discuss the UK’s continued recovery from the Covid pandemic, including how the NHS is dealing with increased pressure.

Earlier, Priti Patel used her speech to announce a wave of new measures, including that there will be an “independent” investigation into how Sarah Everard’s killer may have served as a police officer.

Follow our live coverage below


Javid says families should provide health and social support

Sajid Javid said health and social care “starts at home” and people should seek help from their families before the state.

Speaking at the Conservative Conference, the Health Secretary said: “The state was more needed in this pandemic than at any time in peacetime. But the government should not take all the risks and responsibilities in life.

“As citizens, we also have to take some responsibility for our health.

“We shouldn’t always go to the state first. What kind of society would that be?

“Health – and social care – starts at home. The family first, then the community, then the state.

“If you need support, we live in a compassionate developed country that can afford to help. There are few calls higher than looking after another person.

Lamiat SabinOctober 5, 2021 4:44 PM


“Covid, recovery, reform”: Javid enters the scene

Health Secretary Sajid Javid started his speech in Manchester with an opening joke about how his mother always wanted him to be a GP, but instead just became a Health Secretary.

He then summarized his job, and his vision, in three words: “Covid, recovery, reform”.

Javid gives his first opening speech as Secretary of Health


Sam hancockOctober 5, 2021 4:16 PM


Watch: Javid delivers speech at Tory conference

Health Secretary Sajid Javid delivers speech at Conservative Party conference

Sam hancockOctober 5, 2021 4:03 PM


Javid to deliver speech at 4 p.m. – after saying NHS can deal with post-Covid stress

Health Secretary Sajid Javid will deliver the final opening speech of the day at the Conservatives’ conference in Manchester.

Due to speak around 4 p.m. Mr Javid is expected to discuss the UK’s continued recovery from the Covid pandemic, including how the NHS is dealing with increased pressure.

In an interview with The Guardian, published in the early hours of Tuesday, he insisted that health services could deal with post-pandemic stress as he urged people stranded on waiting lists not to opt for private care. However, he did not give a date when the queue could be relaxed.

“It’s always a choice for people who can afford it, and it’s up to them to decide. But it’s definitely not something I would recommend to anyone, ”Mr. Javid said. “I don’t want a situation where too many people stop [using the health service] … because I want them to use the NHS. The NHS can handle it.

His comments came after Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth told the Labor Party conference last week that the pandemic was not the only reason for pressure on the NHS.

“” No one is claiming the NHS has not been affected by 18 months of Covid. But let’s not pretend that before Covid the NHS was not affected by 10 years of Tories, ”he said in Brighton.

Sam hancockOctober 5, 2021 3:57 PM


In pictures: third day of the conservative conference

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss speaks at an event on the sidelines of the third day of the Conservative Party conference

(AFP via Getty Images)

Delegates listen to a speaker as one seems to have fallen asleep

(AFP via Getty Images)

Interior Minister Priti Patel delivers her long-awaited speech


A delegate wears a ‘Tory Scum’ lapel badge in an apparent nod to comments made by Deputy Leader of the Labor Party Angela Rayner last week

(AFP via Getty Images)

Stanley Johnson, father of the Prime Minister, listens to a speaker

(AFP via Getty Images)

Sam hancockOctober 5, 2021 3:50 PM


Refugee charity Safe Passage overturns Patel’s rhetoric

Charity Safe Passage, which helps refugees access safe asylum routes, also took aim at the Home Secretary’s speech – using her own words against her.

In an email sent by the organization to solicit donations for its works, Safe Passage said:

Priti Patel just spoke at the Conservative Party conference. She was clear:

“What is happening in the English Channel with small boats is dangerous, unfair and unacceptable.”

“We agree with her, it’s unacceptable. No one should have to risk their life for safety. But his actions only make things worse, not improve them.

“This government has closed the only safe routes for refugee children who wish to reunite with their families, forcing them to risk their lives crossing the Channel. At the same time, instead of offering them new routes, they have a new plan to cruelly punish those seeking safety in the UK.

“We have to fight against this. “

Sam hancockOctober 5, 2021 3:43 PM


Opinion: “Patel fell hard in the eyes of staunch conservatives”

Our main political commentator Jean Rentoul gives its verdict on Priti Patel’s conference speech.

