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Electric scooter complaints on the rise in North Somerset


Owners of electric scooters could be fined up to £ 1,000 if they break the rules in North Somerset.

Owners could also get six points on their license and have their scooter confiscated if someone uses their private scooter on public land.

Following an increase in complaints about electric scooters on private land, the North Somerset Council is advising the local community to learn more about the rules.

Councilor Mike Solomon, Executive Council Member for Neighborhoods and Community Services, said: “While they are great fun for the people who ride them, electric scooters are a concern for other road and pavement users.

“Some owners may not be aware that they cannot be used in public places, so we want to raise awareness and encourage more responsible e-scooting.

“Otherwise there will be an accident and it could be a small child or an older person and no one wants that on their conscience.”

Illegal use of private electric scooters may lead to their confiscation by the police Credit: Pennsylvania

Electric scooters may only be used on private land with the permission of the owner and their use is illegal on roads, cycle paths and sidewalks.

Avon and Somerset Police said they would work with neighborhood teams to enforce the rules with warnings and penalty points if necessary.

Simon Brickwood, the force’s highway safety superintendent, said: “We want drivers to know that electric scooters are classified as motor vehicles for the purposes of the law.

“As such, if they are used on a road, a sidewalk or any other public place, they are subject to the same road legislation as any motor vehicle – that is to say, you must have a driving license. driving and insurance.

“However, at present it is not possible to obtain auto insurance to drive a private electric scooter, so ultimately their use is not legal anywhere other than on private land.

“Our neighborhood teams actively engage with electric scooter users as part of our regular patrols, providing advice and taking positive action where appropriate.

“Although a warning may be given in the first place, officers have the power to take enforcement action which may include the seizure of the scooter or the award of penalty points.”

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