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Capita sees ‘minimal’ impact from pingemia as staff continue to work from home


The boss of one of Britain’s largest employers said his company had averted a big hit from the so-called pingemia by continuing to allow many of his employees to work from home.

Capita chief executive Jon Lewis said the majority of the outsourcing company’s employees still do not make it to the office, despite the easing of restrictions on coronaviruses in recent months.

He said that at the height of the period when the British were being told to self-isolate because they had come into contact with someone with Covid-19, there was only one impact ” minimal ”on Capita’s business.

The company employs around 43,000 people in the UK, but less than 1% of them self-isolated during the peak of the pingemia.

Mr Lewis told the PA News Agency: “This, in some ways, was surprising.

“I will say that we have taken an extremely careful approach to how we operate the business during the pandemic – 40,000 of our colleagues today continue to work from home, we have very measured and appropriate guidelines in place. , and a very measured approach to getting back to the office.

“I like to think that this has helped alleviate many of our colleagues being pinged and therefore, the business impact has been minimal.”

He added, “That doesn’t stop them from being nuts about social activity. But when you think about the time people spend commuting to work and work… it must be a significant reduction in their propensity to be. exhibited. “

Mr Lewis said many of his employees want to continue working from home, either permanently or part-time, in the future.

Her comments came as Capita announced that she had gone from a pre-tax loss of £ 28.5million to a profit of £ 261.1million in the first six months of the year.

The company now expects organic revenue growth this year for the first time since 2015.

However, Mr. Lewis was unable to say when the growth could translate into the reintroduction of a dividend by Capita to shareholders.

“We need to complete the divestiture program, we need to finalize what we think is the right capital structure for the company. And, as part of this deliberation, we will make decisions on the dividend. But we are not going to do it in 2021, ”he said.

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