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London, Ont., A family stuck in London, England, after airlines refused to let them board


Two Canadians are stranded in England after being refused entry on a connecting flight which was to take them home and so far no one is able to help them.

Hussein Boroot, 73, and his son, Mustapha, 25, were traveling together in Lebanon to visit family and returning home to London, Ontario, via London, England, via Calgary, Alberta, more earlier this week when they were denied boarding on their WestJet flight.

The two flew with the airline from Calgary to London, England on May 11 without any problems.

“WestJet said it was out of their control,” said Zainab Boroot, Hussein’s daughter, who works from London, Ont., trying to get her family members home.

Airline staff hinted that the problem might be that their return flight might take them over US airspace, but no one has provided a firm answer on why they can’t fly. Neither family member is on any no-fly list that they know of, Zainab Boroot told CBC News.

The family contacted Global Affairs Canada, the Canadian Embassy in England and the Transportation Security Board. They tried to contact Homeland Security in the United States, but could not reach anyone.

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“We have been stuck in London, England since June 22, 2022, 3:05 p.m.,” Hussein wrote in an email.

“I am a 73 year old, with two knee replacements and two foot surgeries less than a month ago. I have been at the airport for over 48 hours. I slept on the floor of the airport. airport in an effort to get relief. My health is rapidly declining. I am beyond exhausted and my rheumatoid arthritis is reaching levels of pain that I have never felt before.

In an email to CBC News on Friday, WestJet said they were required to follow safety procedures in the countries they operate in and fly over.

“In the event that we receive notification from a jurisdiction that a guest is not permitted to board one of our aircraft, we are required to follow the process in place as set out by the jurisdiction from which we received it,” the company’s statement read.

4 flights, 4 refusals

A travel agent advised them to book all possible flights that do not cross US airspace. They tried to book four of those flights via Calgary, Toronto, Iceland and Halifax, but were denied boarding each time.

“We communicated this to the Canadian government, but they always come back with the same answer: the Canadian government has no legislative responsibility to help Canadians abroad return home,” Hussein said in his email to CBC. News.

The Boroots were stranded in London, England, after being denied boarding on their flight back to Canada. (Submitted by Zainab Boroot)

His daughter is distraught and worried about her father, but also angry that no one can help the family.

“They’re just trying to get home. My father has been a Canadian citizen since 1965,” she said.

Liberal MP Peter Fragiskatos helped the family return home, although he warned that the Canadian government could not interfere in decisions made by US authorities.

“We continue to do our best to help this family,” Fragiskatos said. “It is a very difficult situation. They are not allowed to board because of an American decision which, it seems, prevents them from entering American airspace. many flights, the United States is chosen by airlines to land in an emergency.”

The family is considering another flight through Iceland that could avoid US airspace.

“This situation is something we are aware of, and we care about it as an office,” Fragiskatos said. “My responsibility is to exhaust all options as to what Canada can do to help recover them.”