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Factors to Consider Before Picking Quick Loans for Bad Credit

Factors to Consider Before Picking Quick Loans for Bad Credit

You’ll Need Money

The first thing you should consider before deciding on an online lending company is how much cash is required. It is contingent on the situation you’re in and the kind of loan you’re receiving. For instance, lenders may be more expensive; consequently, it’s important to make sure you’re able to repay the loan on time prior to receiving it.

The most basic rule is that the larger the amount you require the longer it takes the lender to give it in the shortest amount, but smaller amounts less than $600 can be provided. The interest rate typically is lower for smaller amounts, which means it’s easier to repay, https://www.paydaynow.net/.

The Loan’s Terms and Conditions

When you apply for any type of loan you have the option of choosing the dates for repayment or a schedule. So, it is important to choose the terms and conditions according to your income and your flow of cash.

Lenders provide detailed loan terms and conditions once you are approved to borrow the money. Things like the APR the loan period, loan term, and the total amount are all included in these terms. Consider these terms and ensure you understand what you’re getting into.

APR and Interest Rate

Before choosing a lender, look over the attractive rates available and choose the most suitable one. The APR and the interest rate can be determined by many aspects including your credit rating, the amount required in repayment, repayment duration, income, and more. A bad credit score or a bad credit history generally will result in a higher rate of interest.

Select a lender with an agreed-to interest rate for the entire duration of the repayment term. If you are offered a loan that has different interest rates it could be expensive in the end.

Customer Service

Customer service is an essential factor when selecting the one that provides bad credit loans that are guaranteed approval. While some lenders can provide outstanding customer service, that is available 24/7 every day of the week. However, some firms are unable to respond after the loan is approved. You should instead choose one that can assist in processing, issues, or refunds as well as payments. Utilizing a platform like this can save you lots of time as well as energy if there are any issues.

Payment Time

It is common to bargain with the lender when deciding on a repayment schedule and determine it based on your stability in the financial market as well as income. The lender can provide a variety of repayment plans based on the kind of loan they offer. Furthermore, the borrower can decide to select the type of payment that they prefer, which could be in the form of installments or a complete amount to be paid.


The biggest issue when it comes to getting emergency loans for poor credit is the penalty and charges for late payments deadline. Thus, you should choose a firm with flexible payment options and low penalties in the event that there is a problem. In the end, the process of borrowing will be simple and you can repay the loan without no need to pay any additional charges or fees.

Beyond these be sure that the business you are choosing to partner with is dependable and has worked with similar situations. Consider picking one of these companies since they have a wide variety of loans and other financial tools.

London mayor says UK government should share Parthenon sculptures


London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called on the British government to find a way to share the Parthenon sculptures with their homeland, Greece.

The sculptures were removed from the Acropolis of Athens over 200 years ago by Lord Elgin, the British Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire from 1799 to 1803, who occupied Greece from 1458 to 1820.

The British Museum claims that Elgin acquired the artifacts legally, having received a permit from the Ottoman rulers giving it permission to take them.

Greece, however, disagrees and has repeatedly demanded that the stolen items be returned to their rightful domicile in Greece.

Khan said he agreed with former Chancellor of the Exchequer and chairman of the trustees of the British Museum, George Osborne, who recently said the organization should “find a way to share” the ancient sculptures.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he agreed with British Museum trustee chairman George Osborne who said the UK should ‘find a way to share’ the ancient Parthenon sculptures .

“I think it’s important to have these discussions,” he said.

“I think generally speaking the discussion is always good and the dialogue is always good and it’s refreshing to hear the British Museum speak that way.

“I really encourage the British Museum, the UK Government and the Greek Government and the appropriate place – the Athens Museum – to discuss how we can move forward on this issue.

“I want them to stay in our town, but why can’t we share them?” Khan asked.

“Why can’t we work with other cities around the world to create a situation where people, who can’t come to London, can’t enjoy the wonderful British Museum, can also see some of these things elsewhere?”

Greek Sculptures Parthenon Marbles

Public institutions around the world are facing increasing pressure to reassess their collections and Khan believes the UK should take heed of this lesson to bring ancient artefacts back to where they came from.

In October it was announced that a 19e The century bronze statue which was looted in Nigeria before being donated to the University of Cambridge would be sent home.

Mr Khan told the Huff Post that agreeing on the fate of the marbles with Mr Osborne was ‘probably the end of my career’.

“There’s no reason why we can’t show the strength of our friendship with other countries, whether it’s Greece or what Germany has done to share some of these things,” he said. he declared.

“It has been treated as a test of virility, it is wrongly assimilated, in my opinion, to patriotism and it is confused with nationalism.

“That kind of progressive conversation is what it takes and I welcome George starting the conversation.

“It’s the end of my career.”

Khan is regularly named among the top 100 London politicians in the London Evening Standard’s annual poll of the 1,000 most influential Londoners.

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Fake valet contracts lead to charges against Dearborn man – Press and Guide


After claiming to have valet contracts with the Renaissance Center, several casinos, Cedar Point and the Somerset Collection, a Dearborn businessman defrauded two other men out of approximately $1 million.

Hussein Adnan Bazzi, of Dearborn, formerly owner of A-Star Valet of Michigan, was indicted on July 13 for committing fraud by creating fake valet contracts to show potential investors they would pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The charges allege that between August 2017 and January 2019, Bazzi created bogus contracts with major corporations and used them to entice others to invest in his business.

According to the unsealed indictment, Bazzi spoke to the owner of several Detroit nightclubs on June 1, 2018.
During this conversation, he claimed to have a six-year contract with the Renaissance Center. Based on this claim, the club owner invested $200,000 in the valet company.

Bazzi reportedly showed his investor a bogus contract showing the details of the deal with the Renaissance Center.
Less than a month later, on June 27, Bazzi secured another $500,000 from the same man claiming he had additional contracts with the Somerset Collection in Troy, Cedar Fair Entertainment (Cedar Point) and MotorCity Casino and Hotel. , according to the indictment.

Bazzi also allegedly showed similar bogus contracts with these entities.

Authorities said Bazzi also forged emails and other communications showing ties to a “well-known” Michigan business owner. The indictment says there was no real business connection there.

Bazzi also gave the investor fake emails, contracts and correspondence that appeared to be from a “well-known and successful Michigan business owner” who in fact had no business or investment relationship with Bazzi. or his company, according to authorities.

In February 2018, Bazzi sent another bogus contract to another investor showing a deal with MGM Grand Detroit, according to the indictment. It earned him $125,000, authorities said.

The indictment charges Bazzi with three counts of wire fraud related to February 11, 2018; February 23, 2018; and operations of June 27, 2018.

If found guilty, he will have to confiscate any property obtained with the money mentioned in this scheme, the indictment states.

Three men arrested as investigators bust cocaine ring


Three more drug dealers are on the streets of New Jersey as Somerset County prosecutors announced the conclusion of a four-month investigation into cocaine distribution in the community.

Through their investigative work, the Somerset County District Attorney’s Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force seized nearly 172 grams of cocaine (six ounces) which they say has an estimated street value of $10,320.00.

The three men arrested for trafficking cocaine are Christian Duarte, 44, Fernando Villa, 35, and David Hernandez-Garcia, 22, all of whom reside on Elizabeth Street in South Bound Brook, New Jersey.

Duarte turned out to be the ringleader of this particular cocaine distribution operation and when the task force was investigating his theft and trafficking from a nearby residence, they spotted him halfway through and then tracked him down. placed under arrest.

(Courtesy of the Somerset County Attorney‘s Office)

Christian Duarte. (Courtesy of the Somerset County Attorney’s Office)

They found him in possession of 101 grams of cocaine (about 3.5 ounces) at the time and that was enough to help the task force detectives obtain a Superior Court-ordered search warrant for the residence where they found the rest of the cocaine and packaging. material with the help of the Somerset County Sheriff‘s Office K-9 Unit.

Authorities also learned that David Hernandez-Garcia and Fernando Villa also lived there.

Hernandez-Garcia was arrested at that time without incident for his role in distributing cocaine while Fernando Villa, who was not present at the time, was later found along Main Street where he was was also arrested without incident.

Duarte is charged with 1 count of 1st degree CDS distribution (cocaine), 2 counts of 2nd degree CDS distribution (cocaine), 2 counts of 2nd degree CDS distribution (cocaine) within 500 feet of a public park and 2 counts of 3rd degree Distributing CDS (cocaine) within 1000 feet of a school zone.

Villa is charged with one count of 2nd degree possession of CDS (cocaine) with intent to distribute and one count of 4th degree possession of drug paraphernalia.

(Courtesy of the Somerset County Attorney’s Office)

Ferdinand Villa. (Courtesy of the Somerset County Attorney’s Office)

Hernandez-Garcia is charged with one count of 3rd degree possession of CDS (cocaine).

Somerset County Prosecutor John McDonald said Duarte and Villa were held in Somerset County Jail pending a custody hearing while Hernandez-Garcia was released on his own recognizance, pending a court appearance. the tribunal.

District Attorney McDonald and County Chief of Detectives John Fodor are asking anyone with information about this investigation to contact the Somerset County District Attorney‘s Office Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force at (908) 575- 3300.

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Somerset County 4-H Rifle Team Wins National Title | Sports


GRAND ISLAND, Neb. – The Somerset County 4-H Club Shooting Team won first place in the three-position small-bore rifle event at the National 4-H Shooting Championships a few weeks ago on Grand Island , Nebraska.

Emily Bennett, Noah Lehman, Sadie Palfrey, and Zach Tedrow not only took first place with 1,602 points, but also took second place for small-bore silhouette and small-bore overall score.

In three-position shooting, all four finished in the top nine as Lehman (fourth, 539), Bennett (fifth, 533), Tedrow (sixth, 530) and Palfrey (ninth, 514) achieved high scores.

Bennett, the state runner-up in this year’s school competition, finished in third place and Tedrow took sixth in the small-bore standings. Bennett placed second in the individual steel silhouette event. Palfrey finished fourth in the civilian rapid fire program.

All four shooters were chosen to represent the Pennsylvania 4-H rifle team after winning the state shooting championship in Shelocta in April.

Bennett is a rising senior at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School and Lehman will be a junior this fall at Conemaugh Township-area high school. Palfrey is a home-schooled student from Indiana. Tedrow is a 2022 graduate of North Star.

“It’s a real accomplishment for them,” said 4-H assistant coach Barry Rininger.

This is the third straight year that Somerset County 4-H has won the state championship. Rininger and coach Mike Knapp pitted their team against 79 individual shooters from 20 states, testing their skills on targets 50 yards away using single-shot Olympic-style target rifles with open sights.

The quartet excelled in the three-position rifle class (standing, kneeling, and prone) in 100-degree heat and 40 mph winds.

“We are especially proud of our team for winning again, repeating in this domestic competition is truly remarkable,” Rininger said. “Our kids stayed focused and didn’t let the tough conditions, large crowds and fierce competition rattle them. Adversity is part of this game and Emily, Sadie, Noah and Zach were confident and determined to bring home the gold, and they did just that.

The Grand Island Final drew 700 young men and women from 39 states who competed in various disciplines from June 26 to July 1.

Teams also competed in archery, muzzleloader, shotgun, and air rifle/pistol events.

All four snipers are also members of the Jerome Junior Rifle Team (JJRT), which competes in a number of junior national and Olympic competitions, in addition to varsity matches in Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and Michigan. Rininger leads this team. Both the Junior Shooting Team and the Somerset County 4-H Team are made up of shooters between the ages of 14 and 19, and sometimes younger. They practice together and are based at the indoor and outdoor facilities of the Jerome Sportsmen’s Association.

The Junior Rifle Team will host its first outdoor three-position, 50-yard, .22-caliber small-bore rifle competition July 29-31. Dubbed the Jerome Sportsmen’s Association (JSA) Open, the event will also feature an indoor .177 caliber air rifle match.

“It’s open to any shooter who wants to come, and we’ve sanctioned it through the NRA (National Rifle Association),” Rininger said. “Their scores there will be recorded across the country, so college coaches can see how they fared in a game.”

Shooters of all ages are welcome, but must bring their own .22 or .177 caliber rifles and ammunition.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three shooters in the men’s and women’s divisions in each category, and a special BB gun competition for 8-13 year olds will take place on Sunday afternoon.

All interested coaches, teams and individuals are encouraged to register for $25 per shooter by Monday by contacting Barry Rininger at 814-233-6000 or emailing him at bsrbuildingsystems@gmail.com, but those who s ‘registered in person during the event will not be returned. a way.

For more information on BB guns, contact Nikki Tedrow at 814-701-6427 or jeromejrrifle@gmail.com.

There will be a chicken and burger barbecue, and other food and beverages will be available for sale during the competition, with proceeds going to the Jerome Sports Association.

“The club is quite generous with us,” Rininger said. “We try to do everything we can for them because they allow us to use the range free of charge, so we try to pay it forward and help them.”

John Rucosky is a photographer for The Tribune-Democrat. He can be reached at 814-532-5055. Follow him on Twitter @JohnRucosky.

Experts advise avoiding payday loans


BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – As we see the highest inflation in four decades, you’re trying to break the bank, but financial experts are encouraging any way to pay bills except a payday loan.

A payday loan might sound great since it’s basically instant cash when you need it, but with an average interest rate of 391 percent, this quick cash can put you on an arduous debt journey.

For comparison, the APR on credit cards can range from about 12% to about 30%. If the loan is not repaid in full on the first payday, a fee is added and the cycle repeats.

This allows borrowers to owe more interest than the original loan amount within a few months.

“So you can really get yourself into a cycle of debt because you have so much to pay back,” said Andy Mattingly of Forum Credit Union. “Then you just keep borrowing something every week or couple of weeks. So you can just get into that cycle and you can’t get out of it.”

Payday loans are typically short-term, high-interest loans that typically mature on the next payday. Experts say this should be your absolute last resort and even personal loans are a better choice.

Personal loans work in some emergency situations, such as B. a car repair that costs a few thousand dollars. With personal loans, you may have 12 to 24 months to repay the loan. Consider going through a credit union for low-interest loans.

Or think about a part-time job or a temporary second job. Every little counts when trying to manage your money and grow your income.

“There’s an actual problem that needs to be solved, and this extra income for two months, one month can actually solve that problem,” said Peter Dunn, CEO of Your MoneyLine.

To be proactive, try to keep your spending to a minimum right now, especially if your budget is already pretty tight. You may be tempted to make these impulse purchases at retail stores that offer reasonable sales on clothing and furniture. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

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England’s oldest government-protected shipwreck | Inheritance


The oldest surviving wreck in English waters, dating from the 13th century, has been given the highest level of protection by the British government after being discovered in Poole Bay in Dorset.

The ship, along with its cargo of stones including two beautifully carved marble burial slabs, was discovered by a local charter boat operator in 2020, after storms disturbed the seabed near a busy shipping route.

Excavations revealed the “exceptionally preserved” wooden remains of one side of her hull, which had been weighed down and protected by the ship’s cargo of worked and unworked Purbeck marble.

Archaeologists were able to identify that the overlapping antlers were Irish oak and – using tree-ring analysis – came from trees felled between 1242 and 1265, during the reign of Edward III.

While the sites of a small number of Bronze Age shipwrecks are known through their surviving cargo, their antlers are long gone, making them the oldest surviving shipwreck in England. Prior to this discovery, there were no known wrecks of seagoing vessels in English waters between the 11th and 14th centuries.

Hull wooden planks. Photograph: Bournemouth University/Historic England

“It’s a really, really significant find,” said Hefin Meara, a maritime archaeologist at Historic England, who oversees protected wrecks on behalf of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

“It’s a ship loaded with cargo on its way to somewhere. It’s a cliché but it’s a time capsule – it’s a ship that does exactly what it was supposed to do. And we can learn so much from that.

The two carved tombstones are similar to examples still visible in churches of the period, but unlike them are in pristine condition, with their chisel marks still clearly visible. Each is adorned with a different style of cross, which archaeologists have until now thought dated to different periods, Meara says.

“But it shows that in fact these designs were contemporary and used at the same time. And so the question is, were these things made to order? Or are they speculative and sent off?

“It’s the proof of the industry – they dig the stones, cut them, dress them. And it shows that these are really desirable products [being] exported everywhere, all around the English coast, in Ireland, on the continent. And that gives us a really interesting indication that it wasn’t just the stone itself that was desirable. It is the know-how of local craftsmen.

Items found on the wreck.
Items found on the wreck. Photograph: Bournemouth University/Historic England

Two other newly discovered wrecks have also received the same level of protection from the government. Both were found on the Shingles Bank near the Isle of Wight, a well-known navigational hazard to ships sailing past the Needles to the Solent. While these wrecks aren’t quite as old – dating to the 16th and 17th centuries – they are also “exceptionally rare”, according to Heritage England.

The old ship, labeled NW96, was carrying a cargo of lead ingots dating from before 1580 and stone cannonballs. The ingots, of a fixed size and weight, would have been used as currency and later made into bullets, lead pipes or roof flashings.

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Several cannons were found on Shingles Bank’s other ship, NW68, one of which was sunk in Amsterdam between 1621 and 1661. Archaeologists believe the ship was likely of Dutch origin and may have been involved in the battle of Portland in 1653 during the First Anglo-Dutch War.

Like the Dorset wreck, these two vessels were discovered by local divers with extensive knowledge of the sea, which Meara said was “really exciting”: “It’s great to have this partnership between us and recreational divers, boat keepers and archaeological societies. It just shows what happens when we all work together. We make these fascinating discoveries.

Somerset County (MD) brings internet to over 1,000 homes and businesses


Student houses had no internet, hotspots were not working, and schools were closed due to the pandemic.

John Gaddis, Superintendent of Somerset County Public Schools, did what he could to keep learning.

He called the bus drivers.

“We paid our bus drivers, and they literally ran their bus routes, and they picked up students, and they brought them to a school where we had WiFi extenders installed on the building,” said Gaddis.

Two days a week for most of the school year, students uploaded their work and uploaded their new assignments from the parking lot.

Now, thanks to federal and state funding, Lower Eastern Shore County is boarding the bus for the 21st century with over 1,000 locations across the county to be connected to high-speed internet.

But questions remain: how quickly can connections be installed? Can the locals afford it? And how will it change the lives of residents of the poorest county in one of the wealthiest states in the country?

The answer to all of these questions depends on collaboration between state, federal and local governments. With coordination, Somerset County and the State could be bettered. Without it, some Marylanders could miss out on economic opportunity and a public service that much of the country takes for granted.

How fast can connections be installed?

On July 8, Gov. Larry Hogan stood in the front yard of a newly-connected home in Harford County, announcing $100 million in internet infrastructure grants to state jurisdictions with money received by the through US federal bailout law.

But Harford County, with a population of more than a quarter million, was not the big beneficiary that day, receiving less than $1 million in grants.

Somerset County, with just 22,000 people, received more than 10 times more money than Harford, more than $13 million, split between two grants to internet service providers in the area.

Choptank Electric, the recipient of one of the grants, plans to connect more than 500 locations with the $4.6 million it received in state funding. It comes as work is wrapping up on a project, funded by a $2.1 million grant last year, that has connected nearly 600 sites.

“These are areas that for-profit broadband companies have been unable or unwilling to serve because there is no (population) density,” said Valerie Connelly, vice president of Choptank Electric Cooperative.

Connelly said his organization initially had a 10-year plan to connect those in the county, but because the money is available, it’s accelerating construction.

Choptank’s CEO has promised that work on the new project will be completed before the start of the 2023 school year.

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Charter Communications, the recipient of the other grant, plans to use the $8.5 million in government funds to expand its fiber optic network to more than 700 locations, primarily in Frenchtown-Rumbly, Hopewell, Kingston, Manokin and Marion Station. They too have already started working in the county, with a planned project to connect 480 sites, mostly in Crisfield.

Can the locals afford it?

While the plans announced by the two companies cover about a third of the 6,000 unserved premises estimated by a 2020 report prepared for the county, Superintendent Gaddis worries that families will be able to afford the newly available service.

Charter’s Internet is priced at $74.99 per month for a starting speed of 300 megabytes per second, or Mbps, according to Scott Pryzwansky, a company spokesman. And Connelly of Choptank says their plan is priced at $84.95 per month for 100 Mbps.

“People don’t have disposable income,” said Gaddis, who started as superintendent of Somerset in 2013 and whose father was hired by the school system as a teacher in 1948.

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Somerset County Public Schools Superintendent John Gaddis sits at his desk in Westover, Md., July 12, 2022. Gaddis has had bus drivers pick up students during the pandemic as most didn't have reliable internet at home.

For the past two years, the county has used $1.8 million in federal coronavirus relief money to buy every student a laptop or iPad, but with less than half of students having one. Reliable internet at home, Gaddis said most students leave their devices at school when they get home.

“What this means for our students is that they are falling behind,” he said.

U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., who had been pushing to close this “homework gap” even before the pandemic began, addressed this priceless access conundrum during a Zoom press conference on Thursday. .

“Obviously you have to be online to get access, but you also have to be able to afford it, otherwise there’s no point,” Van Hollen said, when announcing additional federal funding of $95 million. dollars for broadband infrastructure. in the state in addition to what the governor had already announced.

In 2021, Van Hollen supported the Affordable Connectivity Program which provides a $30 monthly rebate for low-income households to use for internet service. All ISPs seeking grants on the $95 million are required to participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program.

“It’s not just coordination in the abstract,” said Gene Sperling, chosen by President Biden to oversee the $1.9 trillion US bailout, when announcing the $95 million. extra Maryland dollars last Thursday.