“Priti Patel holds a special place in the demonology of anti-conservative Britain. She’s supposed to be particularly right-wing, mainly because she supported the death penalty when she was selected as a Conservative candidate for Witham in Essex in 2006. And she’s supposed to be hugely popular with grassroots Conservative members. across the country, and therefore a good indicator of what a terrible party she represents.

“Most of these things are dead wrong. Conservative Home’s pre-conference poll of Conservative Members, which all ministers study with greed and jealousy, found that its net satisfaction rate was only 11%. Only Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, with 3 percent, is less popular than she among party members.

“The cause of Patel’s decline is not hard to guess. She has now devoted a large part of the second half of her speech to immigration and asylum. But Conservative representatives who liked what she had to say at the start of her speech on eliminating ‘these criminals’ as she described the Isulate Britain protesters off our highways have noted that she still had no solution to the problem of small boats crossing the Channel.

Read John’s thought in full here:

Sam hancockOctober 5, 2021 3:36 PM


Watch: Raab attacks the ‘nonsense’ of human rights law

Dominic Raab attacks the “nonsense” of human rights law

Sam hancockOctober 5, 2021 3:27 PM


Cheap EU pork floods market as unwanted pig slaughter begins

High volumes of cheap EU pork imports are flooding the UK market and undermining UK farmers just as the industry faces an unprecedented labor crisis, a leading supplier has said.

A chronic shortage of butchers has caused a massive backlog of pigs on farms, and now low prices for British produce have left some farmers facing imminent bankruptcy, reports Holly Bancroft.

The news comes as hundreds of pigs are slaughtered on UK farms due to a lack of workers to process them for sale.

Sam hancockOctober 5, 2021 3:20 PM


Wallace decides if troops on mission in Kabul will receive medals

News from the defense secretary now. Ben Wallace said he was considering awarding medals to troops involved in the withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan – codenamed Operating Pitting.

Mr Wallace said he was considering whether the performance of the British Army warrants “medal recognition specifically”.

Speaking at a Policy Exchange side event at the Conservative Party’s conference, he said the armed forces have shown they can operate in a “very stressful environment” as they preside over the evacuation of British nationals and Afghans who had supported the UK’s efforts there.

“We will reflect on whether there is medal recognition specifically for this,” he explained.

Mr Wallace said all medals should “reflect the modern world” in that “the UK is doing much more than in the past” on such operations.

He added, “We often say that the brave are sometimes less advanced, restrained, so how do we recognize all these people who contribute to that? It is an ongoing debate, but we will examine it.

Wallace is pictured on day three of the Conservatives’ conference

(AFP via Getty Images)

Sam hancockOctober 5, 2021 3:14 PM

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First Bus takes full control of Somerset Passenger Solutions


FIRST Bus has taken full control of the private coach company Somerset Passenger Solutions (SPS).

SPS, which started in 2016 as a 50/50 joint venture between First Bus and Somerset-based JJP Holdings (JJPH), manages the contract for the carriage of workers employed at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant, near Bridgwater .

The business has grown alongside the increasing amount of work at the site and now employs approximately 450 people, operates a 156 vehicle operation and provides seven-day-a-week shuttle services to and from Hinkley Point C. The company has an annual turnover of approximately £ 37million.

Jonathan Jones-Pratt, managing director of JJPH, won a first contract at the site almost ten years ago with his company Crosville Motor Services, then only operated a handful of minibuses as they went along. start of work.

He said: “To see what has been achieved at Hinkley Point C is remarkable and I am extremely proud that the business I have started has reached new levels through the joint venture with First Bus, and played a key role in allowing many, many workers to come to and from the site in a safe and efficient manner.

He added: “A huge thank you to all of our employees who have worked hard and diligently over the years, to the thousands of passengers who have used our services and to all who have helped bring this remarkable development to Somerset and to bring such a positive contribution. to the community here.

“I think it’s a good time to close a sale and take a step back from the SPS business and hand over the reins to First Bus. I see this as an important milestone that will support the delivery of many benefits to JJPH. This agreement will provide the group with the necessary funds to pursue our broader visions in terms of business development and refocusing the group’s strategic direction.

Joe Thompson, Managing Director of the Portfolio at First Bus, said: “The growth of SPS over the past five years has been extraordinary thanks to the close collaboration between First Bus, JJPH and of course the operations of the Hinkley Point site. vs.

“The operation had a positive impact on the number of cars that would otherwise be on the roads and thus contributed to a reduction in overall carbon emissions and air quality in the region.

