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Covid funding for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has doubled


Additional funding to fight Covid-19 in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has been doubled.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the boost was to ensure that people in decentralized countries were supported “in the face of this serious health crisis”.

This followed an increase in requests for additional cash support from all three countries amid rising Omicron cases.

The total was doubled from the recently announced 430 million pounds to 860 million pounds.

Of this, the Scottish government is allocated £ 440million, the Welsh government £ 270million and the Northern Ireland executive £ 150million.

The Treasury declared that the amounts, which are added to the financing of the autumn budget of the deconcentrated countries, will be kept under review.

Mr. Sunak said: “Following discussions with devolved administrations, we are now doubling the additional funding available.

“We will continue to listen and work with devolved administrations in the face of this serious health crisis, to ensure that we get the recall of people across the UK and that people in Scotland, Wales and Ireland of the North are supported. “

The announcement came after Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the UK government‘s initial offer of £ 220million to help fight the coronavirus had made the country worse by millions of pounds.

Following a Cobra meeting on Wednesday, Scottish Finance Secretary Kate Forbes wrote to Mr Sunak urging him to take more action to help cope with the impact of the Omicron variant, and has described the sum of £ 220million as “wholly insufficient”.

Responding to the latest fundraising announcement on Sunday, Ms Sturgeon tweeted warning against the “turning on the ‘doubling'” and insisted they “still need a lot more urgently” in the action and support from Westminster so that the hands of decentralized governments are not “tied”.

She also called “disappointing and frustrating” that neither Boris Johnson nor Mr Sunak attended the Cobra meeting with decentralized nations on Sunday evening.