Van Hollen said the funds will result in connecting about 16,000 locations statewide, covering about another third of locations that still don’t have access.

How will connections change lives?

Dave Harden, a Democrat, hoping to join Van Hollen in Congress by defeating Republican Rep. Andy Harris in the East Coast Congressional District in November, said internet infrastructure was needed to boost economic prospects for rural residents. .

“The ability to connect rural communities or communities that would otherwise have been forgotten has created huge economic opportunities,” Harden said, referring to the outsourcing of jobs to India resulting from internet connectivity.

“There’s no reason we can’t outsource these services to Crisfield or Pocomoke,” said the former foreign service officer, who previously worked as an assistant administrator for the United States Agency for international development, “but that would require us to have the infrastructure.”

Harden said a member of Congress can improve internet connectivity in three ways: oversight, appropriations, and advocacy. While Harden hopes to advocate in Congress for rural communities, those most responsible for implementing the internet connection plan in Somerset County may be an “ad hoc” team, which is working to bring this infrastructure to the region. since before the pandemic.

County engineer John Redden Jr. said it was when schoolchildren couldn’t access the internet that things “hit the fan”.

Somerset County Economic Development Executive Director Danny Thompson, left, County CIO Chris Woodward, center, and County Engineer John Redden Jr. sit in the Somerset County office on July 12, 2022. Thompson called the band a

Danny Thompson, executive director of the county’s Economic Development Commission, said relationships with businesses were already in place by then. He said it’s a little too early to tell if increased internet connections can help lift people out of poverty or if residents will even buy the plans, but he said they’re already starting to see some signs of progress.

Multinationals Cisco and Northrop Grumman have a presence in the county seat of Princess Anne, he said. Now, with the upgrade, Princess Anne Industrial Park is filling up, Thompson said. It also foresees more residential development in the area, due to connections.

“People aren’t buying homes these days without the internet,” said county IT manager Chris Woodward.

Around the corner from the county offices, at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, the university brings Comcast service to the dorms, leaving an internal network.

“Today’s student has an iPad, a desktop computer, a laptop, a cell phone, and a watch, and all of those devices are connected to the internet,” said Urban Wiggins, chief information officer by interim and vice-rector of the university.

Wiggins, who is also a professor in the Department of Computing and Engineering Technology, said the more internet available to students in the area, the better prepared they will be and the better their chances of being productive students at the university. University.

University of Maryland East Coast CIO Rob Lopez, left, and acting CIO and Vice Provost Urban Wiggins, right, stand outside Waters Hall, where the IT department, on campus July 12, 2022. Lopez said the problem on the East Shore is in many places,

Just eight miles from Westover, at the Somerset County Public Schools headquarters, Gaddis, who dispatched the buses for students during the pandemic, has seen students and teachers persevere despite the county’s poor connection.

“Other than the cable going to Deal Island, I haven’t seen any change in connectivity,” said the superintendent entering his tenth year with the county. “We have been waiting for years.

Dwight A. Weingarten is an investigative journalist, covering the State House of Maryland and state issues. He can be reached at dweingarten@gannett.com or on Twitter at @DwightWeingart2.

How many of these strange British laws have you broken?


Although you may think you know what is against the law and what is not, there are still laws from years ago that you may not be aware of.

Here is an overview of some of the interesting UK laws that exist. Did you break any?

UK Laws You May Not Know

Shake a rug in the street

A rug (Canvas)

Even though you may think getting up early to clean your house is a good idea to get rid of chores, you may need to reconsider your actions.

It is illegal to shake rugs, carpets and even mats before 8am under Section 60 of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839, with the exception of doormats.

Drink in a pub or licensed establishment

Somerset County Gazette: Alcoholic beverages in glasses (Canva)Alcoholic drinks in glasses (Canva)

Drinking alcohol in a pub is a popular activity in the UK, but getting drunk there is illegal.

The Licenses Act 1872 (Section 12) states that if anyone is found drunk in a public place, he “shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding”.

Fly a kite

Somerset County Gazette: A kite in the air (Canva)A kite in the air (Canva)

If you spend your summer days outside with the family, you might be breaking the law without realizing it.

Flying a kite may seem like an innocent activity, but it’s actually illegal in a public place.

Section 54 of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839 prevents danger as well as “annoyance to inhabitants or passengers”.

Knock on the door and run away

Somerset County Gazette: A Door (Canva)A door (canvas)

The game where you knock on someone’s door and run away should not be played.

The Metropolitan Police Act 1839 states that “any person who deliberately and without cause disturbs a resident by pulling or ringing the doorbell or knocking at a door without lawful excuse, or who willfully and unlawfully extinguishes the light of a lamp”. right.

Suspicious handling of fish

Somerset County Gazette: Brown Trout (Canva)Brown trout (Canva)

Who would have thought that handling a fish could mean breaking the law?

Keeping a fish under “suspicious circumstances” is an illegal activity under section 32 of the Salmon Act 1986.

Taunton Rugby Club have a new approved stand at Veritas Park


TAUNTON Rugby Football Club have announced that they have been granted planning permission to erect a new 100-seater stand at Veritas Park.

The club have since placed an order for the new stand with Stadium Solutions Ltd Brighton.

A spokesperson for the rugby club said: “With the Titans beginning their National One journey last season and doing well in their first season, this new stand has seemed like an important way to continue the development of Taunton RFC.

With bigger crowds expected for the new season, it will give more people the opportunity to watch the game from the comfort of a seat.”

This project was managed by long-time TRFC supporter Steve Collard, who also very kindly funded the construction through his company ‘Commsplus Equipment Finance’, aided by a generous donation from an anonymous supporter.

Taunton Fabrications were also heavily involved in the project by dismantling the old film tower and stand.

EA Construction (SW) Ltd of Wells will prepare the earthworks for the new stand, including trenching for the cables.

In addition to this, T&C Electrical Contractors Ltd and Bytes-Digital Ltd will supply the electrical cable and the fiber optic cable respectively, including the final connections.

The club said the modular design of the new stand will allow it to add more seating in future years as attendance continues to increase on match days.

This whole project shows further ambition for Taunton RFC and shows that the club continues to grow and move forward.

“We hope this stand will be in place for our first league game on September 1 when we play Plymouth Albion here at Veritas Park,” the club added.

“TRFC would like to warmly thank everyone involved in this project.

“We look forward to welcoming everyone who made it possible to join us for a game day and a well deserved drink during the 2022/23 season.”

Installment loans with BridgePayday: How they help you finance a big purchase or consolidate debt


Installment loans can be a good option when it comes to financing major purchases or reducing debt. Unlike a payday loan, an installment loan is repaid over time in fixed monthly installments. This makes it more manageable for borrowers and can help them avoid costly penalties and interest rates.

Installment loans are paid out all at once, allowing borrowers to access larger expenses quickly. Just make sure that you will eventually pay off your debts and that you have a stable source of income to help you meet your monthly payments. In this blog post, we look at the benefits of installment loans and how they can help you get ahead financially.

What are installment loans and what are their advantages?

Installment loans are a type of loan where the borrower repays the loan in fixed monthly installments. The main advantage of installment loans is that they are more manageable for borrowers than other types of loans, such as payday loans. This is because the borrower knows exactly how much they will have to pay each month and can budget accordingly. Also, installment loans often have lower interest rates than other types of loans, which can save borrowers money in the long run.

Another advantage is that installment loans can be used in many ways. Consumers can do that, for example Use installment loans for payment for major purchases like a brand new car or house. Or customers pool their debts by using installment loans. For borrowers who have multiple debts with different interest rates, this can be a viable solution. Borrowers could reduce their monthly payments by consolidating these obligations into one loan at a reduced interest rate.

Take your time to look around and compare offers from several lenders if you are thinking about taking out an installment loan. Before signing a loan agreement, you should carefully understand the terms. Before you take out an installment loan, as with any other loan, you should make sure that you can afford the monthly installments.

How do you qualify for an installment loan?

In general, to qualify for a BridgePayday installment loan, you must have a stable source of income and good credit. Lenders will also want to see that you have a history of making payments on time. If you don’t have perfect credit, you may still qualify for an installment loan with a co-signer. A co-signer is someone who agrees to pay back the loan if you default.

If you’re not sure if an installment loan is right for you, there are a few other options to consider. For example, personal loans and lines of credit both have their own benefits and can be used for a variety of purposes. However, personal loans usually have higher interest rates than installment loans. Lines of credit, on the other hand, can be a good option for borrowers who need flexibility in repaying their debt.

Regardless of the type of loan you choose, you should shop around and compare offers from multiple lenders. Read the terms and conditions carefully before signing a loan agreement. And as with any type of loan, you should make sure you can afford the monthly payments before taking out a loan.

The different types of installment loans

There are different types of installment loans. The most common type is a mortgage loan used to buy a home. Mortgage loans are typically repaid over a period of 15 to 30 years. Other types of installment loans include car loans, student loans, and personal loans.

  • Auto loans are used to finance the purchase of a new or used vehicle. Auto loans are typically repaid over a period of two to seven years.
  • Student loans are used to fund the cost of attending college or graduate school. Student loans are typically repaid over a period of five to 20 years.
  • Personal loans can be used for a variety of purposes such as: B. for debt consolidation or to finance a major purchase. Personal loans are usually repaid over a period of two to five years.

The borrower’s credit history will be an important factor in determining the interest rate and other parameters of the installment loan. Compared to alternative financing options, a borrower with a poor credit rating could not be entitled to an installment loan with a favorable interest rate and payout amount. However, a low credit rating does not always rule out an installment loan. Never hesitate to check with a lender to pre-qualify for a loan without it affecting your credit score.

When considering an installment loan, shop around and compare offers from multiple lenders. Read the terms and conditions carefully before signing a loan agreement. And as with any type of loan, before you take out an installment loan, make sure you can afford the monthly payments.

What you should know before taking out an installment loan

Before you take out an installment loan, there are a few things you should know.

First, installment loans can be used for a variety of purposes, such as financing a major purchase or consolidating debt.

Second, when buying an installment loan, be sure to compare offers from multiple lenders. And third, before you take out an installment loan, make sure you can afford the monthly payments.

If you are ready to apply for an installment loan, read the terms carefully before signing a loan agreement. And as with any type of loan, you should make sure you can afford the monthly payments before taking out a loan.

By adding a history of on-time payments to your credit report, installment loans can improve your credit score. You can also diversify your loan mix, as the different forms of credit you have successfully handled will affect your credit score.

If you are considering a BridgePayday Installment loan, you should definitely keep these things in mind. Installment loans can help you finance a major purchase or consolidate debt, but it’s important to compare offers from multiple lenders and make sure you can afford the monthly payments before taking out a loan.

Author’s biography: Julie Snearl, Senior Personal Finance Writer at BridgePayday

An editor and writer for over a decade, she has written and edited finance for both national professional and consumer readership. Julia Snearl is the Personal Finance Editor at BridgePayday. Her experience editing business books also includes working as chart editor for Ahead of the Curve. With over 3 years of experience editing financial content on BridgePayday, Julie is interested in learning more about how digital content can be used to help people make better financial decisions.

UK bolsters combat air program with ready-to-fly demonstrator within five years

  • The UK is developing next-generation demonstration combat aircraft under the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) programme.
  • The project involves the Department of Defense and industry partners of Team Tempest, led by BAE Systems.
  • Comes as the UK deepens its collaboration with Japan and Italy as it builds an international combat air partnership.
  • FCAS Enterprise launches its ‘Generation Tempest’ initiative creating early career employment opportunities across the UK and a new Tempest Academy.

A new flying demonstrator will be unveiled within the next five years as part of the UK’s major next-generation fighter aircraft programme, the Future Combat Air System (FCAS). It comes as the future combat air program launches a new recruitment and skills initiative known as Generation Tempest, which is expected to create thousands of new job opportunities across the UK.

The demonstration aircraft is already under development between the government and industrial partners of Team Tempest and the UK is actively progressing collaboration opportunities on the project with Italian industrial partners.

The flying demonstrator will be a manned supersonic aircraft testing a range of new technologies, including the integration of stealth-enabled features. It is the first time the UK will develop a fast new aircraft using 21st century technology.

Work is rapidly accelerating on this important part of the FCAS program, with demonstrator development underway at BAE Systems’ facilities near Preston in the north of England. This is backed by hundreds of companies and thousands of engineers across the UK.

The demonstrator is essential to ensure that our technology, our skills and our industrial capacity are ready for the future. The design and construction of the flying demonstrator will prove integration and testing skills. It will also provide invaluable data and lessons to UK industry to support the introduction of new FCAS aircraft from 2035.

Separately, the UK is currently conducting a Joint Concept Analysis with close partners Japan and Italy to understand areas of common interest and explore potential Future Combat Air partnership options and continues to explore partnerships wider. Further decisions are expected to be made by the end of 2022. As the UK, Japan and Italy operate F-35 fighter jets and the nations have undertaken joint exercises in the past.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said:

I am delighted that the UK, alongside Italy, Japan and Sweden are working together on the same combat air travel.

Our work with Japan and Italy on breakthrough technologies like this shows the advantage of our alliances around the world.

The design and development of the demonstration aircraft represents a significant milestone, showcasing the success and talent of our engineers, programmers and software developers. This program will continue to attract opportunities for many more great minds and talents from across the UK.

To support the program, a series of measures to attract the brightest minds to FCAS were announced, including plans for a new Tempest Academy, joint talent recruitment and development between partners, and the launch of a new careers website. It is hoped that this initiative will create a “Storm Generation” who will bring their own unique ideas and experiences to the program.

The FCAS program plays an important role in supporting the government’s upgrading ambitions, employing around 2,500 highly skilled people across the UK, including in industrial centers of the combat air sector in northern Scotland. -west and south-west England. The program now employs 1,000 apprentices and graduates, offering exciting job opportunities in STEM subjects such as industrial digitization, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Team Tempest partners BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Leonardo UK and MBDA UK aim to hire an additional 1,300 young starters by the end of 2023.

UK Future Combat Air Director Richard Berthon said:

FCAS is an exciting, dynamic and inclusive program, requiring a diversity of people, ideas and skills working together. We are recruiting new talent to lead FCAS, implementing one of the most important defense programs in the world.

The FCAS program is driving state-of-the-art developments and there have been a range of advancements in UK industry supporting the programme, some of which are being showcased at the Farnborough Airshow this week, including:

  • Rolls-Royce Defense has delivered a new gas turbine demonstration engine, known as Orpheus, designed, built and tested in less than two years to prove innovative technological developments for FCAS. Together with international partners, Rolls Royce has also agreed on the next stage of the full-scale engine demonstrator programme.
  • BAE Systems used digital transformation to design and build a representative military fast jet airframe, demonstrating how innovative technologies can transform Tempest’s design and manufacturing capability. Commercial robots were adapted and used, and 65% of parts were guided to location through automation.
  • Leonardo UK and Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric have agreed on the concept of a radar technology demonstrator called JAGUAR, first unveiled in February, following the completion of joint design work and feasibility studies earlier this year.
  • Leonardo also revealed the ongoing bilateral work to support the future on-board electronics of the SCAF program. Leonardo in the UK and Italy are working together on a number of projects with Elettronica in Italy, including the joint assessment of the potential architecture of a common Integrated Detection and Non-Kinetic Effects (ISANKE) system and integrated communications. This work complements the ongoing collaboration with Japan on the capabilities of 6th generation sensors, an area in which Italy will soon be involved.
  • MBDA unveiled its Weapon Effects Management System concept, to help coordinate all available weapons in the battlespace using enhanced artificial intelligence and machine learning software.

Key quotes from the Conservative leadership campaign televised debate


The contenders for the succession of Boris Johnson clashed in a second televised debate.

Here are some of the top quotes from the five remaining rivals in the Tory leadership race.

“I would love to stand here and say ‘look, I’m going to cut this tax, this tax and another tax and it’ll be fine.’ But you know what? This will not be the case. There is a cost to these things and the cost of higher inflation, higher mortgage rates, eroded savings. And you know what? This something-for-nothing economy is not conservative. It is socialism. – Rishi Sunak.

“I think the tax cuts I’ve described are not inflationary. I think people listening to us at home will be watching, debating these issues. And it seems like we’ve gotten away from the real issues they’re facing, they need immediate action now, I don’t understand why Rishi doesn’t accept that. – Penny Mordaunt.

“I heard Penny on TV this morning say you were going to take away one of my rules that the government shouldn’t borrow for day-to-day expenses. Listen, it’s one thing to borrow for a long-term investment. term but it’s another thing to put running bills on the country’s credit card and we know how that ends It’s not just wrong it’s dangerous And you know what, even Jeremy Corbyn didn’t suggest we should go that far.- Rishi Sunak.

“Rishi, you have raised taxes to the highest level in 70 years. This is not going to stimulate economic growth. – Liz Truss.

Kemi Badenoch during the second live televised debate for the Conservative leadership candidates (Jonathan Hordle/ITV)

“I think what we’re seeing in the discussion that’s taking place is that there are no easy options. There are no solutions, only compromises. When I worked at the Treasury, it was always a choice between option A difficult, option B terrible or option C crazy. –Kemi Badenoch.

“I may not be the shrewdest presenter on this stage, but I think my colleagues in Parliament understand, when I work with them, that when I say I’m going to do something, I do it.” – Liz Truss.

“My whole campaign was built around building a team. My now legendary campaign video didn’t introduce me at all, it was about my colleagues and my country.” – Penny Mordaunt.

“Whatever your responsibility in this government, whatever your place in this government, Keir Starmer in two years is going to hold that record against us. We have to make sure that we win conservative seats across the country, and even very good people have given credibility to the chaos. – Tom Tugendhat explains why the successful candidate shouldn’t have worked for Boris Johnson.

“We have much to be proud of. We did Brexit, and what the Prime Minister did on Ukraine and on vaccines was fantastic. Serving in government is not easy. It requires making tough decisions. To M [Tugendhat] never did that. It’s very easy for him to criticize what we’ve done, but we’ve been on the front line to make the case. –Kemi Badenoch.

“What I would say to you is that all attempts to portray me as an out-of-touch individual will fail. I am the only person on this stage who has won and fought a Labor seat. My constituents do not elect people who are disconnected.—Penny Mordaunt.

“We left the EU, the public is fed up with us talking about Brexit.” –Kemi Badenoch.

“No to a general election, we need 100 per cent of our best efforts to serve the British people, I’m the person who can do that.” – Liz Truss.

“Which do you regret more, being a Remainer or being a Liberal Democrat? – Rishi Sunak to Liz Truss.

‘Fierce heat’ warning as temperatures set to soar


A health boss has warned that high temperature forecasts could lead to the death of people, while Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab said people should be resilient enough to “enjoy the sun”.

Chief executive of the College of Paramedics, Tracy Nicholls, has said the “ferocious heat” the UK is expected to experience over the next few days could have a detrimental effect on Britons.

Scorching temperatures are forecast for Monday, with Peterborough expected to reach 37C and Milton Keynes, Norwich and Lincoln expected to reach 36C – while temperatures could reach 40C in London on Tuesday.

Met Office climate attribution scientist Dr Nikos Christidis said the 40C prediction is the result of climate change.

(PA graphics)

The forecaster issued an amber warning for the majority of England on Sunday, which then extends to southern Scotland and Wales from Monday to Tuesday.

The UK‘s first red extreme heat warning was also issued by the Met Office across much of England, from London to Manchester and York, on Monday and Tuesday.

The UK Health Security Agency has also issued a level four heat health warning, which is described as a “national emergency”.

Ms Nicholls told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge On Sunday: ‘It’s not like a nice hot day where we can put on some sunscreen, go out and enjoy a swim and a meal at the outside.

“It’s severe heat that could actually end up killing people because it’s so fierce. We’re just not prepared for that kind of heat in this country.

His comments came after Mr Raab said people should take precautions ahead of record high temperatures, but added they should be able to enjoy themselves.

UK heatwave alert levels
(PA graphics)

“Obviously, there’s practical common sense advice we’re talking about – stay hydrated, stay out of the sun in the hottest hours, wear sunscreen – that sort of thing,” he said. he said Sunday at Sophy Ridge.

“We have to take advantage of the sun and in fact we have to be resilient enough to some of the pressures that it will exert.”

Ministers held a virtual emergency Cobra meeting on Saturday after meteorologists warned record temperatures could put lives at risk.

Additional emergency support for ambulance services, such as more call handlers and overtime, was introduced on Monday and Tuesday.

Transport services are expected to be halted on both days, with Cabinet Minister Kit Malthouse urging people not to travel.

Avanti West Coast, Transport for London and London North Eastern Railway are also urging passengers not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the NHS Confederation has said hospitals are going to be “really, really pushed” over the next few days.

Lord Victor Adebowale said the NHS “will cope”, but added that “coping is not enough”.

A view of the aftermath of a fire that threatened the Lenham Cross war memorial near the village of Lenham in Kent
A view of the aftermath of a field fire which threatened the Lenham Cross war memorial near the village of Lenham in Kent (Gareth Fuller/PA)

He told Times Radio: “My limbs are pretty stretched out right now. Ambulances are operating at their peak, waiting times for ambulances are now getting longer.

“The NHS will get through this, but coping is not enough. We really need to operate in a way that allows people to get the treatment they need where they need it, when they need it. And it’s a fight.

Greater Manchester Police have implored people to avoid cooling off in reservoirs, rivers or ponds after a teenager died while swimming with friends in a canal.

