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How many of these strange British laws have you broken?


Although you may think you know what is against the law and what is not, there are still laws from years ago that you may not be aware of.

Here is an overview of some of the interesting UK laws that exist. Did you break any?

UK Laws You May Not Know

Shake a rug in the street

A rug (Canvas)

Even though you may think getting up early to clean your house is a good idea to get rid of chores, you may need to reconsider your actions.

It is illegal to shake rugs, carpets and even mats before 8am under Section 60 of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839, with the exception of doormats.

Drink in a pub or licensed establishment

Somerset County Gazette: Alcoholic beverages in glasses (Canva)Alcoholic drinks in glasses (Canva)

Drinking alcohol in a pub is a popular activity in the UK, but getting drunk there is illegal.

The Licenses Act 1872 (Section 12) states that if anyone is found drunk in a public place, he “shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding”.

Fly a kite

Somerset County Gazette: A kite in the air (Canva)A kite in the air (Canva)

If you spend your summer days outside with the family, you might be breaking the law without realizing it.

Flying a kite may seem like an innocent activity, but it’s actually illegal in a public place.

Section 54 of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839 prevents danger as well as “annoyance to inhabitants or passengers”.

Knock on the door and run away

Somerset County Gazette: A Door (Canva)A door (canvas)

The game where you knock on someone’s door and run away should not be played.

The Metropolitan Police Act 1839 states that “any person who deliberately and without cause disturbs a resident by pulling or ringing the doorbell or knocking at a door without lawful excuse, or who willfully and unlawfully extinguishes the light of a lamp”. right.

Suspicious handling of fish

Somerset County Gazette: Brown Trout (Canva)Brown trout (Canva)

Who would have thought that handling a fish could mean breaking the law?

Keeping a fish under “suspicious circumstances” is an illegal activity under section 32 of the Salmon Act 1986.