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Bridgewater Council Election 2021: Allen F. Kurdyla


BRIDGEWATER, NJ – The Bridgewater general election on November 2 has six candidates vying for three open city council seats.

Allen F. Kurdyla is one of three incumbent Republican candidates vying for re-election. Other candidates include:

  • Filipe Pedroso – Republican (Incumbent)
  • Howard V. Norgalis – Republican (Incumbent)
  • Jill Gladstone – Democrat
  • Jennifer Feigley – Democrat
  • Saad Toor – Democrat

All the candidates are running for the three three-year seats on the city council.

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Allen F. Kurdyla

Name: Allen F. Kurdyla

Age: 73

Town of residence : Bridgewater

Job sought : municipal Council

Party membership: Republican

Family: Married 51 years old, 3 children, 6 grandchildren

Education: Associate Degree in Mechanical Technology

Occupation: Retired from Somerset County as Director of Archives and Records Management

Previous or current elected function: Current – Township of Bridgewater Councilor since 2004-2007, 2010- Current; Fire Marshal, Bridgewater Fire District No.4 since 1978

Why are you looking to run for city council? Long-standing desire to have a voice and to contribute to the community in which I choose to live.

How would you approach overdevelopment at Bridgewater? Overdevelopment is a term commonly used by the last person to move into town and want to close the door behind them when they move in. Housing in our city is controlled by our master plan. In 2021, the master plan must be revised and updated. Leaders must follow rules that enable development. I have seen our governing body working with developers to reduce the number of units for a project while still respecting state mandates related to COAH.

Roads are a major issue in the city, how do you plan to remedy this? This problem has already been addressed by presenting a plan to affect every road in Bridgewater over the next five years. This plan with which I agree is the result of a major engineering effort to identify and then prioritize the routes to be followed.

What other issues do you think need to be addressed in the city?

  • Development of Open Space properties such as Camp Cromwell so that we, the residents of the Township, can enjoy the natural beauty of Bridgewater.
  • Support from our police, fire and rescue organizations to ensure the safety and security we all depend on.
  • Recognize the diversity of the people of Bridgewater and work to benefit from the unity of a gathering of groups.
  • Manage our township’s budget with a focus on service delivery with financial planning that includes rationale and a deep understanding of need versus want.

What sets you apart from tough Democrats? I would use the term ‘promises made, promises kept’ as a candidate for the Council in the past, my comments were to support the Open Space initiative, work to maintain a low tax rate and improve our infrastructure. I believe the Township of Bridgewater deserves candidates who have lived in the city and know how we would all be affected by our decisions.

What else would you like to share about yourself or your campaign? In the past, my naysayers have made provocative comments that basically tell our residents what they want to hear. I have never taken the position of offering false promises. I understand that one of the primary responsibilities of a city councilor is to work to address the concerns of all residents of Bridgewater.

  • Semi-retired: Senior Vice President of Business Development for a document imaging company
  • Former Somerset County OEM Homeland Security Planner
  • Member of the Finderne Fire Department for 53 years
  • Fire Marshal Fire District No.4 since 1978
  • Member of the Somerset County Executive Committee for the New Jersey State Firefighters Association
  • Bridgewater Township Fire Rescue Association

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