The 16-year-old struggled and was last seen struggling in the water at Salford Quays in Greater Manchester around 6.15pm on Saturday.

A boy’s body was found overnight and officers believe it may be that of the missing teenager.

“Good things happen every day in North Somerset”


06:00 July 16, 2022

It’s easy to be cynical and complain about the things we don’t like about our community, council or government. It sometimes feels like one of Britain’s national sports!

Many of our complaints are fair comments and sometimes it can feel like there is a lot to complain about.

If we want to make North Somerset a better place to live, learn, work and play, we need to tackle the issues head on and be honest about them.
But we should also try to remember that despite how we all feel sometimes, good things happen every day.

Council crews fill the equivalent of over 300 potholes each week in North Somerset to help keep our roads and pavements in good condition.

Every day our waste and recycling teams are on the streets collecting thousands of tonnes of material and, together with the commitment of residents, helping us achieve one of the highest recycling rates in England.

Seven days a week, throughout the year, hundreds of the most vulnerable people receive community meals delivered to their homes – and receive a welfare check to boot.

Our children’s services teams support hundreds of children in care and children in need every day to help them get the most out of their lives.

Our events and economic development teams work every day to support community events, businesses and job creation.

Council staff are working with landlords, housing associations and developers to address the housing crisis and provide more affordable housing for local people.

We’ve created a Cost of Living Task Force to provide targeted assistance so those struggling with rising costs can get the help they need.
Council teams have already paid around £10million in energy rebates over the past few weeks.

In this context, our planners and climate change experts strive to provide long-term solutions to the major challenges related to sustainable growth in the future.

We plant new trees, encourage biodiversity and try to protect important sites from overdevelopment.

Away from day-to-day services, many larger projects are also underway.

The Nailsea and Clevedon library buildings are receiving investment and improvements. In Clevedon, as part of a £250,000 scheme to improve the building, and in Nailsea to secure a new location for the library and provide investment to create better space.

Leisure improvements have included over £1million invested in our leisure centers in Portishead, Nailsea and Clevedon to help keep these venues in good condition.

North Somerset Council leader Steve Bridger and deputy Mike Bell write for the Mercury
– Credit: NSC

In Weston, work to clean up and re-open the popular Marine Lake has been completed and we are now starting to improve the neglected Victorian shelters on the waterfront and are looking to do more to make our open spaces greener and cleaner.

We also have the world’s first attraction See Monster soon to open at Tropicana.

Working with town and parish councils, voluntary and community groups and a range of business partners, North Somerset has an incredible force of people focused on getting things done.

We don’t get everything, of course, or we don’t have the money or the powers we need to do everything we want. But good things are happening every day to make North Somerset a better place.

Councilor Steve Bridger, Leader of North Somerset Council
Councilor Mike Bell, Deputy Leader of North Somerset Council

A Democrat-funded Super PAC has launched television commercials attacking Bob Stefanowski


HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) – A super PAC funded by the Democratic Governor’s Association has begun television commercials attacking Bob Stefanowski.

Two more PACs could spend millions on ads attacking Governor Lamont.

We have more than three months before the November elections, but negative ads have already begun.

PAC funds will be spent on both campaigns. A super-PAC funded by the Democratic Governor’s Association has launched a TV campaign reminding voters of Stefanowski’s previous role as CEO at a payday loan company. A company whose high-interest loans are illegal in Connecticut.

Stefanowski’s role on payday loans was moot in his first run for governor. Stronger CT’s ad said, “He made millions running a payday loan company that charged working people up to 450% interest.”

Stefanowski’s campaign states, “We know Ned Lamont is sticking to the same old tired politics, and his friends at big-money super PACs will say and do whatever they please to keep him in office.”

Stefanowski also gets PAC funds, 1.6 million from CT Truth. Another PAC has promised a $1 million campaign against Lamont.

This month, the candidates submitted their quarterly financial reports. Since Jan. 1, Governor Lamont has spent nearly $7 million on his campaign. He invested the most money. Lamont has spent over 6 million to date.

Bob Stefanowski has over $11 million in total. He took out a $10 million loan and put it in the pot.

He has spent more than $4 million to date.

Restraining order against Ricky Martin reportedly filed by family member


The person who filed a restraining order against Ricky Martin amid domestic violence allegations is believed to be a member of the Puerto Rican superstar’s own family.

Martin strenuously denied the “completely false” accusations and said he would respond with “dignity” to the legal process.

The order was filed earlier this month under Puerto Rico’s domestic violence law, after police spokesman Axel Valencia was unable to provide further details, including who filed the order.

According to Spanish outlet Marca, Martin physically and psychologically abused the victim for a period of seven months.

Some outlets have reported that the family member involved is Martin’s nephew.

Incest-related crimes in Puerto Rico can carry a sentence of up to 50 years.

“Unfortunately, the person who made this claim is struggling with serious mental health issues,” Martin’s attorney, Marty Singer, told US media outlet Deadline.

“Ricky Martin has, of course, never been – and never would be – involved in any sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew.

“The idea is not only wrong, it’s disgusting.”

Singer added, “We all hope this man gets the help he so urgently needs.

“Most importantly, we look forward to seeing this terrible case thrown out as soon as a judge can review the facts.”

Responding to the initial order, Martin wrote in a statement: “The order of protection issued against me is based on completely false allegations, so I will respond throughout the legal process with the facts and the dignity that characterizes me.

“Because this is an ongoing legal matter, I cannot make detailed statements at this time.

“I am grateful for the countless messages of solidarity, and I receive them with all my heart.”

Biden says he raised Khashoggi’s murder with Saudi crown prince


President Joe Biden said he brought up the killing of Jamal Khashoggi at the start of his meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“I said, very simply, that an American president being silent on a human rights issue is inconsistent with who we are and who I am,” Mr Biden said.

“I will always stand up for our values.”

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman greets President Joe Biden (Bandar Aljaloud/Saudi Royal Palace via AP)

US intelligence thinks the crown prince likely approved of killing US-based writer Khashoggi four years ago.

Mr Biden said Prince Mohammed had claimed he was “not personally responsible” for the death. “I indicated that I thought he was,” replied the president.

It was the first meeting between the two leaders, beginning with a fist bump outside the royal palace in Jeddah, in a relationship that could reshape security partnerships in the Middle East and the flow of oil around the world.

For now, it seemed like they were taking steps forward together. Mr. Biden announced that American peacekeepers would leave the island of Tiran in the Red Sea by the end of the year.

Saudi Arabia hopes to develop tourist attractions there, as part of the kingdom’s efforts to develop its economy beyond oil. Due to a complex diplomatic arrangement governing control of the strategically located island, America’s departure required Israel’s assent, and the deal was the latest reflection of warmer Israeli-Saudi relations. .

The deal followed an earlier announcement that the Saudis were ending strict restrictions on Israeli commercial flights over their territory.

Mr Biden also said progress was being made to extend the ceasefire in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia had fought Iran-backed militants, resulting in a humanitarian crisis.

The president’s three hours at the royal palace in Jeddah was seen as a diplomatic victory for the crown prince, who has tried to rehabilitate his image, attract investment to the kingdom for his reform plans and strengthen security relations of the kingdom with the United States.

Biden Saudi Arabia
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman greets President Joe Biden with a thumbs up (Bandar Aljaloud/Saudi Royal Palace via AP)

Mr Biden appeared to approach it as a necessary if somewhat unpleasant step to improve relations with the world’s top oil exporter at a time of rising oil prices and concern over Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

The meeting sparked outrage from critics who believed Mr Biden was reneging on his human rights pledges, particularly in relation to the killing of Khashoggi, a US-based journalist who wrote for the Washington Post.

“The fist bump between President Biden and Mohammad bin Salman was worse than a handshake – it was shameful,” said a statement from Fred Ryan, the Post’s editor.

“He projected a level of privacy and comfort that offers MBS the unwarranted redemption he so desperately seeks.”

Sourav Ganguly congratulated by the British government on July 13


Sourav Ganguly was congratulated by the British Parliament on Wednesday July 13. It was on this day 20 years ago when he led India to a memorable one-day Natwest Trophy win over England at the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground.

The legendary cricketer was delighted with the honor and was happy to be enjoying one of the most memorable days of his career while mentioning India’s 1-0 lead in England’s ongoing three-game ODI series . The second ODI is set to play at Lord’s on Thursday July 14.

Sourav Ganguly (Source: Photo archives)

Sourav Ganguly congratulated by the British government on July 13

It was a momentous day for BCCI Chairman Sourav Ganguly as the former India captain was congratulated by the British Parliament on Wednesday.

“I was commended by the British Parliament as a Bengali so that was good. It was in Parliament. They contacted me six months ago. They give this award every year and I got it said BCCI President Sourav Ganguly.

Sourav Ganguly
Sourav Ganguly (Credits: Twitter)

The Indian cricketing legend was congratulated on the same date on July 13 when he led India to Natwest final victory in 2002 and exactly 20 years later on the same day he was honored in the same city .

“Oh! yes, I saw that on Instagram. It’s been a long time, right? 20 years ago. Yeah, great sporting moments beating England in England, that’s nothing better than that. The current team does it. They won the T20 series. They are 1 in the one-day series,” said Sourav Ganguly.

The way India beat England in the T20Is was commendable as Rohit Sharma and company concluded the three game series with one game to spare and in the ODIs they are also one win away from sealing the series.

Sourav Ganguly impressed with bowling of Jasprit Bumrah and Mohamed Shami in 1st ODI

What pleased the former India captain was the sporting box office of the first ODI and the way India bowlers led by Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami exploited the conditions. Jasprit Bumrah rocked the English top with a great display of couture and swing bowling. He had career-best numbers of 6/19, helping India limit England to 110. The Indian openers then chased him down without dropping a wicket.

“That’s what England have always been. He will always be useful for the bowlers. I thought Bumrah and Shami were exceptional in the first spell and that just took England away from the game. India did well beaten to win with 10 wickets. 110 runs show how hard they have hit on this ground. It has been very good so far,” explained Sourav Ganguly.

Jasprit Bumrah |  AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi
Jasprit Bumrah | AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi

India won the T20I series 2-1 but lost the Edgbaston Test and so the series ended in a 2-2 draw dashing their hopes of winning an England Test series after 15 years.

“Yes, but it happens in sport. You must pay homage to England. They played exceptionally well that day. Chasing 400 in the fourth run is never easy and that was the highest run. So that’s how it is 2 all in the Test match series. Win T20 and if we can win One Day I think we will be very successful,” Ganguly said.

A few days ago, on July 8, Sourav Ganguly turned 50 and his celebration videos near the London Eye went viral on social media.

“We live here (London). My daughter studies here. It’s great to spend time with her. She lives here all year round. It was very fun. I loved every moment,” Ganguly said.

Virat Kohli, Jasprit Bumrah and Yuzvendra Chahal are not part of India’s 18-member squad for the five T20Is in the Caribbean from the end of the month. The Rohit Sharma-led team has KL Rahul and Kuldeep Yadav potentially making a return subject to fitness clearance. Offspinner Ravichandran Ashwin who hasn’t played in India’s T20I squad since the home series against New Zealand last November has made his return.

Inflation is at a 40-year high and one expert says the cost of living is even worse than the numbers say


CHICAGO (CBS) — Inflation is at a 40-year high — in June it hit 9.1 percent for the year, the highest since 1981.

The Consumer Price Index reports that the price of gas has skyrocketed by almost 60 percent over the last year – and of course it is far from the only commodity affected.

Meanwhile, a market analyst told CBS 2’s Jackie Kostek that he believes the cost of living is actually worse than that 9.1 figure suggests right now.

“Less than six months ago we paid $13 and change for a case of eggs,” he said Lexington Betty Smokehouse Owner Dominique Leach: “Now I pay $33 for it.”

Leach says groceries aren’t the only aspect of her business that’s been affected by inflation.

“We’re dealing with higher costs for groceries, labor, rent, gasoline and cooking gas,” Leachs said.

All of this causes great problems for consumers.

“It definitely reflects the pain and the people who can’t keep up with it,” said Jim Iuorio, managing director of TJM Institutional Services.

Iuorio — a broker, trader, and market analyst — says blistering inflation means the average American is effectively taking a pay cut. And while reports suggest that next year could see the largest wage increase in more than a decade, at around 4 percent, Iuorio said that increase would need to be far more significant to keep up with inflation.

“I think you could have a 12 percent pay rise year after year and it wouldn’t have done anything. Prices have gone up at least that much,” Iuorio said. “So I think you have to have something more than that to actually do better in this current environment.”

Iuorio believes that the CPI actually underestimates current inflation.

The CPI reports that groceries rose 10.4 percent year-on-year in June. Iuorio estimates restaurant costs are up about 23 to 24 percent — something Leach can attest to.

She says she’s done her best not to pass on the rising costs to her customers, and she doesn’t resort to so-called “shrinkflation” tactics — serving customers fewer meals for the same price. But still, she says it’s a challenge.

“We do our best to adapt and be flexible so that the customer doesn’t see the difficulties on their side,” Iuorio said.

Leach realistically says she doesn’t want to impose too many additional costs on her customers because that might put some off. She said a customer recently wrote her a negative review after she increased the cost of brisket by $1 – something that shows just how much of a balancing act this must be for business owners these days.

While it may be tempting given the difficulties that accompany the current economy, financial experts say you should avoid payday loans — short-term, high-interest loans that typically mature on your next payday.

Such loans boast a “cash fast” option, but with an average interest rate of 400 percent, fast cash can send you into a dangerous spiral of debt.

Experts say payday loans should be your very last option, and even personal loans are a better choice.

Somerset all-rounder Suppiah reveals his battle with anorexia


Ahead of the 2022 Vitality Blast Finals day, which supports the Professional Cricketers’ Trust, former Somerset all-rounder Arul Suppiah bravely revealed his battle with anorexia.

Eating disorders rob childhoods, destroy relationships and tear families apart, and Suppiah has experienced firsthand the devastation the disease can cause.

The 38-year-old, who played 276 professional matches and once held the world record for best bowling tricks in T20 cricket, was just 29 when chronic knee injuries forced him into retirement, and he quickly embarked on a second career teaching accounting and business studies.

Four years later, however, the interest in being healthier has unfortunately become an obsession, leading to an eating disorder and changes in his behavior patterns.

Around 1.25 million people in the UK suffer from eating disorders, many of them in secret. They are of all ages, genders and backgrounds – eating disorders do not discriminate and, tragically, they have the highest death rate of any mental illness, although not all eating disorders cannot be fatal.

Even in his most successful years which produced 7,350 runs and 95 wickets, Suppiah’s demons started during his time on the pitch. He contacted the Professional Cricketers’ Trust via the confidential helpline for help and was diagnosed with depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety. Conditions he managed in his thirties.

The turning point for Malaysian-born Suppiah came five years after his retirement from playing when he felt he was going to pass out at the end of a lesson at Queens College Taunton.

It was after this that he began to receive help from the Professional Cricketers’ Trust, the registered charity which supports members of the Professional Cricketers’ Association and their families when they are in need.

“In 2017 I decided to be a vegetarian and to be healthy,” said Suppiah, who played alongside Professional Cricketers’ Trust manager Marcus Trescothick in Somerset, who was a pioneer himself. in raising awareness of mental health issues.

“But I could feel something talking to me, and I call it ‘The Voice,’ and The Voice is the eating disorder.

“In February and March, people were starting to say I was starting to lose weight and I just nodded, and I think that just fueled the ego, fueled The Voice and just made it stronger .

“I didn’t realize any of that and in the spring of 2017 – during the Easter term – I think that’s just when it started to get a bit more intense.”

Former English skipper and TV presenter Andrew Flintoff has produced a documentary called ‘Living with bulimia’ and has admitted he suffers from an eating disorder after feeling victimized when he appeared in the UK press at the start of his international career.

In 2021 alone, the Trust supported 106 people with mental health issues, bringing the total since 2015 to 526.

Support for current and former players in England and Wales is comprehensive, whether for physical or mental needs, including the provision of specialist equipment, fundraising or specialist welfare support. be.

Suppiah admitted his disorder got so bad in 2017 that it had a negative effect on his ability to live and caused him to spend isolated periods and avoid social situations as his mental health deteriorated.

“I couldn’t socialize,” he said. “I didn’t know how to go out with my friends for dinner – my answer was ‘no, I can’t come to dinner’ because I had to exercise or because I could only eat certain types of safe food.

“In the summer of 2017, I think that’s when things started to change in terms of behavior, mood – I was very lively, had tantrums and spent a lot time alone.

“I was completely possessed by The Voice.”

It was after his dizzy spell in early 2018 that Suppiah decided to get to the bottom of his issues and visit his GP, who told him he had become severely underweight.

A former professional cricketer and colleague at the time put him in touch with the Trust, which is partnering with the ECB and Sky Sports ahead of the day of the Vitality Blast final to highlight the work of the association players’ charity and raise much-needed funds. .

Vitality Blast Finals Day is set to support players’ charity for the third consecutive year and with several heartbreaking and heartwarming stories told throughout the build-up, fundraising activities are now confirmed.

The Trust was set up to support the health and well-being of PCA members who have entertained cricket supporters over the years on the pitch when they are in desperate need of help.

Several players past and present have spoken so openly about the support they have received, including Yorkshire Vikings spinner Dom Bess and Hampshire Hawks dressmaker Chris Wood who are set to play on Saturday.

With the Trust taking center stage on the day of the final, awareness of the charity will be raised with the aim of creating funds to continue its work in being a vital support mechanism for cricket’s greatest assets. , its players.

“The Trust phoned me and said, ‘Do I need help?’ and I went ‘yes, I really need help,’ and that’s when I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa,” Suppiah said.

“I never, ever thought in a million years that this would happen to me.

“As for how the Trust helped me, it was just amazing, and I was very lucky to see a psychologist, a psychiatrist and a dietitian all together.

“That’s when I was able to turn a corner and I was able to show progress, and progress then was about gaining weight.

“In terms of recovery, I’m still on the right track and I think the Trust has given me a second chance, another opportunity to live and I sincerely thank the Trust for that.”

The Professional Cricketers’ Trust provides vital support to past and present cricketers in England and Wales and their immediate families when they are in desperate need. The charity’s work encompasses everything, whether for unforeseen physical or mental needs. Vitality Blast Finals Day supports players’ charity – to learn more about the Professional Cricketers’ Trust visit professionalcricketerstrust.org

Wordle 390 July 14: Wordle Word Clues and Today’s Answer


Wordle has taken the world by storm, and if you haven’t given in to the daily game, we can guarantee you’ve seen the elusive squares all over social media.

The game uses the same rules as Scrabble, where only real words are allowed in both the guesses and the outcome.

If you get a letter in the right place and form the correct word, the square turns green.

But if the guessed letter is in the word but not in the right place, the square turns yellow.

Wrong letters turn gray to facilitate the elimination process for the six trials.

Wordle tips and best starting words to keep your streak going

Hint for today’s Wordle Thursday July 14

If you’re still trying to save your streak, don’t scroll down yet, maybe some clues will send you on your way.

Today’s word starts with the letter L and ends with the letter R.

It has two vowels.

An organ in the body.

Response for today’s Wordle Thursday, July 14

If you dropped out of today’s game, we can save you the misery. But those still trying to crack the 5-letter code, look away now.

The word for July 14 is LIVER.

Wordle New York Times

The game was created by software engineer Josh Wardle, who sold the popular word game to The New York Times after it became a worldwide sensation.

In a statement on Twitter, he wrote: “Since launching Wordle, I have been impressed with the response from everyone who has played.

“The game has become bigger than I ever imagined (which I guess isn’t much of an achievement considering I made the game for an audience of just one).

“It was amazing to see the game bring so much joy to so many people and I’m so grateful for the personal stories some of you have shared with me – from Wordle uniting estranged family members, to causing friendly rivalries, supporting medical recoveries.

“On the other hand, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t overwhelming.”

Katarina Johnson-Thompson thinks it’s time for a change


Katarina Johnson-Thompson admits she had to make some brave decisions to protect her long-term future.

The defending heptathlon champion has a different perspective after a tough build up to defending her World Championships title in Eugene.

Her 18-month injury nightmare is barely behind her and the 29-year-old arrives in Oregon amid difficult preparations, having parted ways with coach Petros Kyprianou in June just months after moving to Florida .

She only left former coach Bertrand Valcin last year after working with the Frenchman – who oversaw his 2019 world title – for five years.

Bertrand Valcin coached Johnson-Thompson to his world title. (Mike Egerton/PA)

Back in the UK, Johnson-Thompson is now under the tutelage of Aston Moore and insisted the shake-up was needed.

“I don’t want to dive into it too much with the ins and outs, but I feel like it just wasn’t working for me there,” she said, after recovering. from an Achilles break to compete in the Olympics last year, only to have his Games dream shattered by a calf injury in the 200m.

“Looking ahead to Paris (2024 Olympics), I wanted to make these decisions as soon as possible, so I made the decision to go home and move on without Petros, which is a shame.

“At the end of the day, I have to do what’s right for me and I believe that’s what it is.

“It ended amicably. That’s why I didn’t really want to get in there and make headlines unnecessarily. He and I ended up on good terms and it’s just something I felt I had to do to move forward.

“I’ve dealt with Aston in the past, he’s taken me to many different events in the Diamond Leagues in the past when my old manager couldn’t be there.

“At the end of the day, I had bigger problems to deal with than changing coaches like last year.”

