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COVID-19 hospitalization levels continue to decline


February 22—COVID-19 hospitalizations in the region have continued to fall over the past week.

Cambria, Bedford, Blair and Somerset combined had 74 people hospitalized with complications from COVID-19, up from 107 a week earlier and just over half the February 7 total.

Conemaugh Health System’s Cambria County hospitals were treating 35 patients as of Tuesday, according to Department of Health data. The county‘s 14-day average fell to 38 from 50 a week earlier.

Somerset County had three people hospitalized with complications from COVID-19. The county had 11 a week earlier and a 14-day rolling average of nearly 15 people.

Health officials consider hospitalizations among the main indicators of the grip of the omicron variant of COVID-19 on the region.

Like the majority of the country, the Cambria-Somerset region has seen its case rate drop sharply in recent weeks.

Cambria County added 61 cases on Tuesday. It was unclear how many were from the past 24 hours because the state did not update its dashboard on Monday.

The total number of deaths in the county remained at 698.

Somerset and Bedford added 26 and 13 cases respectively.

Indiana County added 29 cases.

Blair added 46 and Center added 45.

Clearfield County added 30 cases, while Westmoreland added 93 cases.