“The team has established and developed a first-class operation, playing a vital role in supporting one of the UK’s largest and most complex infrastructure projects where excellence is a prerequisite.

He added: “The purchase of the remaining 50% of the shares of SPS is part of our broader strategy to develop and expand our business-to-business service offering and is an important step. ”

Mr. Thompson said, “We thank Jonathan and the entire team for their energy and drive as partners in our joint venture. We are excited about the future and continue to provide safe, sustainable and efficient transportation for workers at Hinkley Point C. We look forward to leading SPS to further growth and success. ”

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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Anger as the grand piano is removed from Bath Spa station


A woman argued that the Bath Spa station piano is being returned to its rightful place after being removed due to Covid restrictions and vandalism.

In a letter to the Bath Chronicle, Miss Loredana Walsh said she was told the piano would return at a later date.

However, with no indication of her return, Miss Walsh claimed that pianists are discriminated against compared to other musicians.

READ MORE:Residents ‘disappointed’ houses to be built on green site in Bath

“In my opinion, amateur pianists are subject to enough petty rules and restrictions regarding piano playing in public places.

“These rules are not imposed on other instrumentalists such as guitarists, cellists or winds.”

When the piano was initially missing, Miss Walsh asked station staff why it had been removed.

He was told that due to the coronavirus measures and improper use such as vandalism, it had been removed.

This is not, however, the only case where a piano is present at a public transport station in Bath.

Many years ago a grand piano appeared at Bath Bus Station as part of the Bath Music Festival.

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UK braces for tough holiday season due to shortages


The National Pig Association has warned that around 120,000 pigs are being saved on farms due to a lack of slaughterhouse workers, and the British Poultry Council has said it plans to cut Christmas turkey production by 20 %. Protesters gathered outside the Conservative Party conference in Manchester on Monday with signs reading ‘All we want for Christmas are our pigs in a blanket’ and ‘#saveourbacon’.

Consumers are already anticipating shortages. A farmer in Leeds said last month customers had already ordered the 3,500 turkeys she was raising for Christmas – a first.

The lack of truck drivers has also caused sporadic shortages of basic goods, including eggs, milk and baked goods. One in six people in Britain said that in recent weeks they had been unable to purchase certain essential food items because they were not available, according to a report by the Office for National Statistics, who interviewed around 3,500 households.

Some consumers surveyed in recent days said they had no difficulty finding what they wanted in grocery stores. But Meriem Mahdhi, 22, who left Italy for Colchester in south-eastern England last month to attend university, said she had struggled to find essentials in her local grocery store, Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain.

“All the dried foods like pasta, canned fruit, it’s all gone, every day,” she said. Tesco did not respond to a request for comment.

Seeking a quick fix, 200 military personnel in fatigues arrived at refineries on Monday to help deliver fuel to gas stations. About half of them drove civilian vehicles and the rest provided logistical support. “As an added precaution, we have put in additional drivers,” Sunak said.

Over the weekend, the government said it had extended thousands of temporary visas allowing foreign workers to work in Britain until the early months of next year. But economists said temporary visas probably won’t be enough to make a big difference, as there are shortages at every link in the supply chain.

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Drugmaker Catalent plans to hire up to 600 people in Bloomington


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) – Drugmaker Catalent plans to hire up to 600 more employees for its Bloomington operations by year-end amid growing demand for its products, including COVID-19 vaccines .

The Somerset, New Jersey-based company has scheduled career fairs at the Monroe County Convention Center on October 12 and 13 as it seeks to hire between 500 and 600 new employees.

“We have opportunities at all levels,” said Arturo Lopez, senior director of human resources at Catalent.

He said the company was increasing production in part due to the continued high need for the COVID-19 vaccines it is packing, The Herald-Times reported.

Catalent expects demand for these vaccines to continue for some time for initial injections and boosters. Some medical experts expect COVID-19 to remain in the population for years to come, but not cause the kind of disruption it has experienced in the past 18 months.

Lopez said the pandemic has also left many employers scrambling to find workers and created “interesting” market dynamics.

Catalent is hiring for positions ranging from manager and supervisor to technicians, although the company is primarily looking for entry-level manufacturing and warehousing positions, he said.

Entry-level jobs will pay an hourly wage of $ 18. Employees will receive benefits early on, including health insurance and a 401 (k) plan with up to 4% match. Entry level applicants must have a high school diploma.

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The nickname of the grandparents is a curious thing


“Tradition is a guide, not a jailer.”