Johnson-Thompson faces an uphill battle to retain her title after her third-lowest heptathlon score at the hypo-meeting in Gotzis in May.

She only scored 6,174 points, more than 800 shy of her personal best, even though it was her first full heptathlon since becoming world champion nearly three years ago.

Muller Birmingham Diamond League – Alexander Stadium
Johnson-Thompson won with a British record in Doha. (David Davies/PA)

In Doha she scored 6,981 – breaking Jessica Ennis-Hill’s British record – but two-time Olympic champion Nafi Thiam is looking to reclaim the title she won in 2017.

“Coming into Doha I felt like I was in the best shape of my life, I was constantly putting things in place in training and competing,” Johnson-Thompson said, ahead of the heptathlon which begins Sunday at Hayward Field.

“I was confident in my ability to go out there and win, but at the same time I was in the mindset of ‘what will be, will be’.

“Whatever score I got, I knew I was in good shape and was going to score well, but I didn’t really care what medal I got, I just wanted to make sure I got that. good score.

2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships - Day Eight - Khalifa International Stadium
Johnson-Thompson broke Jessica Ennis-Hill’s British record to win in Doha. (Martin Rickett/PA)

“At the moment it has changed in the fact that I have a new coach. Different points are prioritized right now, I feel like it’s definitely a different mindset, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get a good score.

“I had a different mindset in 2021 as I was just trying to come back from injury and I feel like I could have scored well. As athletes we adapt and we change according to the circumstances.

“Success is something that is individual to each person and success for me would be to get a good score this summer, to do both championships and to be proud of what I have achieved. I’m definitely in a different mindset.

“When you think back to my career every year and for every Olympic cycle, I’m a completely different athlete.”

Earnin Review: What you need to know


GOBankingRates score

Fast recording: Earnin aims to give consumers access to their earned salary without having to wait for payday. It gives employees from a wide variety of industries real-time access to what they’ve earned. To use the service, you need three things: a steady paycheck, a checking account, and a smartphone.

  • loan amount
  • fees
  • features
  • security

How did we calculate that?


  • Provides quick access to available earnings
  • No penalties or interest
  • No mandatory fees


  • Low daily and pay period maximums

Earnings Summary

According to his website, Earnin “was born out of a clear need to change a financial system that is leaving millions behind.” With Earnin, you can cash out up to $100 per day and Earnin will collect it (plus any tips you leave) on your payday. Use Earnin and you won’t have to pay any interest, mandatory fees or costs. Instead, the company relies on its customers to tip what they think is fair when using the app.

Key Features of Earnin

Here’s a look at the features to consider to decide if Earnin suits your needs.

loan amount

You start with a maximum of $100 that you can cash out per pay period, but as you use the app — and pay back what you borrowed — you can increase that to as much as $500. All members have a maximum withdrawal of $100 per day. Again, you are obligated to pay back only what you borrowed.


Earnin charges no interest or mandatory fees – and the app is 100% free to use. Members are asked to leave a tip they deem fair in order to receive their money early.


The Earnin Express feature allows members to potentially access a higher pay period of a maximum of $1,000 or up to 80%. from their paycheck, whichever is less. Additionally, you can get paid early by routing your paychecks through the company. When you use Earnin Express, Earnin deducts your payouts and tips from the check you pass through and sends whatever’s left over to your linked bank account via the lightning speed feature, getting your money in minutes instead of days.

When you sign up for the Balance Shield Cash Outs feature and your bank account falls below a certain amount, Earnin will automatically wire you up to $100.


Earnin will never sell your information and will use it in accordance with its Privacy Policy. You only need to provide your social security number when signing up for Earnin Express. Additionally, the company will not do any research on your credit report, so your credit score will not be compromised.

Earnin also protects its customers through the use of data encryption technology that ensures users’ account information remains private and secure.

How Earnin stands out

Earnin offers users quick access to their money, in some cases within minutes of requesting it (if you sign up for the Lightning Speed ​​program). It’s easy to use and customers can check their earnings on the app’s dashboard and set up updates they want to receive notifications for. It’s a great alternative to a predatory payday loan.

Comparable options

Here’s a look at alternatives you might consider to help you decide if Earnin or another option is best for you.


Dave allows you to receive your paycheck up to two days early and receive an interest-free cash advance of up to $500. With the Dave Spending account, you never pay overdraft, minimum balance, or ATM fees (you must use one of the 32,000 MoneyPass ATMs). Another feature Dave offers is the option to receive notifications when you are about to overdraw your account. However, Dave is not entirely free; it charges a monthly membership fee of $1.


Branch works with some employers to allow employees to take up to 50% of their pay early. You can wait three days and not pay any fee or pay for faster delivery. CashFlow is the app overview of your upcoming payments and expenses that allows you to monitor your finances and sends you a low balance alert when you overdraw your account.

How to use Earnin

It’s an easy-to-use platform: once you’ve downloaded the app, you simply connect to your checking account and add your employment information so the company knows when you’re getting paid. Then add your earnings to the app via the Automagic Earnings feature by submitting an electronic timesheet or signing in with your business email address.

The Earnin website details how to use the app in three steps:

  1. Navigate to the Earnin app home screen.
  2. Tap on the “CASH OUT” button once you have verified that you have funds in your account and you have not yet reached your daily or pay period maximum.
  3. Wait for the money to be in your account within 2-3 business days.

Who Earnin is best suited for

Earnin works when you have a regular pay schedule, and it’s best for workers who are paid by the hour and want to avoid fees and a costly cash advance. However, if you don’t have a regular payment deadline, you should look elsewhere.

Final recording

When you’re out of money but know you’re getting paid, borrowing that future paycheck with Earnin is a pretty good deal. It’s completely free and easy to do, and it doesn’t take advantage of you by charging high interest rates and fees like payday loans.

Frequently asked questions about earning

Here are the answers to some common questions about Earnin.

  • What’s the catch with Earnin?
    • Only certain types of workers can use Earnin: on-demand, salaried, or hourly. That said, if you’re a freelancer, it’s not for you. Additionally, you must receive your paycheck via direct deposit in order to use Earnin since it needs to track your hours worked.
  • Earnin giving you $100?
    • If you ask for a $100 cashout, that’s exactly what you get – unless you add an optional tip. Earnin deducts that $100 (plus any tip you leave) as soon as you get paid. Quickly get your hard-earned money straight into your bank account before payday.
  • Is Earnin a Payday Loan?
    • Earnin is not a payday loan. Unlike payday loans, which charge very high interest rates and fees, there are no mandatory fees or interest charged. Instead, Earnin asks members to leave tips they think are fair to get early access to their money.
  • Is Earnin Legit?
    • Yes, Earnin is absolutely a legitimate app. While it may seem odd that you can use it for free, the company makes money through a variety of avenues and tips from customers who want to pass it on.

Information is correct as of July 12, 2022.

Editor’s Note: This content is not provided by Earnin. Any opinion, analysis, review, rating, or recommendation expressed in this article is solely that of the author and has not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by Earnin.

About the author

Barri Segal has over 20 years of experience in the publishing and advertising industries, writing and editing for all styles, genres, media and audiences. She has been writing on personal finance topics for 12 years and is passionate about making a difference in consumers’ lives.

The Sustainable Development Goals are humanity’s most important to-do list


Excellencies, colleagues, friends.

The Sustainable Development Goals remain the most important to-do list in human history.

Yet President Putin’s illegal and senseless invasion of Ukraine has taken the SDGs beyond our reach. It has caused a humanitarian disaster and sent global food and energy prices skyrocketing, hampering global post-COVID recovery and pushing the most vulnerable to the edge of the cliff.

Despite these setbacks, the UK government remains committed to achieving the SDGs by 2030, as we set out in our new international development strategy.

We will continue to prioritize humanitarian needs, committing $3.7 billion in humanitarian assistance over the next 3 years.

This will allow us to help those most in need and at risk, as we did this year with our commitment of $352 million to help more than 4.4 million Afghans.

Together with our partners, we will anticipate and prevent future shocks, addressing the underlying drivers of crises, instability and extreme food insecurity.

Our investments in research, innovation and access to vaccines will reduce threats to global health and drive breakthroughs in health systems and health security.

To expand economic growth, strengthen peace and security, and advance equality, we put women and girls at the heart of our foreign and development policy.

We lead global efforts to give all girls access to 12 years of quality education. The Transforming Education Summit must help make this a reality.

We empower women and girls by unleashing their social, economic and political potential and championing their bodily autonomy.

And we advocate for action to end all forms of gender-based violence, including conflict-related sexual violence.

Climate change and the loss of nature remain urgent existential threats. Our security and prosperity hinge on a transition to Net Zero.

Our planet needs us to keep the commitments made at COP26. The window to keep 1.5 degrees alive closes quickly.

Everyone must mobilize to implement the Glasgow Climate Pact before COP27. This means reviewing and strengthening NDCs; Long-term strategies aligned with Net Zero; and developed countries doubling their funding for adaptation by 2025.

We need an ambitious and transformative global framework for biodiversity at the CBD in December, including the global 30 by 30 target, stronger accountability and the funding needed for implementation.

The UK government will also provide over $9.5 billion in development investment per year by 2025, through British International Investment – ​​our new development finance institution.

This will help countries build thriving green, secure and open economies through our UK Investment Partnerships offering.

Collaboration between government and the private sector will unlock huge breakthroughs in our efforts to finance the SDGs.

We cannot afford to lose sight of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs.

So let’s work together and all play our part so that no one is left behind.

EDF shares rise as France ‘prepares for €8bn nationalisation’ | EDF Energy


EDF shares jumped following reports that the French government is prepared to pay more than 8 billion euros (£6.8 billion) to nationalize the energy company.

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne last week announced plans to take full control of the electricity group in a bid to control soaring household electricity bills.

The cost of buying the 16% of EDF shares the government does not already own, plus outstanding convertible bonds, could reach 10 billion euros, Reuters reported.

The reported move sent EDF shares up 9.4% in early trading before later settling 6% to €10.26, valuing the company at €39.7 billion.

EDF, which is building the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset, dominates the French electricity market, the country depends on it for nuclear energy. EDF’s nuclear production represents 69% of France’s electricity supply in 2021.

However, that level of supply is expected to drop to the lowest level in more than three decades this year due to a combination of maintenance, refueling and repairs at 12 reactors across France.

The French government is trying to reduce its reliance on overseas energy imports as Europe scrambles to keep the lights on this winter.

There are growing fears that Russia could restart gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline after maintenance began on Monday. It is due to end on July 21.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire described a complete Russian gas cut as the “most likely scenario”. France sources around 17% of its gas from Russia but is not as hard hit by supply disruptions as neighbors like Germany.

The Mayor also said EDF Chairman and CEO Jean-Bernard Lévy, who took the reins in 2014, will step down.

Antonio Totaro, senior director at Fitch Ratings, said the nationalization is “largely good news” for EDF and the company’s bondholders, as it signals state commitment.

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He said: “EDF has ambitious nuclear development plans, both in France and abroad – and this announcement of nationalization could be read alongside [French president Emmanuel] Macron’s nuclear renaissance goals.

In February, Macron said France would build at least six new nuclear reactors over the next few decades.

In the UK, EDF closed a unit at Hinkley Point B last week and another is due to close on August 1.

Hinkley Point C is not expected to be operational until 2027 due to construction delays and EDF is awaiting a planning decision on the Sizewell C development in Suffolk, which was postponed until July 20 last week.

Electric scooter trials in Taunton and Minehead will end in November


Trials of electric scooters in two towns in Somerset will end in November as the government prepares to introduce new transport legislation.

Somerset West and Taunton Council have been selected by the Department for Transport to be part of a nationwide trial of electric scooters in response to both the coronavirus pandemic and climate change.

The vehicles were first deployed in Taunton in October 2020, with residents of Minehead having access from June 2021 as part of the council’s agreement with Zipp Mobility.

The council has now confirmed that both trials will end on November 30, with the government currently considering whether the vehicles will be legalized across the UK.

Electric scooters remain illegal on UK roads outside the current testing areas, and those wishing to use them in Taunton or Minehead must be aged 16 or over and have a provisional or full driving licence.

The Zipp e-scooters used in both trials are limited to 15 mph, although other commercially available models can exceed 30 mph.

Councilor Dixie Darch confirmed the end of trials at a full council meeting in Taunton on Tuesday evening (July 5).

She said in her written report: “The Queen’s Speech announced the Government’s intention to introduce legislation on the future of transport as part of a Transport Bill.

“The bill aims to: create a new regime for regulating micro-mobility; create a new category of low-speed, zero-emission vehicles; establish regulations ensuring the safety of road users, pedestrians and other road users; and empowering local transport authorities to shape and manage rental operations, for pedal bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters.

“The DfT will consult publicly before any regulation of electric scooters and rental schemes. There will be no final decision until the transport bill becomes law.

Somerset West and Taunton are one of 31 local authorities in the UK where e-scooters are currently being trialled – and one of three in Somerset, the others being in Bath and Yeovil.

The Yeovil scheme – a partnership between South Somerset District Council and Zwings – was extended to Crewkerne and Chard, but their trial element ended in October 2020 after Zwings deemed it was not “commercially viable” to continue.

Since the start of the Taunton trial, e-scooter riders have covered over 191,000 miles on over 98,000 individual rides, with the average distance traveled being just over two miles.

In Minehead, e-scooter riders covered more than 35,000 miles on more than 23,000 individual rides, with the average distance traveled being just north of a mile and a half.

In the week of June 13-19 alone (the most recent figures available), Taunton electric scooter users covered a combined total of 1,727 miles between them, while Minehead users covered 766 miles during of the same period.

Ms Darch added: “Current regulations for rental electric scooters still apply, and private electric scooters remain illegal to use on public roads.

“The trials will continue until November 30, 2022. No decision has been made on what will happen to the trials after that date.”

Labor calls for amendment to Schools Bill after government U-turn


Labor has said it will amend the Schools Bill to ensure all state schools follow the national curriculum, following a “humiliating reversal” by Nadhim Zahawi over his academy plans.

Last month, former Education Secretary Mr Zahawi removed large sections of the Schools Bill following concerns in the House of Lords that the Bill would undermine the autonomy of academies.

“As the Tories turn against each other and following former Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi’s humiliating reversal of his plan to run schools in Whitehall, Labor pushes ahead with its plan to push through the children first,” Labor said.

He tabled an amendment to the bill to require all public schools to follow the national curriculum, follow local admissions policies and ensure that all teachers at the academy have qualified teacher status.

Labor said its plans expand on its commitment to all schools receiving professional careers advice, as well as a minimum of two weeks of work experience for all pupils.

He added that he would require national standards for school support staff, such as teaching assistants, because the bill did not mention school staff more broadly.

Labor said it was ‘taking the lead as the government was embroiled in infighting over the Tory leadership race’, adding that Mr Zahawi had been ‘forced to abandon the plans of the government for central control over the academies in the face of opposition from all parties”.

Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson said: ‘Labour’s ambitious plans would raise standards in all schools and set minimum standards no matter what type of school a child attends.

“Unlike the chaotic and thoughtless Tory proposals they were forced to abandon, Labour’s plans have the backing of school leaders, school staff and parliamentarians.

“Conservatives will have the chance to support these plans to improve outcomes for children. As their chaotic reversal showed, even before their bitter infighting, the Tories had no plan, no ambition and no vision: they are failing our children.

The amendment seeks to replace clause 1 of the bill, which was deleted by the government.

The clause proposed standardized regulations on multi-academy trusts, with government control over the quality of education provided, student welfare and minimum qualifications for teaching staff.

Currently, academies can employ teachers who have not undergone formal pedagogical training.

In a letter to the Lords in June, Academies Minister Baroness Barran said the government would remove clauses 1-4 and Schedule 1 from the Bill, which would have introduced new standards that all academies should follow.

These aspects of the bill had been strongly criticized by the Lords, former academy ministers Lord Nash and Lord Agnew, alongside former education secretary Lord Baker, tabling amendments to the bill over fears that academies do lose their freedoms under the new “Draconian”. ” provisions.

In-depth Payday Loan Services market analysis including major players Wonga, TitleMax, DFC Global Corp – Female Designers


JCMR recently aired a new study in its database highlighting the in-depth market analysis with future prospects Payday loan market. The study includes important data that makes the research document a practical resource for managers, industry executives and other key individuals. You will receive an easily accessible and self-analyzed study along with graphs and tables to better understand market trends, drivers and market challenges. Some of the key players mentioned in this study are Wonga, TitleMax, DFC Global Corp, Cash America International, Speedy Cash, Wage Day Advance, Check `n Go, MEM Consumer Finance, Instant Cash Loans, LoanMart, Allied Cash Advance, Finova Financial, Same Day Payday, MoneyMutual, TMG Loan Processing , LendUp Loans, Military Loans Only,

Get access to a free sample report in PDF @ jcmarketresearch.com/report-details/1120498/sample

Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Payday Loan Services Market

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the recently discovered novel coronavirus. Largely unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China in December 2019, COVID-19 has gone from a regional crisis to a global pandemic in just a few weeks.

Additionally, manufacturing and supply chain delays were observed in the second quarter, which challenged the payday loan market as the end-user industries were still not operating at full capacity.

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What are the problems of the payday loan market?

Changing regulatory landscapes, operational obstacles, and the emergence of alternative technologies are all impacting the payday loan services industry.

What are the different types of segments covered in Payday Loan Services Market?


Who are the Top Key Players in Payday Loans Service Market?

Wonga, TitleMax, DFC Global Corp, Cash America International, Speedy Cash, Wage Day Advance, Check `n Go, MEM Consumer Finance, Instant Cash Loans, LoanMart, Allied Cash Advance, Finova Financial, Same Day Payday, MoneyMutual, TMG Loan Processing , LendUp Loans, Military Loans Only,

Which region is the most profitable for payday loan services market?

The emerging markets in Asia Pacific will be the lucrative markets for payday loan service products. .

How big is the Payday Loans Service market right now?

The current market size of the global payday loan market is estimated at XX USD in 2022.

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North America is the region’s largest market for Payday Loan Service.

North America includes countries like the United States, Canada, and Mexico. North America is the second largest consumer and producer of electricity after Asia-Pacific. The United States and Canada, which are among the largest consumers both in this region and globally, account for the largest share Payday Loan Service Market.

Secondary Research:

This Payday Loans Service research study made extensive use of secondary sources, directories and databases such as Hoover’s, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Factiva and OneSource to identify and gather information useful for a technical, market oriented and commercial study of the global Portable Generators Market. Other secondary sources included annual reports, press releases and investor presentations, white papers, certified publications, articles by recognized authors, manufacturers’ associations, trade directories and databases.

Payday Loan Service Primary Research:

Various sources from both supply and demand sides were consulted during Payday Loans Service’s primary research process to provide qualitative and quantitative information for this report. Primary sources included industry experts from core and related industries, as well as preferred suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, technology developers, researchers and organizations from all segments of that industry’s value chain. To obtain and verify key qualitative and quantitative information, in-depth interviews were conducted with a variety of key respondents, including key industry participants, subject matter experts, C-level executives of key market participants, and industry consultants.

Estimation of the market size for payday loan services

The overall payday loan market size has been estimated and validated using both top-down and bottom-up approaches. These methods have also been widely used to estimate the size of various market sub-segments. The following research methods were used to estimate the market size:

Extensive secondary research was conducted to identify the major players in the industry.

The revenue generated by the leading players in the Molecular Diagnostics market has been ascertained through primary and secondary research.

All percentages, splits and breakdowns have been calculated using secondary sources and verified using primary sources.

TABLE OF CONTENTS OF Payday Loan Services Market Report


1.1 Study Objectives of Payday Loan Service
1.2 Payday Loan Service Definition
1.3 Inclusions and Exclusions of Payday Loan Services

1.4 Payday Loan Service Market Scope
1.5 payday loan service accounting periods are taken into account
1.6 Payday Loan Service Currency
1.7 Restrictions on Payday Loan Service
1.8 Payday Loan Services Industry Stakeholders
1.9 Payday Loan Service Summary of Changes

2.1 Payday Loan Service Research Data

2.2 Payday Loans Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation
2.3 Payday Loan Scope of Benefits
2.4 Impact of Covid-19 on Payday Loan Services Industry
2.5 Estimation of Payday Loans Market Size
3 Service for Payday Loans SUMMARY

4 Service for Payday Loans PREMIUM INSIGHTS

4.1 Attractive Opportunities in the Payday Loan Services Market
4.2 Payday Loan Services Market by Regions
4.3 North America Payday Loans Market, by End-User and Country
4.4 Payday Loan Services Market by Application
4.5 Payday Loan Services Market by End-User

5 payday loan service MARKET OVERVIEW
5.1 Introduction to Payday Loan Service
5.2 Health Assessment of Covid-19 Payday Loan Service
5.3 payday loan service way to recovery

5.4 covid-19 payday loan service economic assessment
5.5 Payday Loan Market Dynamics

5.6 Trends in Payday Loan Services
5.7 Market Map for Payday Loan Services
5.8 average rates for payday loan service
5.9 Payday Loan Service trade statistics
5.8 Payday Loan Service Value Chain Analysis
5.9 Payday Loan Service Technology Analysis
5.10 Payday Loan Service Tariff and Regulatory Landscape

5.11 Payday Loan Service: Patent Analysis
5.14 Payday Loans Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

6 Payday Loan Service Market, AFTER APPLICATION

6.1 Introduction to Payday Loan Service
6.2 Payday Loan Emergency Service
6.3 Payday Loan Service Prime/Continuous

7 payday loan service MARKET, BY END USER
7.1 Introduction to Payday Loan Service
7.2 Payday Loan Service Private
7.3 Payday Loan Commercial Service
7.4 Payday Loans Service Industrial


8.1 Introduction to Payday Loan Service
8.2 Payday Loan Service Industry of North America
8.3 Payday Loan Service Industry of Asia Pacific
8.4 Payday Loan Services Industry in Europe
8.5 Payday Loan Service Industry to Middle East and Africa
8.6 Payday Loan Service Industry of South America

9 payday loan service COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE
9.1 Strategies Used by Payday Loan Service Major Players
9.2 Payday Loans Service Market Share Analysis of Top 5 Players
9.3 Market Rating Framework for Payday Loan Services
9.4 Revenue Analysis of Top Five Payday Loan Services Market Players
9.5 Evaluation Quadrant for Payday Loan Service Providers
9.6 Payday Loan Service Mapping the Competitive Leadership of Startups
9.7 Payday Loans Competitive Scenario

10 Payday Loan Service COMPANY PROFILES
10.1 Payday Loans serve major players
10.2 Payday Loan Service Startup/SME Players

11.1 Insights from Payday Loan Services industry experts
11.2 Payday Loan Service Discussion Guide
11.3 Knowledge Store for Payday Loan Services
11.4 Payday Loan Service Available Adjustments
11.5 Payday Loan Services Reports
11.6 Payday Loan Service Author Information

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UK government should introduce VAT relief for small businesses, says Tide boss


Monday, July 11, 2022 7:00 a.m.

