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Junius Burrows (1932-2022): company founder trained dozens of plumbers – The Royal Gazette


Created: May 30, 2022 08:09

Junius H. Burrows (Photograph provided)

An industrious West End plumber and pillar of the Somerset community has trained dozens of people in the trade, leaving a lasting mark on businesses and residences across the island.

Junius Burrows, known to all as JB, ran a historic plumbing business on the Hog Bay Level stretch of Middle Road in Sandys.

Along with his first wife, Louise Swainson, Mr. Burrows turned the facility into a thriving business and showroom that by the 1990s had more than a dozen plumbers on its payroll at any one time.

The two had two daughters, Renée and Giselle.

Married in 1959, the couple divorced after 15 years but continued to move forward in business after their separation, according to a family tribute.

“Together they were great business partners, allowing them to give back to others in the community and lend a helping hand to countless others in times of need.

“Some of JB’s greatest legacies are the dozens of plumbers who were trained under him who became independent business owners, and the myriad of iconic buildings across the island that were touched by him.”

Plumbing was a family trade and Mr Burrows, who apprenticed with his father, attended Southampton Glebe School, now Dalton E Tucker Primary School, until he started working at age 15 years old.

Mr Burrows became a familiar figure across the island as he ran his taxi business.

Junius H. Burrows (Photograph provided)

Later in life, Patricia Burchall, of Somerset Bridge, became his long-term partner.

Giselle Burrows Wilson said her father, born and raised in the area, with a home on Patience Avenue, was perhaps the oldest resident of the White Hill neighborhood.

“He never lived anywhere else,” she said. “He was a White Hill boy, through and through.”

She said the outpouring from the community since her father’s death had been “overwhelming”.

“The theme I take from people who stop me to talk is his generosity and willingness to help people in their trade, as apprentices and as owners.

“He gave everything he had in his heart and in his mind.”

Mr Burrows helped those in need or new to plumbing and construction by not charging them for materials – and for decades without fail, ‘JB’ bought Christmas turkeys as gifts for his clients and tenants.

Son of Julian and Muriel “Movie” Burrows, Mr. Burrows died May 8, Mother’s Day.

Ms Burrows Wilson said it was fitting that her father’s memory was celebrated on the day every year.

“His mother was the most important and influential person in his life,” she said.

“Spending Mother’s Day could not have been more symbolic and a true blessing from God.

“This day also honors the passing of my mother and my sister.”

· Junius Harrington Burrows was born on December 1, 1932. He died on May 8, 2022, at the age of 89.