– W. Somerset Maugham

Just curious.

If you are a grandparent, what is your grandparent nickname?

Question # 2: How was it determined?

I ask because my brother and I were looking for family photos and came across one of a grandmother, our mother’s mother to be exact.

We called her MAM-maw and it was spelled “Mamma” – Mama with a double “M”.

“Why?” He asked.

I shrug my shoulders.

Our other grandmother, my father’s mother, was called “Grandma”. I have no idea how this was decided. In both cases, our grandfathers seemed to be given the male version of the designation.

I asked my mom how these nicknames came about, and she said she didn’t know. It sort of happened and sort of worked.

Maybe that’s because there are so many grandparent nicknames to choose from.

Here is a list for grandmothers of Grand parent magazine: Babo, Bamba, Bama, Dally Gammy, GaGA, G-Dawg, Gea, GeeMa, Layla, MayMay, MeMom, Minny, Moomoo, NotherMother, Pampa, YaYo and Yanna.

Grandfathers include: Badda, BigBop, Buck, Buster, Buzzy, Coach, Dabadoo, DeDad, Grando, Grumps, Panda, Papi, Papster, Poppers, Puggles, Slick and Wampa.

Okay, some seem pretty dumb, but there’s a constant fondness about them that we all understand.

In my own family, there is a nickname of grandmother that always makes us laugh – it’s that of my great-grandmother, my father’s grandmother.

Every photo we have of her shows a tall, sturdy farmer, who can face the camera, but never smiles for it.

My dad said they were always urged to call her “Mrs. Kirby”.

And you? If you have any ideas on the grandparents name and its unspoken rules of engagement, email me at bkirby@augustachronicle.com.

THE JOKE OF THE DAY : An out-of-state couple have moved to a new neighborhood. The next morning, while having a late breakfast, the woman looked out the back window and saw her neighbor hanging the laundry on a clothesline.

“These sheets are not very clean,” said the woman. “I don’t think our neighbor knows how to wash properly. Maybe she needs better laundry soap.”

Her husband was silent, but over the weeks his wife would often mention the shortcomings in their neighbor’s laundry skills.

Finally, after about a month, the woman looked out the window one morning and was surprised to see a nice, clean laundry drying on the line.

“She’s finally right,” she said. “I wonder who made him change?”

“No one,” the husband said softly. “I got up early this morning and cleaned our windows.”

Bill Kirby has reported, photographed and commented on life in Augusta and Georgia for 45 years.

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Ava’s chain of kindness in Somerset in memory of a 2-year-old


A SOMERSET supermarket supports a fundraiser for a cancer charity – in memory of a brave two-year-old who died after battling leukemia.

Throughout October, Morrisons in Glastonbury will be supporting Ava’s Chain of Kindness, while raising money to raise money for Young Lives vs Cancer.

Ava’s Chain of Kindness is a campaign led by the family of brave Ava Cottle, who sadly passed away on Mother’s Sunday.

Wanting to give something back to Young Lives vs Cancer, Britain’s leading children’s cancer charity, which has supported Ava and continues to support the Cottle family, Ava Cherry’s mom and friend Sam have created Ava’s Chain of Kindness. to raise funds for the association and spread. kindness around the UK.

Individual teddy bears decorated by school children and Morrisons customers form the chain, which is connected by each teddy bear holding hands.

Cherry and Ava’s father Lee hope the Cuteness Channel will help children feel like they belong and be included, connecting children of all ages and backgrounds from all parts of the UK.

The chain began at Hunters Hall Elementary School, Dagenham, where Ava’s brother, 9-year-old Huntley-Joe, is a student.

The first bear in the chain was decorated by Ava herself, the day before she died.

Inspired to reach out to every child, Cherry asks supporters to visit their local Morrisons store to decorate and write a message on their own teddy bear.

All the chains will eventually come together, connecting children across the country to each other.

Visit the Chain of Kindness Facebook page to follow his journey on https://www.facebook.com/Avas-chain-of-kindness-113900144118137

Cherry is asking for a donation for every bear added to the chain, with all funds raised going to Young Lives vs Cancer, the children’s cancer charity that helped the Cottle family through the darkest days.

Alison Hall Leitch, Community Champion at Morrisons Glastonbury, said: “We are proud to support Ava’s Chain of Kindness in October, while raising funds for Young Lives vs Cancer.

“Every book collected and every decorated teddy bear helps Young Lives vs Cancer be there to help families in Somerset and the UK cope with a devastating cancer diagnosis.”

