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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Strange Notions of Freedom | Columns


U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, has lost her perch on Twitter.

When she wasn’t using it to chirp madness, she devoted herself to howling madness. She is, after all, the woman who once posted that some wildfires in the West were caused by “Jewish space lasers” built and funded by the Rothschilds. She also argued that the Zionists were pushing Muslim immigration to Europe as part of a giant plot to uplift whites.

(Yes, aside from acting like a Mad Hatter, Representative Greene also appears to be an absolute fanatic. She rarely has a decent word to say about anyone with a pigmentation, faith, or ethnic orientation different from her own.)

It was not these poisonous follies that prompted Twitter to suspend his personal account. No, it was the deadly nonsense she churned out about COVID-19 that prompted the social media giant to act.

What did Greene tweet about COVID?

Well, among other things, she said the coronavirus was not dangerous. (Over 800,000 Americans – or, rather, friends and family mourning their deaths – disagree. As do the facts themselves.)

She also said the vaccines were failing. (They are not. This is why over 90% of people hospitalized or dying from COVID are not vaccinated.)

Her latest strike, according to Twitter representatives, was a Tweet in which she accused there were “extremely high amounts of deaths from the Covid vaccine.” (In fact, the numbers are lower than those for almost any other vaccine. What is known is that the vaccine has saved more than a million American lives and prevented 10 million hospitalizations, according to reports. thoroughly checked and studied medical analyzes.)

Greene, predictably, reacted to his ban on Twitter with fury and conspiracy theories. She argued that the Communist Democrats were behind this.

It’s a standard tactic for her. In her world, she modifies the great replica of the Janis Joplin / Kris Kristofferson classic “Me and Bobby McGee”.

Instead of “Freedom is just another word to say there is nothing more to lose,” Taylor chides, “Freedom is just another word for finding someone other to blame. “

She also maintains that its ban is an attack on freedom of expression.

This is also not a shock. Greene’s understanding of the First Amendment is clearly as shallow as a puddle during the height of a summer drought.

No media entity is obligated to give a platform to anyone who wants it. While I may wish it were otherwise, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and The New Yorker are under no obligation to publish or broadcast anything I say.

It’s their platform – their newspaper, their news, their magazine – and they can choose who and what to present on it.

They don’t even have to give a reason for not posting or streaming someone, because, again, it’s up to them.

That alone gives Twitter the legal right to do what it has done.

But there is another reason why Twitter may have acted the way it did.

What Greene said about COVID was not true. The people who listened to her – who made the mistake of taking her seriously – were and are much more likely to get sick and possibly die. Maybe some have already.

Twitter and its lawyers may have thought about this. They might have wondered: What if a grieving spouse, child, or sibling of someone who let Greene guide him decides to take legal action?

Twitter is worth billions – a big target.

Perhaps executives decided that giving a platform to statements they know to be false wasn’t a smart business move.

Because lying is not constitutionally protected. If that were the case, we would not have laws against defamation, defamation and misrepresentation.

Without a doubt, Marjorie Taylor Greene cannot and will not see it that way. With her acute need to see herself as a persecuted rather than a persecutor, she wants to portray herself as a First Amendment warrior.

She is not, of course.

Freedom of expression is not under attack here.

The lie is.

As it should be.

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