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Another ecological taxi gets the green light… The boss of taxis aims for a 100% electric fleet


AFTER a two-year struggle to get permission to operate West Somerset’s first all-electric taxi, Alcombe Taxis owner Keith Griffiths drove 100,000 pollution-free miles in his 35,000 Nissan Leaf taxi this week £ – and celebrated by purchasing a second identical vehicle!

“I’m more than happy with how things have turned out, despite all the years of trying to persuade the council that electric taxis are the way to go,” he said. “We are still the only taxi company in West Somerset – and possibly the entire county – that has gone electric despite government guidelines encouraging green vehicles.”

Mr Griffiths now operates three electric cars, including a hybrid, and plans to eventually operate an all-electric fleet. He said: “Many customers ask for the green taxis and a local hotel has put our electric taxi service on their brochures.”

Mr Griffiths said he now plans to buy a third electric taxi with a range of up to 200 miles, which will allow him to offer a pollution-free service to Heathrow.

It was in 2018 that Mr Griffiths, a taxi driver in Minehead for over 25 years, bought his first electric car to provide customers with environmentally friendly transport, West District Council was told Somerset that its rules provided for no license. electric vehicles.

He was only allowed to use the car for private hire while he pressed the council to sort out what he claimed was a confusing jumble of conflicting rules and ‘a mountain of red tape’.

Eventually Mr Griffiths received his electric taxi license by agreeing to go through what he called “an absolutely crazy process” which involved buying a retired taxi driver’s car, transferring the plate registration of the cab on its own car and to return the original car to its owner.

“Have you ever heard such nonsense? asked Mr. Griffiths. “Every possible obstacle was put in my way but I refused to give up because I knew electric vehicles were the future.

“I had to repeat the same ridiculous procedure of buying a car from a local taxi driver, transferring the carriage plate to my new electric car and returning the vehicle.

‘The current Somerset West and Taunton Council have admitted that the rules for electric taxis are unsatisfactory, but nothing has been done.’

Meanwhile, Mr Griffiths is doing his part for the environment by using his electric taxis for daily trips taking special needs children from Dulverton to schools in Taunton and Barnstaple.

“I don’t know exactly how much carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere using these green taxis, but surely every little bit counts,” he added.

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