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Do you have a new business idea? Don’t start it in New Jersey


Thanks to COVID-19, more than 200,000 businesses have closed shop permanently.

While it is true that the United States is slowly starting to recover from the financial and economic impacts of the pandemic, that does not say much for New Jersey. We Jerseys should NOT rush to act on what we see as our “brilliant” new business idea. Why?

New Jersey ranked as the worst possible state for new businesses in 2021, according to a brand new study. Wallethub recently compared the odds of each state for a new business to succeed and, needless to say, New Jersey did not do very well. The dimensions analyzed in the survey are the business environment of each state, access to resources and the average costs of businesses.

In terms of metrics, the Business Environment category could score up to a total of 50 points, while the other two categories had a maximum score of 25.

After counting the totals for each state, New Jersey has never exceeded the top 20 in any area considered. In fact, in more than one metric, we fell into the top 10 WORST.

Starting a Business in New Jersey (1 = Best; 25 = Avg.):

  • 41st – Avg. Growth in the number of small businesses
  • 45e – Affordability of office space
  • 49e – Labor costs
  • 28e – Avg. Duration of the working week (in hours)
  • 42sd – Cost of life
  • 35e – Industry variety
  • 23rd – Tests positive for COVID-19 in the last week per capita

These stats aren’t necessarily meant to crush your small business dreams, but if you’re trying to weigh the risk against the reward, right now NJ is riskier. Do what you want with this information.

Source: Wallethub.com

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