Becky Clements, head of fundraising and engagement at Young Lives vs Cancer, said, “When cancer strikes young lives, we fight tirelessly to limit the damage it causes beyond their own. health.

“We rely entirely on donations to fund our vital work so cannot thank Cherry, Lee and Sam enough for their fantastic efforts.

“We were so sorry to hear about Ava – it’s really wonderful to see Cherry and Sam do such a fantastic thing to connect the children of the UK with the support of colleagues and clients at Morrisons creating something positive in Ava’s memory.

“Thanks to colleagues and clients at Cherry and Morrisons, we will be able to help even more children and youth thrive, not just survive after being diagnosed with cancer. ”

To get involved in Ava’s chain of cuteness, email Becky, Young Lives vs Cancer Fundraiser at Rebecca.clements@YoungLivesvsCancer.org.uk.

To support Ava’s family fundraising efforts, visit https://www.justgiving.com/team/avacottlefund?fbclid=IwAR19vEnXZwkFa0MROsX3rXjovpRvQ607HkjGAnl1UfjNlqNFfIbxLSg0lWg

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UK’s new simplified travel system takes off from today

  • new simplified travel system with a single red list and the rest of the world takes effect from October 4 at 4 a.m.
  • fully vaccinated travelers from over 50 countries and territories have simpler and cheaper rules, with only one post-arrival test required
  • changes come as UK government welcomes fully vaccinated residents from over 50 countries and territories who can travel like fully vaccinated UK travelers

Starting at 4 a.m. today (Monday, October 4, 2021), the UK’s new travel system goes into effect with countries and territories listed in red or the rest of the world.

The new, streamlined travel system also means fully vaccinated eligible passengers, and eligible under-18s returning from over 50 non-redlisted countries and territories, can do so without needing to take a pre-departure test. (PDT), a day 8 test or enter a 10-day self-isolation period, which makes it easier for people on the road, whether to see friends and family, or on a business trip.

As announced last month, the new rules also mean that from the end of October, eligible passengers fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine and a recognized certificate from a country not on the Red List will be able to replace their daily test. 2 by cheaper side flow test, reduce the cost of testing upon arrival in England. The government aims to have this in place when people return from vacation halfway through.

Anyone who tests positive will need to self-isolate and take a confirmation PCR test, at no additional cost, that would be genomically sequenced to help identify new variants.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said:

We’re accelerating toward a future where travel continues to reopen safely and stay open for good, and today’s rule changes are good news for families, businesses and the travel industry.

Our priority remains to protect public health but, with more than 8 out of 10 people now fully vaccinated, we are able to take these steps to reduce the cost of testing and help the sector continue to recover.

Also from today, those under 18 from over 50 countries with UK recognized vaccination status will not need to show a PDT before traveling to England. This applies regardless of their vaccination status.

All under 11s, regardless of where they come from, are already exempt from pre-departure testing upon arrival in the UK. If children aged 11 and over are not traveling from one of the more than 50 countries and territories where vaccines are recognized, they will have to follow the same rules as for unvaccinated passengers.

As of today, we are expanding our vaccination policy to 18 other countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Japan and Canada. The recognized vaccines are Pfizer BioNTech, Oxford AstraZeneca (including Covidshield), Moderna and Janssen (J&J).

This builds on the UK government’s successful pilot phase with Europe and the United States, and brings the total number of countries in scope of the policy to over 50, along with other countries and territories added in the coming weeks.

Eligible individuals must have a document from a national or state public health authority that includes certain information, including name, date of birth, and vaccination details, as outlined in the guidelines on GOV.UK.

The government maintained that it would take a phased approach to recognize vaccines administered by other countries and territories, building on the success of the pilot project with the United States and Europe.

Fully vaccinated residents in other countries that are not yet part of the arrival policy, as well as those partially vaccinated, will still need to take a pre-departure test, PCR tests for day 2 and day 8 after arrival, and self-isolate for 10 days, with the option to test to release after 5 days.

The UK government continues to work with international partners as we seek to expand the policy more regularly to other countries and territories.

All arrivals will always need to complete a passenger tracking form prior to travel. Travelers should continue to check GOV.UK’s travel advice, including travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) before, during and after travel to keep abreast of entry requirements and ensure compliance with the latest COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 regulations for the country visited. Passengers should also carefully check the booking conditions before booking.

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