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The UK’s climate strategy advocates marine planning, nature-based solutions and sustainable fisheries management to achieve “good environmental status” for our seas. We apply these principles to the way we manage the seas of England and around the world through the Blue Belt program. You can read more about it in our blog here.

The big topic of COP26 is how world leaders will commit to respecting the agreement reached five years ago in Paris to keep global warming well below 2 ° C. The impact of an additional temperature rise of just 0.5 ° C is critical – you can read more about it in our explainer and infographic here.

MMO is also present at MMO, with Marine Plans’ vital work in addressing climate change demonstrated in a virtual presentation (see below) by Paul Gilliland, Marine Planning Manager at the COP26 Virtual Oceanic Pavilion:

virtual presentation

MMO also plays a leading role in the protection and management of the oceans as part of the UK government‘s Blue Belt program which helps governments protect and enhance more than 4 million square kilometers of marine environment around five territories. British overseas. Our Blue Belt Program Manager, Jo Stockill, will join ‘Nature Day’ virtually on November 6th, also supporting the Virtual Oceanic Pavilion with working videos in the UK Overseas Territories and doing a short video presentation jointly with Cefas.

The Blue Belt program also supported the British Overseas Territories with the planning and material for their Nature Day event in the UK Government Pavilion and made a short video (see below) for present the role of the program in understanding and mitigating climate change. impacts across UK overseas territories:

short video

MMO and Blue Belt videos are featured in the virtual ocean pavilion at the UK Presidency booth at COP26 – Ocean Climate Science and Evidence. Registration is free with access to live ocean events and on-demand content.

For details of current events, here is the official program: UK-Presidency-Pavilion-at-COP26-Event-Program.pdf (ukcop26.org) and for ongoing updates visit the official COP26 government website .

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