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NJ company banned from selling COVID ‘cure’


A New Jersey-based company has been banned from selling a supplement it says will prevent COVID infection.

In a settlement with the US Department of Justice, the Natural Solutions Foundation has agreed to recall “nano-silver nutritional” products and destroy all remaining supplies of the supplement.

According to the federal complaint, Natural Solutions asserted people who have taken “nanosilver” should have “no fear or concern” of contracting COVID.

It’s the same supplement as the company claimed to be able to cure Ebola virus in 2014.

The company still had information about the product on its website on Wednesday, claiming that “Nano Silver supports the normal impermeability of the cell membrane to hemorrhagic viruses and the like, by maintaining homeostasis.” However, the statement included a disclaimer: “Like other nutrients, nanosilver and CBD cannot by law provide or claim to be a pharmaceutical treatment for disease.”

The Natural Solutions Foundation, self-proclaimed “the world’s largest healthcare freedom organization,” is led by Dr Rima Laibow (who was named in the federal lawsuit), but it’s unclear whether she is a doctor.

She thanks the supporters on the website and says, “The powers that think they are do NOT want advanced products in your hands. “

The powers that think they are do NOT want advanced products in your hands. When you use them, you put less money, power, and control in their hands. So, of course, they attack and oppress those options. Or, at least, they try. Together we will stop their oppression of your health freedom. – Dr Rima Laibow, Natural Solutions Foundation

Dr. Laibow promotes several “all natural” supplements to support immune health on the Natural Solutions website, his own website and social media. She also talks about vaccination as “pseudo-science” and claims to debunk “5 big lies” about everything from vaccinations to chemtrails.

In announcing the settlement, the justice ministry quoted: “The accused’s historic desire to flout the law in the face of government warnings.” Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian M. Boynton said, “Marketing unproven products as a treatment for COVID-19 endangers public health and violates the law.”

Neither Laibow nor his attorney commented, and there was no mention of the settlement on the company’s website or on Laibow’s social media accounts.

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