The government should provide VAT relief to small businesses to help them cope with rising business costs, said the chief executive of business banking and financial services platform Tide.

Oliver Prill, who became chief executive in 2018, said small businesses are finding it extremely difficult in the current economic climate and the UK could see a large number of small businesses go out of business as a result.

“We urge the UK government to help small businesses through the crisis by introducing VAT relief for them until the end of the full tax year,” Prill said.

“Small business owners are doing their best to keep their businesses going, including getting help from family and friends, but they need more support,” he added.

According to a survey of 1,170 Tide customers last month, one in five small businesses fear they won’t survive the year as costs soar.

A rise in fuel and energy prices dominated business concerns, while rising inflation and supply chain issues also worried small businesses.

Around 70% of companies surveyed said they needed to increase working hours, while a third relied on friends and family to stay afloat.

The West Midlands and the North East have been hardest hit, with more than 30% of small businesses in these areas saying they may be forced to close in the next 12 months.

Meanwhile, 28.1% of business owners have had to take jobs elsewhere to supplement their income while one in 10 have been forced to downsize.

Conservative leadership candidates: what are their policies, beliefs and ideas?


Ten Tories have put themselves forward to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Each explained how they would like to lead the country.

Here’s what each candidate has said so far.

– Rishi Sunak

Mr Sunak had resisted pressure from No 10 to cut taxes, arguing it would simply fuel higher prices.

In his campaign video, he said the government could not afford to lull voters into the difficulties ahead with “heartwarming fairy tales”.

Rishi Sunak spoke about the difficulties ahead (Jonathan Brady/PA)

He said: “Do we face this moment with honesty, seriousness and determination, or do we tell ourselves heartwarming fairy tales that might make us feel better now but will make our children worse off tomorrow?”

He continued, “Someone has to seize this moment and make the right decisions. That’s why I’m running to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and your Prime Minister.

On social issues, Mr Sunak told the Mail On Sunday he would reverse ‘recent trends aimed at erasing women through the use of awkward and gender-neutral language’ and said ‘we need to be able to call a mother a mother and talk about breastfeeding”.

-Liz Truss

The foreign secretary has pledged to start cutting taxes ‘from day one’ to tackle the cost of living crisis if she becomes prime minister.

Ms Truss is also aiming to reverse the National Insurance increase that took place in April and ensure corporation tax is “competitive”.

Liz Truss has pledged to cut taxes immediately (Kirsty O’Connor/PA)

She said she had a long-term plan to “reduce the size of the state and the tax burden.”

Speaking about the economy, Ms Truss said she aimed to ensure that ‘spikes go into the ground, people have jobs and more money goes to local areas’.

Ms Truss also pledged to “take the necessary vital steps” to protect the Good Friday Agreement and “address the serious problems the protocol is causing”.

She also pledged to “exploit the vast opportunities” that Brexit presents.

– Jeremy Hunt

Mr Johnson’s 2019 runner-up pledged to cut corporation tax to 15%.

Sunday morning
Jeremy Hunt wants to cut corporation tax (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

He announced his intention to cut the tax to 15 pence in his first autumn budget.

Mr Hunt also intends to scrap business rates for five years for the most needy communities, he told the Sunday Telegraph.

Scotland and Northern Ireland would receive money to match the policy.

Mr Hunt also spoke of embracing ‘Brexit freedoms’, promising to support the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill.

Regarding Rwanda’s migration policy, he expressed his intention to expand the program by finding other countries to deport people to.

On HS2 he said he would “continue”.

– Sajid Javid

The veteran former minister also said he would reduce the corporate tax rate to 15%.

Sunday morning
Sajid Javid has also pledged to cut taxes (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

He also plans to scrap the government’s National Insurance hike, bring forward the planned income tax cut by 1p to next year, and introduce a new ‘significant’ temporary cut on fuel taxes.

Mr Javid said his tax cut plans would cost around £39billion a year, but that did not include cutting fuel taxes further in the short term.

He doesn’t “believe in unfunded tax cuts” and has a long-term view of reform.

The former health secretary said he believed in the current fiscal situation that the country could afford to ditch the National Insurance hike while funding the promised boost for the NHS and social care.

Mr Javid has also planned a new support package worth up to £5billion to help pay energy bills.

He said the UK should consider tearing up old EU laws “to make us a more business-friendly, wealth-creating and entrepreneurial economy”.

He also said that as Tory leader he would stick to the pledge to reach net zero by 2050 and not scrap the BBC licensing fee.

Mr Javid agrees with the controversial migrant policy in Rwanda.

And he said he would not rule out another Scottish independence referendum ‘forever’, but would not have one for ‘at least a decade’.

–Grant Shapps

Mr Shapps said tackling the cost of living crisis and strengthening the economy to become the biggest in Europe were high on his agenda.

Resignation of Boris Johnson
Grant Shapps says tackling the cost of living crisis is important (James Manning/PA)

He pleads for lower taxes and a reduction in “bureaucracy”.

The Transport Secretary has said he will bring the 1p income tax cut forward to ‘now’.

He said he also wanted to ‘freeze’ the proposed corporate tax increase, adding: ‘It’s a tax that won’t increase’.

The Transport Secretary, who backed Remain in the 2016 EU referendum, said he would end ‘tactical government by an often distracted centre’.

– Penny Mordaunt

The pro-Brexit trade minister said on her campaign website that the Conservative Party was elected to “deliver a manifesto”.

Economic pacts
Penny Mordaunt supported Brexit in 2016 (Aaron Chown/PA)

Ms Mordaunt played a leading role in the Leave campaign in the 2016 referendum and is said to have previously enjoyed support from Dame Andrea Leadsom, among others.

Tory MP Michael Fabricator described her as “socially liberal”.

Its policies were not stated on its website.

– Nadhim Zahawi

The newly appointed Chancellor presented three key commitments.

Local Government Association Annual Conference
Nadhim Zahawi presented three pledges (Danny Lawson/PA)

He promised to cut taxes for individuals, families and businesses, arguing that the current burden is “too high”.

He said he was aware that security, safety and freedom are “things we can never take for granted”, and argued that defense spending “must increase”.

In addition, he said he would continue the reforms he started in his former post as Education Secretary, to “give every child a great education”.

“I will also continue to focus on letting children be children, protecting them from harmful and inappropriate nonsense forced upon them by radical activists,” he added.

On the Northern Ireland Protocol, Mr Zahawi has spoken in the past of keeping all options “on the table”, pledging to work with Sinn Fein and the European Commission.

As a Brexit voter, he said Britain’s departure from the EU made it a “free nation”.

– Tom Tugendhat

On policy, Mr Tugendhat said he would reverse the National Insurance hike.

Sunday morning
Tom Tugendhat is an underdog in the race (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

But when asked if he would consider cutting corporation tax as prime minister, he told Sophy Ridge his opponents’ plans were ‘not realistic unless you have a plan economic over 10 years.

He added, “You can’t just look at each of these taxes as a single tax, you have to look at it as part of a whole. The reality is that this economy not only needs lower taxes for growth, but it also needs solid money, and that’s why we need to provide both.

Mr Tugendhat stressed he was a “clean start” candidate.

The Remainer in 2016 said the presence of Brexit Party and Leave figures on its team was reassuring to Brexiteers.

He said: “What I want to do is get a good start on these six-year fights we’ve had. I want to get off to a good start for our country, I want to get a good start on all these old debates and move on, because the reality is that we can look to the past if you want to, but the future of this country is unbelievable .”

He has declared his intention to introduce the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill.

He said he hoped that with Mr Johnson out of No 10 the ‘mood music’ of Britain’s relationship with the EU could change, and ‘we could legally negotiate appropriate changes to the protocol”.

–Suella Braverman

Ms Braverman, writing in the Daily Express, promised ‘swift and deep tax cuts’ to dampen inflation.

Cabinet meeting
Suella Braverman joined other suitors in promising tax cuts (Aaron Chown/PA)

She said the energy crisis means “we must suspend the all-consuming desire to reach net zero by 2050”.

The Attorney General has said there must be ‘no turning back’ on the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill currently before Parliament.

In a campaign video, she spoke of providing “every big opportunity” from Brexit, as well as taking a “hard line” on migration.

In a post on Twitter, Ms Braverman said the UK “must leave” the jurisdiction of the European Convention on Human Rights.

–Kemi Badenoch

The former Minister for Equality promised “a limited government” and “a focus on the essentials”.

She supports lower taxes “to stimulate growth and productivity, accompanied by strict spending discipline”.

Writing in The Times, she also denounced ‘identity politics’ and said Boris Johnson was ‘a symptom of the problems we face, not their cause’.

She said governing Britain today requires ‘a nimble centre-right vision’ that ‘can get things done despite entrenched opposition from a cultural establishment that won’t accept that the world has come out of Blairism “.

Penny Mordaunt joins Tory leadership fray as candidates promise tax cuts


Conservative leadership candidates launched with promises to cut taxes and press ahead with controversial Brexit plans as a new candidate joined the fray.

International Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt announced on Sunday morning that she would run for the top job, saying Britain’s leaders “need to become a little less leader-centric and a lot more ship-centric.”

It means nine Tories have now put themselves forward to replace Boris Johnson as prime minister, just days after a collapse in party support forced his resignation.

Former health secretaries Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid have both pledged to cut corporation tax by announcing separate leadership offers.

The timelines of the candidates for change are different, with Mr Hunt planning to cut the tax to 15p in his first autumn budget, while Mr Javid would set a ‘glide glide path’.

Mr Javid also said the UK should consider tearing up old EU laws ‘to make us a more business-friendly, wealth-creating and entrepreneurial economy’.

Meanwhile, overseas candidate Tom Tugendhat has pledged to support the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill if elected leader.

The EU says the legislation would break international law, but Mr Tugendhat said he would be prepared to make the case for it, telling Sky’s Sophy Ridge show on Sunday: ‘I fought for my country in battle , I fought for my country in Parliament, and I will continue to fight for my country.

Mr Hunt also said he would press ahead with the Government‘s controversial plans to crush parts of the post-Brexit treaty.

However, he said he hoped that with No 10’s Mr Johnson the ‘mood music’ of Britain’s relationship with the EU could change, and ‘we could legally negotiate appropriate changes of the protocol”.

It comes after two incumbent ministers, Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, revealed plans to run for leadership within an hour on Saturday.

Besides Ms Mordaunt, Mr Hunt, Mr Javid, Mr Zahawi, Mr Shapps and Mr Tugendhat, former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Attorney General Suella Braverman and ex-minister Kemi Badenoch have launched their own offers.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is also expected to stand, with the Mail On Sunday reporting that she will seek to uphold “classic Conservative principles” and could declare her candidacy as early as Monday.

The candidates populated the Sunday morning broadcast round, with Mr Hunt, Mr Javid, Mr Shapps and Mr Tugendhat all making appearances to promote their candidacies.

Mr Hunt presented himself as the most “experienced” hand in the leadership race and announced that his colleague Esther McVey would be deputy first minister if he were to win.

He told the BBC’s Sunday Morning program that there were ‘lots of very angry voters’ who had left the party in recent months, adding: ‘They are not going to automatically come back to us and choosing me will be a a very strong signal that the Conservative Party has listened to their anger.

Also speaking to Sunday Morning, Mr Javid gave insight into his political plans in a quick quiz with presenter Sophie Raworth.

He said as Tory leader he would stick to the pledge to reach net zero by 2050 and not scrap the BBC licensing fee.

The former Cabinet minister also said he agreed with Rwanda’s controversial migrant policy and said he would not rule out another Scottish independence referendum ‘forever’, but that he wouldn’t have one “at least for a decade”.

He said he would not close the country for Covid, but would not be determined whether he would for another type of pandemic.

Mr Javid said his plans to cut taxes would cost around £39billion a year but that did not include cutting fuel taxes further in the short term, which is also part of his leadership vision .

He said he doesn’t “believe in unfunded tax cuts”, adding: “I will be presenting a dashboard in the next few days that will show exactly how all of this we have funded sustainably.”

Mr Javid said he believed that in the current budgetary situation the country could afford to abandon the National Insurance hike while funding the promised boost for the NHS and social care.

But Mr Hunt said he would not cancel the tax hike because “the NHS needs the money” from the health and social care tax.

Tom Tugendhat has pledged to abide by the Government’s proposed changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol (PA)

Mr Shapps argued for lower taxes, as well as a reduction in “bureaucracy”.

The Transport Secretary told Sophy Ridge on Sunday that he would “immediately” introduce the planned 1p income tax cut in an emergency budget.

In addition, he said he wanted to “freeze” the project to increase corporate tax, pledging: “It is a tax that will not increase”.

Mr Tugendhat stressed he was a “clean start” candidate.

Asked if he would consider cutting corporation tax as prime minister, he said Sophy Ridge’s plans to do so were ‘not realistic unless you have an economic plan over 10 years”.

He added, “You can’t just look at each of these taxes as a single tax, you have to look at it as part of a whole. The reality is that this economy not only needs lower taxes for growth, but it also needs solid money, and that’s why we need to provide both.

As several candidates laid out their plans on the airwaves, more conservatives declared their allegiance.

Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey said she would support Ms Truss, MP Michael Fabricator pledged his support for Penny Mordaunt and Mr Shapps said Environment Secretary George Eustice had given him his support. gave his support.

On this day in 2014: Alexis Sanchez joins Arsenal from Barcelona


Arsenal signed Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona that day in 2014 for an undisclosed fee.

Sanchez, then 25, swapped Camp Nou for Emirates Stadium for £35m after agreeing a five-year deal.

The Gunners faced stiff competition to land Sanchez, who had also been targeted by Premier League rivals Liverpool and Italian champions Juventus.

Sanchez has scored 80 goals in all competitions for Arsenal (Mike Egerton/PA)

Sanchez said: “I’m so happy to join a club that has a great manager, a fantastic squad of players and huge support around the world.

“I can’t wait to play in the Premier League and the Champions League.”

Sanchez scored 47 goals in 141 appearances for Barca and showed his skills at the World Cup in Brazil, scoring twice to help Chile reach the last 16, where they lost on penalties to Brazil.

His first three seasons in north London were highly successful, scoring 72 goals in all competitions for the Gunners.

Alexis Sanchez scored twice for Chile in the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil
Alexis Sanchez scored twice for Chile in the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil (Martin Rickett/PA)

But after a planned £60million move to Manchester City collapsed on transfer deadline day in the summer of 2017, Sanchez’s form plummeted.

The Chilean had hoped to team up with former Barca boss Pep Guardiola at City, but the agreed transfer depended on Arsenal guaranteeing a replacement and, when they failed to sign Thomas Lemar, the agreement was cancelled.

The following January, Sanchez moved to Manchester United in a swap deal for midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan after Gunners manager Arsene Wenger admitted uncertainty over the club’s future striker had affected the team spirit.

Sanchez scored 80 goals in all competitions in total for Arsenal and was involved in 121, more than any other Gunners player during his time at the Emirates.

The summer art camp “Movement BE” celebrates its first anniversary

A local youth arts summer camp has doubled in size in just one year. Movement BE Camp hosts programs in its College Area building at 68th and El Cajon Blvd.

SAN DIEGO — “When I say move, you say be,” she yelled movement BE Program founder Nate Howard during the summer camp’s “Fun Friday” event.

The summer camp of the non-profit organization Movement BE is entering its second year.

Last summer, the group held their opening ceremony for the former Payday Loan building at 68th and El Cajon.

“It’s changed a lot, it was an abandoned building and we turned it into a youth center,” said Howard, who is a professional poet himself, after recording songs with rap artists Ty Dolla $ign and Kendrick Lamar .

The young minds at the summer camp focus on creative writing, art and poetry. The 4-11 year old group recites position affirmations such as “I am happy”.

It’s 8-year-old Kayionnie Evans Nash, who is in her first year at Movement BE’s summer camp.

“I’ve never been to a summer camp with all that stuff, it’s really cool here,” Evans Nash said.

Evans Nash wants to grow up to be a police officer or firefighter and says this camp exposes her to creative ideas.

“Sometimes I really don’t want to be stuck inside the house all day, I see more adults here and it’s more fun,” Evans Nash said.

Within a year, the size of the summer camp has more than doubled to over 70 children per week.

Natalie Lopez joined last year as a former foster youth and is now a staff member.

“This place is actually the best place I have ever been, unlike others this place is equal. He’s all kinds of races, ages,” said Lopez, who serves as an illustrator.

Lopez loves diversity and says the camp is a safe place that feels like home and keeps her motivated.

“They’re going to go home with confidence, let’s face it, because this is where they give you tons of confidence,” Lopez said.

Older middle and high school kids meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Movement BE’s “Hip Hop and Pizza” sessions. The camp is free to all San Diego Unified students and is funded by the San Diego Foundation.

Nate Howard, who is himself a new father to a 4-month-old girl named Ozara, which means ‘wealth’, hopes the camp will continue to grow.

“To give them the opportunity to see that I am beautiful, powerful and smart, and to get them to understand the power of their words and how they tell their story, that’s our whole message,” Howard said.

The Movement BE Summer Camp runs until August 26th. Then the non-profit organization hosts an after-school program and family days on Saturdays.

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Curfew proposed for parents who do not pay child support

The change is being considered as part of new proposals that will get more of the money owed to children of separated parents.

The Child Maintenance Service (CMS) collected or arranged £1billion in child support payments last year, operating as a crucial weapon in the fight against child poverty. Child support helps lift about 140,000 children out of poverty every year.

Curfew orders would be another method of enforcement, alongside current powers that include confiscation of passports and driver’s licenses and income withholding orders, to tackle parents who continually refuse to pay the alimony due.

As an alternative punishment to prison, which is costly and impedes the upkeep of children, curfews would have a chilling effect by restricting and disrupting the lifestyles of non-compliant parents, preventing them, for example, from going out dinner, going to the pub or going on holiday.

Curfews would be monitored by electronic etiquette with an electronic monitoring service enforcing the etiquette, monitoring and ensuring that the parent follows the rules of etiquette. If the parents do not comply, the CMS could refer them to a court which could then extend the curfew order or impose a prison sentence.

DWP Lords Minister Baroness Stedman-Scott said:

For children from low-income households, child support can make all the difference in lifting them out of poverty.

We are not afraid to sue those parents who deliberately and repeatedly refuse to pay for their children.

The curfew orders are another step towards giving CMS a full arsenal of powers to ensure children receive the financial support they need to have the best start in life.

This builds on new powers introduced earlier this year to digitize all communications to parents and improvements to help the service track down the paying parent, calculate child support and enforce arrears more efficiently.

The consultation is published here and closes on August 12, 2022.

More information

  • The Child Maintenance Service was established in 2012 to replace the former Child Support Agency, to increase levels of cooperation between separated parents and to encourage parents to fulfill their responsibilities to provide their children with the support financial support they need to achieve better results in life.
  • [Get help arranging child maintenance]

    (https://child-maintenance.service.gov.uk/get-help-arranging-child-maintenance/) is a new digital service that helps parents decide what kind of child support is right for them and situation.

  • Curfew orders will take into account each individual’s circumstances.
  • This power will only apply to paying parents living in England, Scotland or Wales, as with our current powers of driving license and passport disqualification and imprisonment.
  • The consultation period begins on July 9, 2022 and runs until August 12, 2022.
  • Curfew orders will be added to CMS’s enforcement powers subject to parliamentary approval.

Media inquiries for this press release – 0115 965 8781

Follow DWP on:

Anthony Volpe, top-ranked Yankees prospect, thrilled with All-Star Futures Game, reunion with Jack Leiter


Anthony Volpe vividly remembers sitting in the stands with his dad and watching some of his favorite current major league stars at the 2014 All-Star Futures Game in Minnesota. New York Yankees outfielder Joey Gallo and Detroit Tigers shortstop Javier Baez starred in the game. Volpe hoped that one day he would also play in the game.

This day has finally arrived.

On Thursday, it was announced that the 21-year-old shortstop had been selected to the American League roster for the 2022 All-Star Futures Game. The game will take place at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Calif., on July 16.

