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Bristol Airport apologizes after 90-minute delays and closed security checkpoints


Bristol Airport has issued an apology to passengers who experienced long waits this morning as only ‘half the security points’ were open during peak hours.

After weeks of similar queues and delays at the airport, this morning saw even longer queues, with some passengers saying the queue for check-in and security was around 90 minutes. In a tweet, posted around 6:24 a.m., a passenger also said that “only half of the security checkpoints” were open and that service personnel were having “an insane amount of time dealing with the chaos”.

In a statement from Bristol Airport, a spokesperson said: ‘We are sorry that customers experienced an above average check-in and security queue this morning during peak hours (Sunday May 22. We are working closely with all business partners and airline handling agents to ensure there are sufficient staff to provide good service and our average wait time for security is 30 minutes.

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“We are constantly reviewing resources in all areas and adapting plans to meet demand and build resilience where possible to ensure service standards are consistent throughout the day. We appreciate the frustration felt by customers currently and rest assured, our teams are working exceptionally hard to support customers throughout the airport journey.

“All business partners continue to recruit and train new colleagues, but this takes time. We advise all customers to check with the airline when their check-in/baggage drop desk is open and to arrive in the terminal at this time – do not arrive too early as customers will not be able to check in.

From tweets, messages and comments from passengers, it seems that the longest queues seem to happen in the morning. Just days ago, Bristol Live reported that there had been longer queues caused by delays at security, with footage showing passengers queuing outside the airport just to get away. record.

There have been a series of IT problems recently, among the staff shortages the airport is facing. But the queues all seemed to disappear throughout the day – one traveler this week tweeted it was ‘organized chaos’ saying it was ‘very busy but well run’.

Bristol Airport bosses said they were working with airlines to address persistent issues of long queues at check-in and security gates that regularly frustrate passengers. The airport advises people to check with their airline for check-in or baggage drop-off times, and to arrive at that time – and not to arrive too early.

Bristol Airport has a large number of flights scheduled each day within the hour after 6am – and has advised passengers that they may need to arrive up to three hours before, to clear the various check-ins and security doors.

The problems have seen queues of people so long they stretch out of the terminal and onto the road this week.