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Knitters Create Life-Size Yarn Queen Ahead of Jubilee Celebrations


A life-size woolen queen created by a group of knitters for the Platinum Jubilee is a hit with locals.

The knitted monarch and a pet corgi were installed at Holmes Chapel in Cheshire over the weekend and villagers have already stopped to pose for photos with Her Majesty ahead of the celebrations.

The figure, whose outfit is accessorized with a knit purse, belt and crown, was created by Holmes Chapel Community Yarn Bombers, who started work on the Queen’s Jubilee decorations last July.

They also decorated the area with knitted banners, chains, soldiers and mailbox decorations.

The life-size knitted queen and a corgi have been a hit with locals in the village of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire (Peter Byrne/PA)

Anita Armitt, 66, who created the group with a friend, said around 40 women, aged between 10 and 80, came together for the creations.

She said: “It’s been wonderful. It’s a bunch of people who didn’t know each other before and some haven’t met yet but we talk on Facebook.

“We welcome anyone who wants to try and everything that has been done has been used.”

The mannequin used to create the queen, donated by a village fitter, was stored in Mrs Armitt’s house for almost a year before being unveiled in the village.

She said: “She has been in my dining room at different stages of dress.

“The first night she came out, I felt like I had to go downstairs and say goodnight to her because I had gotten into the routine of doing it!”

Platinum Jubilee
The knitted queen was created by Holmes Chapel Community Yarn Bombers (Peter Byrne/PA)

The project began with knitters making six-inch squares of red, white and blue wool which were used to create the queen’s dress, cape and red carpet.

Ms Armitt said a cage has been created around the model to support the weight of the dress and she hopes it will be strong enough to withstand the weather.

Word of the village decorations is already spreading, and visitors come from further afield to take a look.

Ms Armitt said: ‘I was told by a couple that they stopped for coffee while here so that’s great for local business too.

She now collects photos people have taken with the Queen to put into a scrapbook.

The decorations will be in place during the village fete with a beacon illumination on Thursday evening and a large picnic on Sunday.

Platinum Jubilee
A knitted top of the Queen and Windsor Castle was placed on a letterbox in New Brighton, Wirral (Peter Byrne/PA)

Holmes Chapel knitters aren’t the only ones marking the occasion, with mailbox toppers popping up across the country as the anniversary approaches.

In New Brighton, Wirral, a knitted top of the Queen and Windsor Castle was placed over a letterbox and in Belle Vale, Liverpool, a letterbox was topped with a crown.