“It’s a huge honor,” Volpe said. “I watched the Future Games for [many years]so it’s definitely going to be something I’m going to have to pinch myself to think about but I’m super excited.

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It’s also an indication that Volpe is well on his way to the big leagues. The majority of players who play in the All-Star Futures Game are called up to the 26-man roster at some point in their career. Of the 61 players who participated in the 2013 All-Star Futures Game, 57 of them were called up to the majors.

“We’re all so proud of him, the year he’s had this year has been great,” Patriots manager Dan Fiorito said. “Just seeing him go down there will be a great experience for him to be in the future. [best players] in the game right now.

In the month since, Volpe has slashed .309/.393/.553, a far cry from his .193 batting average at the end of April, making his quick midseason turnaround all the more impressive.

And while success seemingly came naturally for the Yankees’ 2019 first-round pick, this season turned out to be the first time we’ve seen Volpe wrestle on such a big stage. According to Fiorito, breaking out of his early-season funk and earning an All-Star nod was the result of Volpe believing in his own abilities.

“I think it’s so impressive for a 21-year-old to have so much confidence in himself to know that what he’s doing every day is good enough,” Fiorito said. “He never got to a point where he likes, I have to keep changing this and that. He continues to go about his business and sees the results now.

Somerset Patriots shortstop Anthony Volpe (7) throws a ground fly ball and throws to first base for the Double AA baseball game between the Somerset Patriots and Bowie Baysox at TD Bank Ballpark in Bridgewater, NJ on Thursday July 7, 2022 .Scott Faytok | NJ advance media

As the Patriots enter the second half of the season, the Yankees’ No. 1 overall prospect plans to stick to the same strategy that made him an All-Star in the first place.

“There is really nothing that has changed mechanically, and the most important thing was not to change, which would have put me in my head even more. I will just stick to my approach and remain confident.

The excitement of heading to Los Angeles for the All-Star Game is even sweeter for Volpe knowing that former Delbarton teammate Jack Leiter, one of the Texas Rangers’ top pitchers, will join him on the League team. American.


“We found out a few weeks ago and we’ve been texting each other ever since,” Volpe said. “I’m excited to come out and play shortstop behind him when he throws, it’s going to feel like the good old days.”

Leiter won’t be the only familiar face Volpe will meet in Los Angeles — fellow Yankees prospects Jasson Dominguez, an outfielder, and starting pitcher Ken Waldichuk will compete alongside him on the American League team.

Due to their commitments as professional baseball players, Volpe and Leiter rarely see each other throughout the year. However, even as they pursue their major league dreams, their bond remains as close as it was when they won together at Delbarton High School.

“It’s special, I don’t know many other guys who share that same bond,” Volpe said. “I usually see him in the offseason, but in the season we don’t see each other, so it’s usually on calls and texts. It’s going to be cool to see everyone and get families together and stuff.

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David Warburton readmitted to psychiatric hospital


THE MP for Frome and Somerton has been readmitted to a psychiatric hospital for urgent treatment.

An announcement on David Warburton’s website says he has suffered “a severe decline in his mental health”.

He adds that his office “continues to function normally”.

The statement released yesterday (Wednesday July 6) comes a week after he released another statement on the same site saying he was glad an investigation into his conduct was underway.

Mr Warburton said he would have a lot to say once the investigation is complete.

The investigation follows unsubstantiated allegations in the national media of sinister behavior.

The full statement reads: “Over the past twelve weeks, I have been confronted with charges which I have – until now – been unable to respond to due to the strict confidentiality conditions which are explicitly required when of such an investigative process.

“Until two weeks ago, I had not even been officially informed of the charges or who made them.

“It has been extremely difficult not to speak, but I have firmly adhered to the very strict rules of confidentiality and will continue to do so until the end of the investigation.

“Then I will have a lot to say. I must say that I am delighted that – finally – the investigation is underway.

‘While the inquiry unfolds, I have had the whip removed, which means I am technically an ‘independent’ MP and therefore was unable to take part in the recent vote of confidence in the Prime Minister earlier. .

“I look forward to resuming my place on the Tory benches and, in the meantime, continuing to work every day for the people of Somerton and Frome, here in Somerset and Westminster.

Boris Johnson continues to fight: what happens next?


A defiant Boris Johnson has made clear he is not giving up his grip on power, despite pleas from ministers and Conservative Party MPs to step down.

No prime minister in modern history has attempted to cling to power in the face of such overwhelming opposition from his own side.

He places the ball firmly in the court of those who feel his position has become untenable.

– What can be done to remove Mr Johnson from No 10?

Initially, the focus will be on the Cabinet.

So far, most of Mr Johnson’s top team remain in their posts, although Home Secretary Priti Patel and newly appointed Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi are among those calling him.

Home Secretary Priti Patel is among ministers urging Mr Johnson to leave (Danny Lawson/PA)

The massive resignations from the Cabinet – accompanied by more resignations in the lower ranks – could be enough to force his hand if it makes him unable to form a functioning government.

However, there is no guarantee that will happen, particularly if the Prime Minister is determined to carry on with an exhausted administration.

– What else is there?

Then it is up to the Conservative MPs if they want to make another effort to oust him.

Traditionally, it would be up to Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 backbench committee, to go to the Prime Minister and tell him that he has lost the support of his MPs and that he should leave.

If that fails, elections are held on Monday for the 1922 executive which is responsible for setting the rules of leadership.

Mr Graham Brady
Sir Graham Brady could tell Mr Johnson he has lost support from Tory MPs (Victoria Jones/PA)

Currently, Mr Johnson is shielded from another confidence vote for 12 months after surviving a challenge last month.

However, if still in place, the new executive will likely consider a rule change that could allow for a second confidence vote – possibly before MPs break for the summer later this month.

– If he lost such a vote, should Mr Johnson leave then?

That would mean he was absent as party leader – but not necessarily as prime minister.

Reports suggest he may refuse to quit a prime minister, but instead seek to call a snap general election – citing his tenure of 14 million voters in the last general election.

This would clearly be a nuclear option, which would raise a number of practical issues.

Some senior Tories believe senior officials would seek to dissuade him, warning it would be “inappropriate” to put the Queen in a “difficult position” by seeking a dissolution in such circumstances. But would he listen?

“So what’s the end of the game?”

Under the UK‘s unwritten constitution, any Prime Minister derives his authority from his ability to get his government’s business through Parliament.

If the government loses a major bill – especially a money bill – the prime minister will be expected to leave.

Alternatively, Tory MPs could join forces with the opposition to defeat him in a House of Commons vote of confidence – something they would normally be deeply reluctant to do.

And if all that fails, the country will truly enter uncharted waters.

The 4th UK-Taiwan Energy Dialogue Expanding bilateral cooperation for a net zero future

The UK Taipei office and the Department of Economic Affairs’ Energy Office co-hosted the fourth UK-Taiwan Energy Dialogue on July 5 to discuss ports for the offshore wind industry, biomass energy and pathways to net zero by 2050. The dialogue brought together John Dennis, Representative to the UK Taipei Office and WANG Mei-Hua, Minister for Economic Affairs, and was chaired by Julie Scott , head of energy diplomacy of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and YU Cheng-Wei, director general of the Bureau of Energy (BOE). The participants reached an agreement to cooperate on a common project for the development of offshore wind ports.

John Dennis, representative in the UK office in Taipei, said:

I am delighted that our fourth Energy Dialogue has produced another rich series of discussions on our partnership as we work together towards a net zero future. Since the last dialogue, it has been great to see Taiwan release its net zero roadmap and take steps to enshrine its goals in law. Our growing partnership is perhaps most evident in offshore wind, where we now have 36 UK companies established here in Taiwan to support the development of the sector as it rightly aims to become a hub for the region. I am sure that the joint project agreed here will further deepen our already strong cooperation on energy and climate change.

WANG Mei-Hua, Minister of Economic Affairs, said:

To combat climate change, we announced the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. We also released “Taiwan’s Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions in 2050” in March this year, which includes 12 strategies specific and increases the share of renewable energy in the energy mix as one of the key strategies. Taiwan and the UK have common goals of continued development of low-carbon energy and achieving net zero emissions. I hope the two sides will continue to exchange views in the energy field in the future.

Julie Scott, Head of Energy Diplomacy at BEIS, said:

I welcome the opportunity to co-chair the fourth UK-Taiwan Energy Dialogue with Director General YU Cheng-Wei of the Office of Energy, and to welcome Taiwan Power’s upcoming mission to UK later this year, including a visit to Drax Power Station. I am convinced that we can further strengthen bilateral collaboration on sustainable biomass energy, building on the links established through this dialogue.

YU Cheng-Wei, General Manager of BOE also said:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all participants from both sides for sharing your perspective and experience during the meeting. I am pleased to see the progress of the joint Taiwan-UK research project on reducing carbon emissions and the guidance given by both parties for Taiwan’s path to net zero emissions by 2050. also expect to see that both parties can work together to create mutual benefits while moving towards a net zero transition.

During the dialogue, the UK Department for International Trade and BVG Associates described the crucial role port infrastructure has played in the development of the UK’s offshore wind sector. UK ports are continually evolving to meet supply chain needs and meet the UK’s ambitious renewable energy generation targets. The participants reached agreement on a joint project to support the long-term development of Taiwan’s port infrastructure.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy shared UK experience and best practice in the sustainable use of biomass as part of the transition away from coal. Taiwan Power Company has shared its assessment of the future of biomass in Taiwan and will make a follow-up visit to the UK to leverage UK expertise in the sector.

UK’s Energy System Catapult then highlighted the importance of floating offshore wind and grid transformation while providing an update on Catapult’s progress in developing scenarios for Taiwan’s pathways. towards net zero. In the ensuing discussion, the UK Taipei Office proposed a joint research project exploring further policies and technologies to improve grid resilience.

Protesters blast UPMC’s decision to close Somerset hospice | New


SOMERSET, Pa. — When Randy Ickes’ battle with cancer started to feel like a losing battle this spring, the Jennerstown native turned to UPMC’s In Touch Hospice House in Somerset.

For the past two months, Ickes said, he has been treated by hospice workers as part of their family.

“Everyone knows its reputation,” Ickes said, describing the establishment as “caring and personal.”

On Tuesday, Ickes was faced with the reality that he will soon have to stay elsewhere — and with health system officials who made the decision to close the 10-bed inpatient facility.

Ickes was among a crowd of more than 120 people who gathered outside UPMC Somerset to demand the owners of the hospital drop plans to close its affiliated hospice. Despite heavy rain at times, the group stood outside the hospital gates for an hour, holding umbrellas and signs reading “Save Hospice House”.

They had the opportunity to voice their concerns to UPMC Somerset President Andrew Rush.

“When my aunt was dying… she had angels on earth by her side,” Josette Mickey, from Berlin, told her, referring to staff at the center. “They stayed with her, held her hand and talked to her until the light came on.”

“Where else can you get this kind of service?” she said before answering her own question. “You can’t, around here.”

Rush said there was no doubt about the level of care people had received at In Touch Hospice House over the years.

“Their inpatient services have been extraordinary,” he said.

But demand for inpatient palliative care has declined in recent years, Rush said. Time and time again, when people are admitted to UPMC Somerset with serious medical conditions, they choose to stay at home when given the choice of palliative care services, he said.

“If they have the option…they usually want to be home with their loved ones,” Rush said.

Many of the crowds protesting the upcoming August 1 shutdown questioned that, saying some don’t have – or don’t want – the option to stay at home.

Gary Marker, a 30-year-old hospice volunteer, was one of many to question whether the center’s $23 billion parent company, UPMC, chose profit over people.

“You can’t beat the service these people get here,” the Rockwood man said. And the beds in the center, he added, are often full.

Rush said the overall decrease in demand for hospice services contributed to the decision. It is a reason why facilities such as In Touch Hospice House are closed, not just in Somerset but across the country, he said.

He estimated that UPMC Somerset had on average more than 150 to 200 patients receiving palliative care at any given time – almost all at home.

There is a growing demand for these specialized palliative and home care-type services – and UPMC is preparing to hire additional nurses and train existing ones to meet this demand, he said. he declares.

Rush said efforts are also being stepped up to educate Somerset County residents about these home services and to eliminate the misconception that hospice care is only available to those in their last days of life.

For people dealing with serious medical issues, including terminal cancer, palliative care might be the right choice for someone even if they still have a year to live, he said. .

UPMC is working with employees during the hospice closure to place them in other UPMC positions, the company said.

The building itself, built through a 2009 Wheeler family donation at 1474 N. Center Ave., will continue to operate as an office for hospice and home health administrators while plans aren’t finalized. still final for the future – vacant portion of the building, UPMC officials said.

Orioles minor league recap 7/5: Throwing dominates the day in a slew of low-scoring games


Triple-A: Jacksonville jumbo prawns (marlins) 1, Norfolk tides 0

The Tides suffered a loss on Lewin Diaz’s RBI double against Logan Gillaspie in the bottom of the ninth, which marked the only run of the game. As you can imagine, it was a great night for the pitchers and not so much for the hitters. Tides starter Cody Sedlock went five scoreless innings, Rico Garcia followed with two and Gillaspie threw a perfect eighth before losing in the ninth.

Norfolk, however, couldn’t do anything against big league veteran Elieser Hernandez, who struck out nine and allowed just two hits in five innings. Although their top five hitters are all plot prospects – Gunnar Henderson (tied #3), Jordan Westburg (#6), Kyle Stowers (tied #8), Terrin Vavra (#12) and Yusniel Diaz (# 29) – this quintet was a combined 1 for 20 with nine strikeouts, the only hit a first Vavra single. Every batter in the Tides’ starting lineup has hit at least once, with 16 total puffs.

The score of the box

Double-A: Somerset Patriots (Yankees) 1, Bowie Baysox 0

Bowie, like Norfolk, also lost 1-0. What was going on with the offenses tonight? Were the batters just slow because they didn’t have their usual Monday off? Again, props for the pitching staff, with starter Ryan Watson holding Somerset to one run in five innings, striking out eight on strikes. He has a 3.66 ERA and 10.45 K/9s in 14 games with Bowie this season.

Bowie had seven hits, all on singles, including two from point guard Connor Norby (No. 11 prospect) and one from cleanup hitter Joey Ortiz (No. 14). Colton Cowser (#3 tied) went 0 for 4 with two strikeouts.

The score of the box

High-A: Aberdeen IronBirds 3, Brooklyn Cyclones (Mets) 1

Another low scoring contest, but this time the O’s affiliate came out on top. Connor Gillispie, a 2019 ninth-round pick, delivered a quality start — six innings, one run — and allowed just one hit, despite walking four. He lowered his ERA to 3.16. Right-hander Gregori Vasquez followed with three scoreless for his fifth save.

The IronBirds had just five hits, with no hitter getting more than one, but managed three runs. Shortstop Darell Hernaiz (#29 tied) doubled, walked, scored a run and stole a base. Right fielder Billy Cook contributed an RBI double and sent off a runner at home plate.

The score of the box

Low-A: Delmarva Shorebirds 4, Salem Red Sox 3 – 10 innings

With seven total runs scored, it was by far the highest-scoring game among Orioles affiliates last night. The Shorebirds won on a walk when Roberto Martinez scored from third on Noelberth Romero’s goal at second. Delmarva hit 11 total hits, but none from Heston Kjerstad (#10), who took a rare 0 for 4. Anthony Servideo, the Birds’ 2020 third-round pick, hit a home run. It was the same for Isaac De Leon, acquired during the exchange of Richard Bleier in 2020.

Right-hander Miguel Padilla, fresh off the GCL Orioles, held firm on his Delmarva debut. He went four straight scoreless innings before stumbling in the fifth and giving up two runs, both scored on a sacrifice fly. Preston Price twirled two perfect rounds of relief, and Dylan Heid took the rest of the way, blowing the stoppage in the ninth but staying long enough to take the win in the 10th.

The score of the box

There are no matches scheduled for Tuesday.

Taunton DJ and sex offender Christopher Reynolds back in jail


A sex offender released from prison for good behavior is back behind bars after violating his parole conditions.

The precise reason for the recall to prison of former Taunton DJ Christopher Reynolds, 60, has not been disclosed.

But he may now have to serve his six-year sentence handed down in April 2019 at Taunton Crown Court.

He could only be released before the end of his permit in March 2025 with the agreement of the parole board.

Reynolds, who committed the offenses after caring for two girls aged 12 and 14 some 30 years ago, only admitted guilt after subjecting them to the trauma of two trials.

One of its victims told the County Gazette this week, “A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

“It is not known why he is back in prison. It is possible that he will have to finish the rest of his sentence in prison.”

Reynolds, who worked in clubs and on the former radio station Taunton TV and Apple FM and was also known as Chris Young, was convicted of seven indecent assaults and received three six-year prison sentences, three terms of three years and a sentence of 12 years. barely a month, all concurrent.

He must sign the sex offender registry for life and has a 20-year restraining order barring him from contacting his victims.

During his trial, the 14-year-old victim said he ‘took my mind and made me feel special and wanted’.

But her “dirty secret” made her feel “worthless”.

“I felt ashamed and disgusted,” she said, and since Reynolds’ crimes came to light, she’s cried every day.

“The demons came out but never left me,” she said.

His other victim met Reynolds at “a low point in my life” and saw him as her “savior” who “felt like my only friend, a father figure”.

She said: “I was looking forward to him texting and meeting me, but he was just setting me up for his own payoffs.”

She had recently made contact with her father, who had previously figured little in her life and was dying of cancer at the time.

She added: “He stole my teenage years and took away my only chance of having a short relationship with my father.”

Reynolds’ behavior caused her to self-harm, take drugs and alcohol, and contemplate suicide.

The judge told Reynolds, who was married and had children, “You no doubt consider yourself some sort of local celebrity.”

The judge added: “You have an unhealthy interest in young girls.”

Almost a quarter of US investors used loans to buy crypto

A large number of retail investors in the US have borrowed, often at exorbitant interest rates, to buy cryptocurrencies, and more than half of these investors have lost money, according to a recent study opinion poll by debt hammer.

DebtHammer surveyed more than 1,500 people across the US to learn more about their crypto investing habits and how it is affecting the already indebted nation.

Loans for crypto investments

According to the survey, over 21% of crypto investors said they used a loan to pay for their crypto investments.

Personal loans appear to be the most popular choice among investors, with over 15% of them saying they have used one to fund their crypto purchases. Many also used payday loans, title loans, mortgage refinancing, home equity loans, and even leftover student loans to acquire crypto.

Loans for Crypto Investors
Chart showing the percentage of investors who used loans to invest in cryptocurrencies (Source: DebtHammer)

About 1 in 10 investors who took out a payday loan used it to buy cryptocurrencies. The survey found that most borrowed between $500 and $1,000 to invest in crypto. However, DebtHammer researchers found that despite the small amount borrowed, these were risky purchases since payday loans average around 400% APR.

Retail investors who have used loans to buy crypto said their purchases have not always been successful. Nearly 19% of respondents said they were struggling to pay at least one bill because of their crypto investments, while around 15% said they were worried about evictions, foreclosure, or car foreclosures. Payday loan users appeared to have suffered slightly less, with just 12% reporting having trouble paying a bill or worrying about evictions, foreclosures or garnishments.

Loans for Crypto Investors
Chart showing the percentage of crypto investors who are at risk of foreclosure, eviction or vehicle seizure due to loans used to buy cryptocurrencies (Source: DebtHammer)

Loans aren’t the only way for investors to buy cryptocurrencies when they’ve been short on cash.

According to the survey, more than 35% of respondents said they used a credit card to purchase crypto. While around 20% of them paid it off when the bill came due, 14% said they would pay it off in stages with either an introductory offer of 0% APR or at the full rate.

All of the borrowed money went to just a handful of cryptocurrencies. The survey found that more than half (54%) of respondents used the borrowed money to buy Bitcoin (BTC). Dogecoin (DOGE) took second place, with nearly 35% of respondents saying they bought the token using credit, while just under 30% said they bought Ethereum (ETH).

Loans for Crypto Investors
Chart showing the cryptocurrencies retail investors have bought with borrowed money (Source: DebtHammer)

Just under 23% of those who borrowed money to buy cryptocurrencies said they did so because crypto prices have plummeted. About 15% said they see cryptocurrencies as a good long-term investment, while 17% said crypto prices are “historically low.”

A notable percentage of respondents (18.5%) said they borrowed money to buy cryptocurrency because they were offered a 0% promotional interest rate by their credit card company or bank.

However, not everyone who plays wins.

Of those who borrowed money to invest in cryptocurrencies, around 60% lost money. And while over a third of them lost $1,000 or less, 6% said they lost between $50,000 and $100,000 and 5.5% said they lost more than $100,000.

Investing in cryptocurrencies with borrowed money does not bring significant profits either. The majority, or 27%, only won up to $1,000, while only 7.5% won between $1,000 and $5,000.

Loans for Crypto Investors
Chart showing how much money investors lost or gained investing in cryptocurrencies (Source: DebtHammer)

Is the UK government prepared for its biggest threat?

Jen Easterly, director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), has warned the UK government that it could fall victim to a 9/11-style cyberattack unless it faces “the ‘scale of threat’. posed by ransomware.

Agreeing with this, Steve Barclay, the UK government minister responsible for cybersecurity, argues that “the greatest cyber threat to the UK – a threat now deemed serious enough to pose a threat to national security – comes from attacks by ransomware”.

