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Major changes at Tesco put 1,600 employees at risk of losing their jobs


Tesco has announced changes to night shift roles at a number of supermarket and petrol station stores which will put more than 1,400 workers at risk of redundancy.

It comes after the retailer confirmed plans on Monday to close its discount supermarket branch Jack, with seven stores closing permanently and the remaining six becoming Tesco stores.

He said the combined changes would put around 1,600 workers at risk.

Jason Tarry, CEO of Tesco UK and Republic of Ireland, said: “We operate in a highly competitive and rapidly changing market, and our customers are buying differently, particularly since the start of the pandemic.

“We are always looking to run our business in the simplest and most efficient way possible, so that we can reinvest in the things that matter most to customers.

“The changes we are announcing today will help us do that.

“Our priority now is to support our colleagues affected by these changes and, where possible, to find them alternative roles within our company. »

Tesco has announced it will close meat, fish and delicatessen counters in 317 of its stores and close its discount supermarket branch Jack’s.

The company said it would close counters in stores with the “lowest demand” amid changes in customer habits.

It is understood the move will impact hundreds of workers, although the retailer did not disclose the total number of employees affected.

It added that it will close seven of its 13 Jack’s discount stores, which will affect 130 jobs at the sites and its head office.

The remaining six outlets will become Tesco stores.

Jason Tarry, Managing Director of Tesco UK & Republic of Ireland, said: “Our Jack’s brand will continue to be sold through Booker and our iconic brands, bringing great value and quality to even more customers.

“We would like to thank our colleagues at Jack for all they have done and taught us.

“Our priority is to find roles within our wider business for any colleagues who want to stay with us.”

The Jack’s brand was launched by former chief executive Dave Lewis in 2018 to cope with the meteoric growth of German discount rivals Aldi and Lidl.

Tesco said it had “learned a huge amount” from the business, which is named after founder Jack Cohen, to help it understand the discount operating model, which includes far fewer lines than its traditional stores.

However, he said “now is the time to focus on pursuing the creation of great value in our core business”.

He added that his experience with Jack’s had helped his core business, Tesco, to be more competitive, with the supermarket chain posting strong sales and gaining market share since the pandemic hit in early 2020.

In 2019, Tesco also undertook a major restructuring process which affected around 9,000 workers and included the closure of counters in 90 stores.

The company said it will now only have 279 stores with meat, fish and deli counters after a “decline” in the number of customers using them regularly across its portfolio of stores.

It said it would “reuse” counters from the 317 stores affected by its latest counter closure plans. Colleagues affected by this decision will be offered alternative roles, he added.

The seven Jack’s stores that will close are based in:

– Shell

– Saint Helena

– Walton

– Bromwich Castle

– Middlewich

– Barnsly

– Liverpool North

The locations where Jack’s outlets will become large Tesco stores:

– Chatteris

– Immingham

–Edge Hill

– Rubere