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29% admit they don’t understand England’s current Covid rules


A fifth of people with a double bite believe that a fully vaccinated person who comes into contact with someone with Covid-19 should do nothing and continue as usual, according to a survey.

Since the rules in England changed in mid-August, people who received both doses of a vaccine no longer have to self-isolate if they come in contact with a positive case.

But government guidelines say they are advised to take a PCR test as soon as possible.

Almost a third (29%) of respondents to an Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey said they were “not at all”, “slightly” or “somewhat” confident in their understanding of rules.

On the fifth who thought double prick contacts should do nothing and continue as usual, the ONS said the belief was statistically significantly higher in people aged 55 and over, compared to those aged 55 and over. from 35 to 54 years old.

The survey, released Thursday, is the ONS ‘first to specifically examine the behavior and attitudes of fully vaccinated people who are identified as contacts of a person infected with the virus.

A majority – 84% – of those surveyed said doubly vaccinated contacts should take a PCR test.

The ONS recognized the relatively small overall sample size of 1,100 people. He also noted that respondents could select more than one option for their answers, so the totals do not always add up to 100%.

Regarding their own behavior, the majority (94%) of respondents said they would request a test to confirm if they have coronavirus if they developed symptoms.

Although they no longer had to self-isolate, 44% said they would stay home for 10 days if they had symptoms.

Indicating that many people still take a cautious approach, nearly two-thirds – 63% – of those polled said they had taken additional action, beyond government guidelines and recommendations. The vast majority (95%) said they agreed that the coronavirus poses a risk to society.

Of those who said they took a Covid-19 test after being contacted by NHS Test and Trace or through the app, 13% said they tested positive.

Among the double bites, 82% said they did not develop any symptoms, compared to 96% of those who received an additional booster dose.

People in England were interviewed by telephone between October 25 and October 30.