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Open days to be held as part of the City of Glastonbury investment plan submitted to the government


A £ 23.6million plan to improve a Somerset town has been officially submitted to the government – and open houses will give residents a voice.

The confirmation document for the 12 projects described in the City of Glastonbury Investment Plan (TIP) has been officially submitted to the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

The City of Glastonbury Board of Directors and Mendip District Council (MDC) will now focus on developing detailed business cases as required by the government.

The Mayor of Glastonbury, Cllr Jon Cousins, said: “As the City of Glastonbury Agreement progresses and business cases are developed, this is the perfect time for our residents and businesses to contribute to the development of these brilliant projects, which will no doubt help Glastonbury – our community and this special place – to flourish.

As part of the business case process, open houses will be held for the community of Glastonbury over the coming months. This is to help finalize the details within each individual project.

Town Deal Board Chairman Robert Richards added: “Investing in the town deal offers an incredible opportunity for Glastonbury. Now that the confirmation documents have been submitted, we can move on to the next step in the process, working on the details of the 12 TIP projects.

“We look forward to engaging with residents and local businesses on this over the coming months and want to ensure this one-in-a-generation investment benefits the Glastonbury community as a whole. ”

A five-step business case will be developed for each project, along with an overall business case for the entire program. This work will be undertaken over the next 10 months, and all business cases must be submitted to MHCLG by June 28, 2022. Funds will be released as individual business cases have been approved.

As a result, Glastonbury’s Board of Directors and Support Team are keen to engage with the local community to gather opinions, feedback and ideas regarding the projects outlined in the TIP prior to the business cases. are not completed.

“The processes we have followed to date have been rigorous and in line with government requirements to realize the potential of this major investment in Glastonbury,” said MDC Chief Cllr Ros Wyke.

“Now that the development of the business cases is underway, the Town Deal Board and MDC will invite the local community to learn more about the projects and influence the details, ensuring that this investment offers the greatest potential for the entire community. city. ”

Information on the community-driven open houses will be posted on the Glastonbury Town Deal website and social media pages.