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Covid-19 Update – Government’s ‘Plan B’ and Hockey


Next week, the government will switch to “plan B” of its Covid restrictions. Ahead of the release of the official guidelines for the sport, this gives a brief update on the likely impact on hockey.

First and foremost, playing hockey continues to be viewed by the government as safe to participate during Covid. While final guidelines have not been agreed upon, it is likely that these new Plan B restrictions will be felt more outside the game than during the game.

Here are some things to consider in the meantime:

Outdoor hockey

  • Wearing a mask is not foreseen when participating in the outdoor game or as a spectator.
  • Requirements for masks in indoor spaces such as pavilions will apply as per site guidelines.

Indoor hockey

  • Wearing a mask will NOT be expected during active participation in floor hockey.
  • Tournament organizers will indicate, based on site guidelines, where masks should be worn.

England Hockey will communicate further in due course as final guidance and more detailed information becomes available. We encourage people to take reasonable precautions, respect different points of view, and play the game in a safe and enjoyable way.