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FUEL CRISIS: Where to find fuel in Taunton


ARMY tanker drivers have been put on hold to deliver fuel to ease chaos at gas stations, the government said amid mounting pressure.

Military drivers will receive specialized training in preparation for their deployment while some heavy truck licenses will be extended to help resolve the issue, ministers said on Monday.

An extension of ADR driving licenses allowing drivers to maximize their available capacity instead of being taken off the road for recycling has also been announced.

The move comes after many gas stations dried up after drivers rushed to pumps, fearing that a shortage of tanker drivers could affect supplies.

In Somerset, dozens of gas stations – particularly in the Taunton area – are running out of fuel, while others have limited the amount available for purchase.

Here is a list of what we found when we contacted gas stations yesterday (September 27):

  • Texaco, New Wellington Road, Taunton: NO FUEL – delivery expected today (Tuesday)
  • Esso, New Wellington Road, Taunton: NO FUEL – hoping for delivery later this week
  • Texaco, Greenway Road, Taunton – NO FUEL – delivery scheduled for Wednesday but could be later
  • BP, Cross Keys, Taunton – NO FUEL
  • Morrisons, Priory Bridge Road, Taunton – A DU FUEL
  • Esso, East Reach, Taunton – NO FUEL – awaited delivery Tuesday night
  • Sainsbury’s, Hankridge, Taunton – A DU FUEL
  • Esso, St John’s Garage, Longforth Road, Wellington – NO FUEL – awaiting overnight delivery
  • BP, Mantle Street, Wellington – A DU CARBURANT
  • Londi / BP, Blackbrook Business Park, Taunton – NO FUEL
  • Taunton Road Garage, Curry Rivel – appears to have UNLEADED ONLY

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