With this looming threat of large-scale ransomware attacks targeting the UK government, preparing an adequate defensive strategy will be essential to ensure that the UK can survive such an attack.

Failing to imagine what these threats might look like and how to properly prepare for them could be fatal in the next decade. There are certain steps and actions the government can take to understand and implement the most appropriate and effective measures.

Understand the threat

First, understanding the magnitude of the threat will inform actions and decisions taken to defend the government. Ransomware has evolved exponentially in recent years and continues to do so with a significant increase in double extortion, an increase in ransomware, phishing, and an increase in Ransomware-as-a-Service.

Learning more about the evolution of ransomware and developing plans for potential attacks will begin to paint a big picture of the real threats to the UK government.

However, one of the big problems is that vulnerability scanners are not close to detecting all the vulnerabilities exploited by ransomware. Failure to be aware of vulnerabilities, particularly those found in legacy applications, coupled with a lack of understanding of the severity of these attacks, could put the UK government at significant risk.

Current measures

Currently, the new National Cyber ​​Strategy is the UK government’s answer to defense against cyberattacks and ransomware. The UK government says it is constantly adapting, innovating and investing to protect its interests in cyberspace.

Pledging to spend £22bn on research and development to put technology at the heart of national security plans, the creation of the National Cyber ​​Force last year represents a significant step forward in offensive cyber capability. But with the US CISA commenting that the UK government needs to realize the scale of the threat it faces, is it taking all the right precautions?

Adopt a comprehensive security strategy

Ransomware defenses must be holistic across government sectors to have an effective impact. This means there is a set of best practices, policies, and processes that combine secure backup and disaster recovery with action plans for lines of defense.

An effective holistic strategy should include:

  • Multi-layer fenders – The introduction of multi-layered defenses that use modern technology to take advantage of machine learning through behavior analysis is essential. This enables real-time detection and prevention tools and, along with multi-factor authentication and a trustless design, vulnerabilities should be reduced.
  • Immutable backups – with ransomware operators starting to target backup files, not only is data encrypted in an attack, but backups are also rendered useless. Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) protects backups by storing them in the cloud on a separate corporate network. It also minimizes downtime and disruption during or after a crisis.
  • Knowledge of the landscape – Conducting regular security awareness training programs for IT teams provides them with current knowledge that can help create effective security strategy plans.

For the UK government, one of the main advantages of such an approach is the area to be covered. We saw the devastating effects ransomware can have on the public sector when the WannaCry attack in 2017 hit 80 hospital trusts and 595 GP practices across England. With such a complex organisation, ensuring that each sector has the same cybersecurity measures in place will create a strong line of defense for the UK government from all angles, providing the best chance of covering vulnerabilities.

Change of societal mentality

Another method that the British government must adopt is to sensitize society to such attacks. Currently, there is no law in the UK requiring companies to report ransomware attacks. James Barclay comments that “law enforcement teams believe most attacks go unreported: perhaps out of embarrassment or a reluctance to admit that the money has indeed changed hands”.

Looking to the example of CISA may prove helpful to the National Cyber ​​Security Center in passing legislation to better understand current ransomware threats. In March 2022, a bipartisan provision was passed by the US Senate as part of the $1.5 trillion fiscal year 2022 funding bill that requires operators and owners of critical infrastructure to report attacks. of ransomware to CISA within 24 hours of ransomware payment.

Implementing such a mindset through legislation or education would help the UK government gain greater visibility to then create effective defences.

The next steps

Ransomware is not going away and will continue to evolve and become a more dangerous prospect. With the percentage of nation states passing legislation to regulate ransomware payments, fines and negotiations expected to reach 30% by the end of 2025, from less than 1% in 2021, this is clearly the start. of an awareness of the devastating impact. ransomware may have.

However, there is still a long way to go and the process of implementing defenses should be under constant surveillance for updates. Ensuring that a holistic approach is taken alongside legislation and a growing awareness of ransomware will help the UK government combat these challenges and properly defend the UK.

A ‘marginal swing’ one way or the other could determine the outcome of the independence referendum


A marginal wobble for either side in the proposed Scottish independence referendum could decide the outcome ‘because the polls are so tight’, one pundit has said.

Mark Diffley said support for Scotland remaining in the UK was “absolutely deadlocked” with support for independence.

And he said that was unlikely to change until a referendum campaign began.

The polling expert told BBC Scotland’s The Sunday Show: “It will all depend on the campaign – how good these campaigns are, how they speak to people, whether they are positive or negative, etc.

“That’s what will really count.

“Because the polls are so tight right now, if we go into a campaign, a marginal swing either way will make the difference.”

His comments came after Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon unveiled plans to hold a second independence referendum on October 19, 2023.

With Prime Minister Boris Johnson unlikely to agree to such a vote, the case has now been referred to the UK Supreme Court, to decide whether Holyrood can hold a referendum without Westminster’s consent.

Ms Sturgeon has previously said that if she is prevented from holding such a poll she will make the next UK general election – due to be held before the end of 2024 – a “de facto referendum” on the issue.

A new poll, meanwhile, showed that 44% of Scots oppose another referendum, with 43% in favour.

Panelbase research for the Sunday Times also indicated that 48% would vote for independence, with 47% against, while 5% were undecided.

Ms Sturgeon hailed the survey results as “very encouraging”.

She tweeted that as well as Yes being in the lead, there had been a ‘rise in support’ for Scots to have the choice of independence in 2023, and also said the SNP was ‘within reach. majority vote hand in GE if it becomes de facto #Indyref (which we hope is not necessary).

Mr Diffley, who founded research firm Diffley Partnership, said: ‘This poll puts support for independence slightly ahead of support for the Union. A poll during the week puts support for the Union slightly ahead of support for independence.

“In my world, the world of statistics, what we have is a statistical dead end. We have both sides 50/50 on this, the country is absolutely deadlocked and split down the middle.

He added that this situation would probably not change before the start of a referendum campaign, saying: “I suspect that until we have a campaign, it probably will not move in a significant way.”

Stefanos Tsitsipas calls Nick Kyrgios ‘evil’ and ‘a bully’ after chaotic clash


Stefanos Tsitsipas has called Nick Kyrgios ‘evil’ and ‘a bully’ after their explosive third round match at Wimbledon.

The Greek fourth seed called for Kyrgios’ behavior to be put down after a four-set loss, while the Australian called his opponent ‘soft’ in response.

In a stormy encounter on Court One, Kyrgios demanded that Tsitsipas be sent off for kicking a ball into the crowd when he lost the second set.

Kyrgios, who received a warning for swearing, argued furiously with the referee and then the supervisor, but it was Tsitsipas who then received a penalty point for throwing a second ball towards the wall in frustration.

Nick Kyrgios’ behavior overshadowed his tennis (Steven Paston/PA)

Tsitsipas even admitted to deliberately trying to hit the constantly chunking Kyrgios with the ball at rallies ‘just to stop him’.

“I wish we could all come together and put a rule in place,” the 23-year-old said.

“I don’t know. Something about talking. Why would you talk while you were playing? It doesn’t make sense. You’re there to do your job. Tennis is the most important thing we do there- down.

“Every point I played today felt like something was happening on the other side of the net.

“I’m not trying to be distracted by it, because I know it could be intentional. And it’s his way of manipulating the opponent and distracting you, in a way.

“There is no other player who does that. There is no other player who is so upset and frustrated with something all the time. He triggers it so easily and so quickly.

“I really hope that all of us players can come up with something and make it a cleaner version of our sport, that this kind of behavior is not accepted, not allowed, not tolerated and that we move on better.”

Tsitsipas, who shared an icy handshake with his controversial opponent at the end, added: “It’s constant bullying, that’s what he does. He harasses opponents.

Wimbledon 2022 – Day Six – All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club
The couple shared an icy handshake (Steven Paston/PA)

“He was probably a bully himself at school. I don’t like bullies. I don’t like people who put other people down.

“He also has good traits in his character. But he also has a very evil side that, if exposed, can really hurt and harm the people around him.

“The handshake part, ‘well deserved, well done for a great game’, for sure, I have to congratulate my opponent. It’s something I’ve done all my life.

“I never finished the game and I didn’t give my hand to the opponent just because of their performance.

“But as far as attitude goes, if there was a handshake for that, I would definitely walk away from it, and that’s the way it is. That’s by no means acceptable.”

Kyrgios played some breathtaking shots in their 6-7(2) 6-4 6-3 7-6(7) victory but as usual his demeanor overshadowed his tennis.

Unrepentant as always, he said: “I don’t know how I intimidated him. He was the one who hit me with balls, he was the one who hit a spectator, he was the one who got him out of the stadium.

“I just don’t understand what I did. As if I had done nothing for him. I didn’t expect to be aggressive towards him.

“I wasn’t hitting the balls in his face. I do not know. I didn’t feel like there was any anger.

“I had no anger against Stef today on the match. I don’t know where that came from, to be honest.

“If he’s affected by it today, that’s what’s holding him back. I just think it’s sweet.

Bodies of three missing children and woman found in Minnesota lake


The bodies of three young children and a woman believed to be their mother have been found in a lake in Minnesota.

Authorities say the deaths are being investigated as a triple murder-suicide.

The body of the children’s father was found in another location a few hours earlier.

The names had not been released Saturday afternoon.

Friends and family gathered at Lake Vadnais after news of a dead child being removed from the lake (Alex Kormann/Star Tribune/AP)

The children, all under the age of five, were two boys and a girl.

The chain of events began Friday morning when the man’s body was found in a trailer park in the town of Maplewood, near Minneapolis.

Police determined that the woman had left with the children and a search began.

Maplewood Police Lt. Joe Steiner said the woman’s car was found near Lake Vadnais around 4 p.m. Friday.

The children’s shoes were found on the shore.

The police set up a perimeter at Lake Vadnais
Police set up a perimeter at Lake Vadnais (Alex Kormann/Star Tribune/AP)

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office said the body of the first child was found in the lake around 7:30 p.m. Friday.

The body of the second child was found just after midnight.

The bodies of the third child and the wife were found around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday.

The bodies were taken to a pathologist.

“There is nothing more tragic than the loss of young children,” Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher said at a Friday news conference.

This week’s tensions between the UK government and devolved nations

DEVOLUTION faces its biggest challenge due to the direct conflicts with the central government that have been highlighted this week.

Unlike the SNP-led Scottish government, which champions policy it knows the Conservative British administration is likely to resist, the Labor government in Cardiff has found itself defending legislation it has long passed and defy its responsibilities.

Here are the direct challenges the UK government has issued to decentralization this week:

Trade union legislation

On Tuesday, Westminster announced plans to repeal the Welsh Government‘s Trade Unions Act 2017, which bans the use of agency staff if public sector workers go on strike.

The UK government says it wants equal legislation across the UK, but its proposal is seen as a response to the railway workers’ strike called by the RMT union.

Irrespective of the opposing views of the Conservative and Labor governments in London and Cardiff, the move shows the UK government‘s reluctance to accept the right of its Welsh counterpart to pass its own legislation – and underlines that rather than seeing Cardiff as a government of equal status (devolving policy areas), Westminster considers the Act to make Senedd and the executive subordinate.

Fund for Ukraine

The UK’s devolution rules are meant to be clear on funding, with money for devolved policy areas such as health and education transferred to nations and the UK government responsible for anything not decentralized, such as defense and foreign aid.

This week, however, the Welsh and Scottish governments saw their budgets cut, with the UK government immediately increasing funding to provide military aid to Ukraine.

The UK government will provide it with an additional £1bn, including £95m from the budgets of the Welsh and Scottish governments, although this is clearly outside their defined policy areas.

The decision means that money that was supposed to be spent on things like new schools or roads in Wales is instead going to anti-aircraft systems in Ukraine.

Wales Finance Minister Rebecca Evans said: “This is a new, worrying and potentially divisive approach to the Treasury – seeking to use devolved budgets, which should be earmarked for investment in decentralized areas, such as health and education, to fund earmarked spending areas such as military aid and defence. Funding for these areas should rightly be provided by the UK government.

The Welsh Government says it has (reluctantly) accepted the reallocation of its funding and said: ‘We have accepted this situation in light of our continued commitment to supporting Ukraine and the people of Ukraine in their fight against this act. of senseless aggression, but that should not be a precedent.

“This funding has not been provided by the Welsh Government underspending, but will result in some difficult decisions to be made regarding our limited capital budget.”

The UK Government’s position is that the Welsh Government was aware of the decision and did not object to it.

Additional Funding for Adult Numeracy

What Westminster is taking with one hand… As Cardiff and the Treasury tussle over funding for Ukraine, it has also emerged that Westminster’s Department of Education needs to spend money on what is a area of ​​responsibility of the Welsh Government.

The Westminster department will allocate £101million to its Multiply adult numeracy program in Wales.


But, at the Senedd Finance Committee hearing, Labor MS Rhianon Passmore wanted to know why Westminster was taking responsibility for a Welsh Government function.

Simon Hart, the Conservative Secretary of State for Wales, said it was “a nice problem to have” and that the UK Government’s aim is to improve adult literacy, and this will involve (at a later stage) the Welsh Government.

He said he didn’t want improving people’s math skills to get lost in technicalities about what is “within or without the terms of the vesting settlement.” Although the Welsh Act 2017 makes it clear that the education of job seekers is the responsibility of the Welsh Government.

But the problem remains that the UK Government is encroaching on an area which is the responsibility of the Welsh Government and for which it should be accountable to the Senedd.

And as Passmore sought to clarify at the committee meeting, is £100m in addition to the Welsh Government’s £585m share of the UK’s Shared Prosperity Fund (a replacement European funding) or a percentage of it?

Eventually, Under Secretary of State David Davies acknowledged, “I think that’s probably the case”, although he promised to find out and write to the committee.

The fact that the UK government has additionally directed how Welsh government funds are spent goes to the heart of the matter, as whoever controls the purse strings holds the power.

The decision echoes an earlier line, dating back to 2015, when the UK government unilaterally imposed an apprenticeship levy on large employers, including the public sector, to create funds for apprenticeships, which are again devolved.

It was a taste of how the UK would function after Brexit, with the UK government making unilateral decisions, viewing it and the UK Parliament as supreme rather than an equal partner to the devolved nations.

The takeover of EU funds which previously flowed directly into Cardiff and other UK capitals has seriously undermined the financial power of devolved nations, it now looks like the UK government wants to say how, at least some , of these funds are spent.

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Venice unveils day trip booking and mandatory fees


Venice is to require day-trippers to make reservations and pay fees to visit the historic lagoon city, in a bid to better manage visitors who often far outnumber residents.

On Friday, Venice officials unveiled new rules for day trippers, which will come into effect on January 16, 2023.

Tourists who choose not to stay overnight in hotels or other accommodation will need to register online for the day they plan to come and pay a fee.

These range from 3 to 10 euros per person, depending on booking in advance and if it is high season or if the city is very busy.

Violators risk fines of up to 300 euros if caught and unable to show proof that they booked and paid with a QR code.

A tourist takes a selfie in St. Mark’s Square (Luca Bruno/AP)

About four-fifths of all tourists come to Venice just for the day. In 2019, the last full year of tourism before the pandemic, some 19 million day-trippers visited Venice and provided only a fraction of the income of those staying at least one night.

Venice’s tourism commissioner dismissed any suggestion that the measure would seek to limit the number of people from outside coming to Italy’s most visited city.

“We will not talk about number cuts. We are talking about incentives and disincentives,” Simone Venturini told a press conference in Venice.

The reservation and fee approach had been discussed a few years ago, but was put on hold during the pandemic. Covid-19 travel restrictions have nearly wiped out tourism in Venice – and left Venetians to have their city virtually to themselves, for the first time in decades.

Mass tourism began in the mid-1960s. Visitor numbers continued to rise, while the number of Venetians living in the city steadily declined, overwhelmed by congestion, the high cost of food delivery and d ‘other goods in Venice without a car and the frequent floods that damage homes and businesses.

Since hotel and guesthouse guests already pay an accommodation tax, they are exempt from the reserve and royalty obligation.

With the new rule, Venice aims to “find that balance between (Venetian) residents and long-term and short-term visitors”, Mr Venturini said, promising that the new system “will be simple for visitors to manage”.

He presented Venice as the first city in the world to set up such a system for day visitors.

The tourism official expressed hope that the fee and reservation requirement “will reduce friction between day visitors and residents”.

In the peak tourist system, tourists can outnumber residents twice, in the city which measures two square miles in area.

The resident Venetian population in the historic city is just over 50,000, a small fraction of what it was a few generations ago.

Exceptions to excursion fees include children under six, people with disabilities, and owners of vacation apartments in Venice, provided they can show proof of paying property taxes.

Cruise ships contribute to the hordes of visitors that throng Venice’s maze of narrow streets, especially near St. Mark’s Square, when they disembark day-trippers for a few hours.

These visitors will also have to pay, unless their cruise line pays a fixed fee in Venice.

Judge to block Florida abortion ban; Kentucky ban pending | New


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida judge said Thursday he would temporarily block a 15-week ban on abortions in his state, but his bench ruling won’t go into effect until the ban becomes law. Friday – an issue that could cause confusion for patients as well as abortion providers.

Meanwhile, a Kentucky judge temporarily blocked that state’s near-total ban on abortions, allowing proceedings to resume after being abruptly halted when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last week. The state quickly appealed the judge’s order.

The cases in Florida and Kentucky mirror battles fought in courts across the country after the Supreme Court ruled abortion was no longer protected by the federal constitution. The High Court has left it to the states to decide whether abortion is legal within their borders, forcing lawyers on both sides of the debate to turn to their state constitutions.

Some of the legal disputes involve trigger laws — like those in Kentucky and Florida — that were specifically designed to take effect if Roe were to fall. Some involve prohibitions that have been on the books, unenforced, for generations. Others involve abortion bans that were suspended pending the Roe ruling and are now moving forward.

Legal wrangling is creating chaos for patients, including some in Kentucky who have been turned away from clinics and rescheduled appointments in neighboring states. The owner of North Dakota’s only abortion clinic – which operates until July 28 – said a patient wrote on a form: ‘Am I going to be sued for having an abortion today?’

In Florida, Judge John C. Cooper said Thursday he would temporarily block the 15-week abortion ban from taking effect after reproductive health providers argued that the state constitution guaranteed the right to procedure. Cooper said Florida’s ban was “unconstitutional in that it violates the secrecy provision of the Florida Constitution.”

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state would appeal.

Cooper’s decision, issued from the bench, will not be binding until he signs a written order – which does not appear to happen until Tuesday. This means the 15-week ban will come into effect on Friday, as scheduled, and the time lag raises questions about whether some patients will be affected. Current Florida law allows abortion up to 24 weeks.

Laura Goodhue, executive director of the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, said clinics were still seeing patients and operating within the law, but the situation was difficult for doctors.

“It’s a lot of unnecessary delays and patients are at the mercy of the justice system right now,” she said.

The back-and-forth legal activity has also caused confusion in other states.

The Texas attorney general filed an emergency appeal with the state Supreme Court on Thursday, after a lower court judge temporarily blocked enforcement of a decades-old law banning virtually all abortions. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said the old law banning abortions unless necessary to save the mother’s life remains on the books.

Texas already bans most abortions after about six weeks – before many women know they are pregnant – with no exceptions for rape or incest. A separate trigger law that would ban virtually all abortions in the state is expected to go into effect in the coming months.

In Louisiana, where the abortion ban is temporarily stalled, doctors at a New Orleans clinic were performing procedures on Thursday – despite a letter from the attorney general warning that providers could lose their ‘freedom and medical license’ , said Amy Irvin, a spokeswoman for the Women’s Health Care Center.

And in West Virginia, Gov. Jim Justice said Thursday he would convene a special legislative session to address abortion law there. West Virginia prohibits abortions after 20 weeks, but the state also has a law dating back to the mid-1800s that provides that anyone seeking an abortion be charged with a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. The local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union disputes this.

In Kentucky, clinics planned to resume abortion services after their abrupt hiatus last week.

Both Louisville clinics have begun scheduling appointments. Amber Duke, acting executive director of the ACLU of Kentucky, said the Louisville EMW Women’s Surgical Center will resume abortion services on Friday. She said that since the Supreme Court ruling, EMW has turned away 199 patients with scheduled appointments, including 14 who were at the clinic when the Supreme Court issued its ruling. She said denying them care was “devastating”.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, said Thursday’s decision had no basis in the state constitution. He asked the state Court of Appeals to block the lower court’s decision, saying that every day the laws are suspended means “more unborn lives will be lost.”

Reproductive health providers challenged Florida law based on a 1980 state constitutional amendment guaranteeing a broad right to privacy, which was interpreted by the state Supreme Court to include abortion. The state said the right to privacy does not include the right to abortion, arguing that the state has an interest in protecting health and protecting potential life.

In a statement, DeSantis said the Florida Supreme Court had previously misinterpreted Florida’s right to privacy “because the Florida Constitution does not – and never has included – the right to kill. an innocent unborn child”.

Elsewhere, the owner of North Dakota’s only abortion clinic said she works in an unpredictable environment. Tammi Kromenaker, owner and operator of Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo, said her clinic was still offering procedures, but was told it had to stop by July 28. Then she will move the clinic across state lines to Moorhead, Minnesota.

“The biggest thing I need to get out is that we’re still here, we’re still seeing patients,” Kromenaker said. “Patients should not be faced with these fears and confusion just for what was once constitutionally protected medical care.”

Three Musketeers Comedy at The Brewhouse


The award-winning Navet Bete presents his hit show The Three Musketeers: A Comedy Adventure at Taunton’s Brewhouse.

Performed with a cast of four, the company takes 40 characters, 50 outfits and 112 costume changes to condense the classic into two hours of mayhem and madness.

Featuring hilarious heroes, thunderous romances and crazy fun with BMX bikes, this comic book reimagining is all for one and every man for himself.

The show is the company’s second co-production with the Exeter Northcott Theater and the fifth collaboration with one of the UK‘s leading comedy directors and writers, John Nicholson.

Al Dunn, co-artistic director of Le Navet Bete, said: “This is a Musketeers like no other.

“It contains all the elements of an epic story that we’ve turned around and put on our chaotic comedic spin to shatter the show from the stage – literally.

“We have the best creative team we’ve had to date behind us, so expect big laughs, unexpected characters and a night at the theater you’ll never forget.”

Co-writer and director John Nicholson said: “The Navet Bete has an inimitable flair for multi-character work and also a love/predilection for bonkers storytelling.

“The Three Musketeers is a very fun prospect for Le Navet Bête.

“It’s a widely known and beloved story that’s often played for laughs among dramas, but in the hands of this society it hits the odd bone hard.

“With just four performers, it’s a distinctive offering.”

The Three Musketeers: A Comedy Adventure is at The Brewhouse from Taunton on Friday and Saturday July 15 and 16. Book your tickets on 01823 283244.

Is Using a Personal Loan Advisable for Business Advancement?


One of the most common services provided by financial institutions in the Philippines is a loan. There are different types of loans that allow you to pay for different expenses of different types. The financial institutions add a certain amount, known as interest, to the loan you collect, which is paid over a set period of time.

Starting a small or large business isn’t easy, and they often require a lot more time, patience, preparation, and money than you might have expected. Fortunately, resources are available to help business owners with capital. There are different types of loans like payday and business loans, but business and personal loans are two of the most popular types of loans.

The definition of consumer credit is fundamentally different from how businesses borrow money to pay their operating expenses. Although some transactions, such as buying real estate, might be comparable, the terms of business and consumer loans can differ significantly.

But when is it advisable to take out a personal loan to repair your credit? But first, let’s go through some basic information about personal loans and business loans.

A basic understanding of personal and business loans:

  • Among the most popular loan categories, such as For example, commercial or payday loans, personal and business loans are the most common.
  • Personal loans can be used to pay for a range of expenses. By the way, you can find the right company for a loan here https://fintree.phwhere there is a selection of reliable institutions that will give you money quickly and easily.
  • Various components of a business, including expansion, capital injections, and machine purchases, are funded by business loans.
  • While business loans may or may not be secured, personal loans are often unsecured.
  • While commercial loans require more evidence, personal loans can be accepted with little to no evidence.

Difference between personal loan and business loan

The following examples illustrate some of the key differences between personal loans and business loans:

  • A personal loan can be used for any reason, and you often don’t need to provide any justification to the lender to get one. However, when applying for a business loan, you must explain why you need it and how you intend to use the funds.
  • When comparing personal loans and business loans, it is important to note that the former are usually unsecured loans without the need for collateral. If you need significant credit for your business, you may be asked by financial institutions to mortgage your offices or factories.
  • Personal loans have no tax benefits, while interest on any type of business loan includes the tax deductible that is added to the interest, which is repaid together.
  • Another difference between personal and commercial loans is that the former often have shorter repayment terms, typically up to five years. A business loan can have a term of between one and fifteen years and can be either short-term or long-term.
  • Personal loan applications are processed and disbursed fairly quickly due to their nature. Before approving and disbursing the loan amount for business loans, financial institutions need to process the loan application, fill out the required documentation and conduct due diligence.

Different types of loans that can be useful for you

Let’s review some types of loanPersonal, commercial, payday and business loans.

Personal loans are needed for individual and urgent needs, e.g. For example, going on vacation, paying rent, paying hospital bills, and meeting any special requirements. What are business loans? The main focus of this article is a loan that you collect with the intention of building your business.

It leads us to what is a loan payable or what are loans payable? They are small loans, but they have high interest rates and an agreement that they are to be repaid when the borrower collects his next wages.

What is also a commercial loan is a loan that business owners can use to meet short-term capital needs.

When can a personal loan make sense for my small business?

You now have two great ways to finance your small business. However, there are a few factors to consider when determining which loan is ideal for you, either commercial or business loans, payday loans, or personal loans.

Before approving your small business loan application, some lenders may require that you submit certain business-related documents.

Some banks may require you to provide your company’s business plan or tax returns. On the other hand, you do not have to prove a commercial interest to get a personal loan.

However, before applying for a personal loan, you should make sure that the lender has no restrictions on using the money for commercial purposes. Be honest about your intentions as a borrower and make sure the lender knows you can use the money for your business if the personal loan rules are unclear.

You can choose an unsecured personal loan if you have no assets that can be used as collateral for a business loan. A secured loan gives the lender the right to take possession of an investment you have pledged as security, such as a Your home, car, or small business inventory. While most personal loans are unsecured, some small business lenders may require you to post collateral.


Make sure you understand the terms of the loan before applying to ensure you can use it for business purposes. If you are unsure, you should contact the lender immediately. Also, take some time to create a budget and business strategy as these documents can help you with the right documentation to get the loan you want.

In the Philippines, the government gives way some financial support to people interested in business loans. Just make your requests and you will surely get what suits your purpose.

UK to impose tariffs on steel imports for another two years, government says | Exchange policy


Tariffs on steel imports from China and other countries are to be extended for another two years, the UK government has announced, admitting the move risked breaching World Trade Organization rules ( WTO).

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the international trade secretary, said the government was acting in the “public interest” and to protect “thousands” of jobs. She said Ukrainian steel would be exempt from customs duties.

The decision comes less than two weeks after concerns over the tariffs were raised by Boris Johnson’s former ethics adviser, Lord Geidt.

Plans to protect Britain’s steel industry “deviate from our international legal obligations” but are in the “national interest”, Trevelyan said.

She admitted: “The government wants to impress upon Parliament that the decision to extend guarantees [tariffs] on the five product categories derogates from our international legal obligations under the relevant WTO agreement.

“However, from time to time, problems may arise where the national interest requires action to be taken, which may conflict with normal rules and procedures.”

Many steelworks are in ‘red-walled’ constituencies, such as Scunthorpe and South Wales, which are key to the government’s general election prospects.

Yet the decision was condemned by free-market supporters, Anthony Mangnall, the Tory MP for Totnes, saying he supported the steel industry but ‘not through protective measures’.

“I never would have thought that being a Free Trader in this party would be such a unique and rare position to hold,” he said. “What message does this send to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan or any other country that we sign a free trade agreement with when we end up invoking national interests on the agreements that we signed?”

The government’s decision will see existing tariffs on five grades of steel extended until June 2024 to match the expiry date of tariffs on 10 other grades of steel, including gas lines and railroad equipment. .

Gareth Stace, the director of trade body UK Steel, welcomed the intervention, saying it showed the government was supporting the industry. The move would protect against surges in imports that would have “risked jobs, investment and our ability to go to net zero,” he said.

Nick Thomas-Symonds, the shadow international trade secretary, said the move would be a “welcome relief” for the steel industry and ensure a level playing field against cheap imports.

But, he said, the tariff extension “does nothing to make up for the shortcomings in support for the steel industry from this government.”

He also said he was surprised that the government was extending tariffs in a way that could put him in breach of WTO rules.

“If there is to be a WTO challenge, it will be a mess entirely by the government itself,” he said.

He called on the government to publish the full Trade Remedies Authority analysis that led to the advice.

Geidt cited plans to expand the tariff regime as a matter of concern in his resignation letter 12 days ago. He wrote: “I have been instructed to offer a view on the government’s intention to consider measures which risk a willful and willful violation of the ministerial code. This request has placed me in an impossible and odious situation…

“The idea that a Prime Minister could, to any degree, be deliberately violating his own code is an affront. A deliberate violation, or even an intention to do so, would be to suspend the provisions of the code to serve a political end. This would not only ridicule compliance with the code, but would authorize the suspension of its provisions governing the conduct of Her Majesty’s Ministers.

Although he later clarified his remarks, saying the issue was a ‘distraction’ from his real reasons for quitting, Geidt told The Daily Telegraph the pricing policy proposal ‘was just one example of what which could still constitute deliberate breaches by the UK of its obligations under international law.”

Trevelyan added that after “further analysis” of the impact of tariffs by the Trade Remedies Authority, the government had “concluded that there would be serious harm or threat of serious harm if the safeguard on five additional grades of steel were to be deleted at this stage”. time”.

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The tariffs were originally imposed as part of an EU ‘safeguard’ measure in 2018 during Donald Trump’s dispute with China and were reimposed last year by the UK after Brexit .

They applied to 15 categories of steel products, including railway equipment and gas pipes, but five of the tariff categories were due to expire on Thursday, with the others due to expire in June 2024.

Somerset Council discusses Rocky Hollow, potential sport tourism | New


Somerset City Council discussed changes to Rocky Hollow Park, potential sports tourism and changes to the current year budget at Monday’s council meeting.

Council member Robin Daughetee told council he received a call from Steve Fischer about the construction of the new playground near the Main Street entrance to Rocky Hollow Park.

The playground will be the second financed by Fischer. The first playground, known as Fischer Fun Park, was installed at SomerSport in 2018.

The play area will have activities that children in wheelchairs can take part in.

No opening date for the new playground has yet been announced, but Daughetee said he was looking forward to having a spot within walking distance for the kids at the south end of downtown.

Mayor Keck came up with an idea he asked members of council to consider – adding a wading pool near this park as well.

“I think it would be really cool for us to have the chance to add a paddling pool there for people who can walk there.” said Keck.

He said the city could use some of its allocated American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to create it.

If approved, it will join the city’s other wading pools at Bourne Avenue Park and Huffaker Park.

Keck also told council members he spoke with the “sport tourism folks” — a Florida company helping the city with a feasibility study — during a call that lasted an hour and a half.

On that call, the group looked at regional traffic in the city to determine where Somerset sees out-of-town visitors coming from.

“We have people who come from all over America in this community. I mean, dozens from Cleveland,” Keck said.

“I think we’re just getting started to really make this a mecca for tourism. We’ve done a good job, but there’s room to grow,” he said, adding that he wanted Somerset to be able to “push the boundaries as far as possible on what is fiscally responsible and sustainable” in sports tourism.

And speaking of traffic, councilman Jimmy Eastham mentioned that East Mount Vernon and West Mount Vernon streets have a new look, thanks to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 8 office.

These roads, which are state-maintained roads, have recently been paved. Mayor Keck noted that while this was not a street the city had chosen to be paved, “We’ll take whatever the state wants to throw at us.”

Council members also discussed another downtown street – College Street – and the number of complaints they’ve heard about the lighting along it.

Streetlight lights are replaced as needed and with LED lighting available at the time, which means they are not always replaced with the same type of bulbs. Council members pointed out that some lights glowed yellow while others glowed white, meaning the light from lamp to lamp was not uniform.

Keck said something that would help prevent lights from being changed so often – and for that he made a personal appeal to the public – would be for people to “stop knocking on our streetlights”.

Also at Monday’s meeting:

• Council members passed a resolution asking city officials to apply for a loan for a planned upgrade to the city’s water supply infrastructure.

• Enacted a zoning change for 311 Park Avenue from Business-2 to Residence-3 (multi-family dwelling).

• Passed a zoning change for the property on Ky. 914 where it is planned to build a new extension office in the UK. This property has been rezoned from Residential-1 to Business-2.

* Adoption of amendments to the current year’s budget. Changes increase general fund revenue and expenses from $25.9 million to $33.5 million, SomerSplash budget from $1.99 million to $4.23 million, Fuel Center budget from $1.14 million to $1.34 million and Virginia’s budget — a brand new position — from zero dollars to $250,200.

Revealed: How Prince Charles pressured ministers to change the law to benefit his estate | Prince Charles


Prince Charles exploited a controversial procedure to compel government ministers to secretly change a bill to benefit his land estate, according to documents uncovered by the Guardian.

Official documents discovered in the National Archives reveal the ministers of John Major’s government gave in to his demands amid fears that resistance to the heir to the throne could trigger a constitutional crisis.

Ministers backed down to ‘avoid a major row’ with the prince, allowing him to force the hand of the elected government.

The disclosure of the documents provides further evidence of how the Royal Family used the secret procedure known as Queen’s Consent to change legislation to benefit their private interests.

As part of the procedure, the monarch and her eldest son are given copies of bills in advance so they can consider whether the legislation affects their public powers or their private assets, such as her Duchy of Cornwall estate. or the private estate of Sandringham.

Ministers must obtain the consent of the Queen and the Prince before relevant legislation can be approved by parliament. This procedure is different from the more familiar procedure of Royal Assent, a formality by which a bill becomes law.

A Guardian investigation has found the Queen’s consent procedure has been used by the monarch for decades to privately push for change. During his reign, ministers had to obtain the Queen’s or her son’s approval for more than 1,000 Acts of Parliament before they were implemented.

Buckingham Palace and the government say the Queen’s consent is a “purely formal” part of the parliamentary process and is granted by the monarch routinely. The palace said “consent is always granted by the monarch at the request of the government” and that “this process does not change the nature of such a bill.”

But newly revealed documents, relating to a tenancy reform law that came into effect in 1993, provide detailed evidence of Charles’ pressure on elected ministers to secure an exemption to prevent his own tenants from having the right to buy their own house.

The Windsor family used the consent procedure to review at least four bills that have changed tenancy laws since the 1960s. Under these laws, tenants live in properties for a certain number of years on a lease, instead of being the pure and simple owners. The changes gave tenants across the country the legal power, under certain circumstances, to buy their homes from landlords.

Internal letters and memos from September and October 1992 show Charles took a ‘close personal interest’ in Newton St Loe, a small Somerset village that is part of the Duchy of Cornwall’s £1billion estate, and insisted to have his properties there excluded from the project. invoice. His lobbying secured a special exemption for the village which, to date, has left tenants in a more difficult financial situation.

The documents also reveal Charles wrote directly to Major in October 1992, noting that he would shortly receive a request for consent to the lease bill and expressing his “particular concern” about another aspect of the proposed law – which, he feared -it, would allow tenants to buy and redevelop historic properties without preserving their “special character”.

“It is important to avoid a major argument with the Prince of Wales”

Charles, as heir to the throne, receives a private annual income – currently around £20 million – from the profits made by the Duchy of Cornwall, a property estate. The 52,000 hectare estate collects rents from properties in 20 counties across England and Wales. However, in some areas, its tenants are not allowed to buy their homes. These tenants, the number of which is unknown, continue to pay rent to the duchy – money which in turn is paid to the prince.

Last year, after a Guardian investigation revealed that the Windsors had reviewed several tenancy reform laws, the duchy said in a statement that neither he nor the prince had “involved in drafting a legislation relating to part of the tenancy reform”, including the issue of tenants buying their own accommodation.

In September 1992, lawyers representing the Duchy privately told the Government that they were concerned about the proposals contained in a new Tenancy Bill and argued that Newton St Loe tenants should be denied the right to buy their house.

David Landale, Secretary to the Duchy, said the village – one of the Duchy’s principal properties – was “particularly loved and appreciated by His Royal Highness because of its well-balanced mix of farmhouses and woodland”.

On September 30, a Whitehall official, JE Roberts, warned ministers that ‘the difficulty is that the Prince of Wales has a strong personal interest in the development of this village’, adding that Charles saw ‘no reason why he should now relinquish control. It has been made clear to me that if the government wishes to move forward on this matter, the prince would like to discuss it at the highest level.

Roberts stressed: “The Prince of Wales will probably return to Newton St Loe. Ministers will then have to decide whether it is worth fighting him on the issue.

Sir George Young, then Housing Minister, and another minister, Tony Baldry, felt there was no justification for preventing tenants in Newton St Loe from buying their homes when others around the country had this right, according to a letter. It was feared that this would set a precedent for other large landowners.

In an Oct. 9 memo, Roberts noted, “No special case can be made beyond the fact that the prince has taken a special interest.” He warned that the ministers’ most important aim was to ‘ensure that the consent of the Queen and Prince of Wales to the Bill is obtained… their consent is required before the Bill can be present”.

“Ultimately, I suppose the will of ministers may prevail over that of the monarchy, but a constitutional crisis would add an extra dimension of controversy to the bill that would be best avoided,” he wrote..

Roberts warned ministers had to choose between caving in to the prince or standing firm and “seeking some mechanism to break the impasse”. Unfortunately, I am not aware that our constitution has provided for such a mechanism! »

On October 22, Roberts advised: “On the basis that it is important to avoid a major row with the Prince of Wales…it is appropriate to leave things alone…It is open to the Minister to fight if he wishes, recognizing that this is likely to have costs on both sides.

However, Baldry replied, “We’ve probably gone as far as we can with this…we should leave the matter in abeyance.” Young agreed, “I could live with that – reluctantly.” On the same day, the prince gave his consent to the bill.

The special exemption prohibiting Newton St Loe tenants from buying their homes was not made public until subsequent tenancy law was enacted in 2002.

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A Duchy spokesman said: ‘The Duchy of Cornwall Estate is exempt from the Lease Reform Legislation but has agreed to act as if bound except for a very small number specifically identified areas, including Newton St Loe. As you can imagine, we are not discussing individual leases.

Concretely, only a small number of Newton St Loe tenants are affected by the ban. But they say they suffered bitter financial hardship due to the prince’s special rights. One, Jane Giddins, said she and her husband could not borrow against their house to pay for social care themselves in the future. She added that the value of the 99-year lease on their home – their main asset – was steadily decreasing as it neared its end.

“It’s total and feudal injustice,” Giddins said. “Because my full ownership belongs to someone who is immensely wealthy and powerful, I am not protected by the law that applies to everyone in this country. There is nothing I can do about it.

She said that when she and her husband took up the lease in 1996, the Duchy told them about the ban on buying it – but she could not have known the prince had been pushing for the village to be free of lease reform.

“I felt it was so grossly anachronistic and grossly unfair that by the time I needed to fix it the law would have been changed. And I had no idea the Duchy would be able to prevent the law from being put in order.

Did Warren County Ignore Sheriff’s Sexual Abuse? Jury deliberations begin on Tuesday.


After three weeks of testimony, jurors will begin deliberating Tuesday morning over whether Warren County officials ignored warning signs that former county sheriff Ed Bullock was abusing a young boy.

Jurors heard oral arguments at the trial on Monday to determine whether Warren County authorized the alleged sexual abuse of a then 11-year-old boy listed in “WM” court documents. WM said he was now 45 years old.

The charges in the three-week trial have back-and-forth over whether Bullock’s alleged abuse was an open secret among county officials who failed to protect “WM.” Two others also sued the county, claiming they were also abused, although they are not plaintiffs in the case going to trial this month.

Attorney Jeff Horwath said Bullock’s behavior was beyond county oversight, which was never made aware of the abuse allegations. He represents the Warren County Insurance Company. Horwath said “WM” never reported the incident to authorities.

“No one in the county knew or consented to it,” Horwath said. “We didn’t hire him. We can only fire him. He is a chosen one. He had access to children in his home. We don’t give him that access.

Bullock died in 2015 aged 86, after criminal charges relating to one of the boys’ abuse allegations resulted in a mistrial. Bullock died before he could be retried.

As sheriff from 1982 to 1991, Bullock controlled security at the Belvidere Courthouse and oversaw prisoner transfers. When the boys and young teens needed a round trip from the county juvenile detention center or the youth shelter, Bullock allegedly broke protocol by volunteering to drive them alone.

The lawsuits allege those records are where Bullock raped the boys. Some were teenagers, according to the trials. One was 9 years old, according to court documents. Bullock reportedly had a particular preference for young white boys with blue eyes and blond hair.

“We know where he hunted and how he hunted,” said Jeff Russo of Phillipsburg, WM’s attorney. “We heard joke after joke and rumor after rumor. – There [Bullock] goes with another blonde boy with blue eyes.

Somerset County Judge Michael J. Rogers presided over the trial.

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Nexo responds to allegations of stealing donations and diverting funds from charities


Cryptocurrency lending platform Nexo has hit back at so-called “fake news” and rumors that its founders were part of a charity embezzlement scandal, saying the claims were untrue and defamatory. She has given the originator of the allegations a public cease and desist.

In a blog post about the claims, Nexo explained:

“Multiple anonymous Twitter accounts are using lies and distortions in yet another smear campaign against Nexo, profiting from short positions in a troubled market.”

The pseudonymous Twitter account otteroooo, which calls itself “Otter,” posted a number of tweets on June 25, claiming that Nexo co-founders stole funds from Bulgarian charity HelpKarma to buy properties and fund “lavish private travel”.

The thread found a large audience on Twitter, and Otter shared a screenshot that it had received over 9 million impressions, prompting Nexo to do so reply to what they say are “ridiculous allegations” and enact injunctive relief note.

Otter’s key claim is that HelpKarma founder and Nexo co-founder “Konsta Kanchev” used donation funds to help build a business palace instead of using the money for medical treatment of children.

A response from Nexo notes that a “Konsta Kanchev” does not exist and Otter deliberately used the name “to mimic a typo as an excuse for fact-checkers” by naming two different people, HelpKarma founder Constantine Krastev and Nexo co-founder Kosta Kantchev, as the same person.

Speaking to Cointelegraph about the merger of the two, Otter announced a delisting article by Bulgarian outlet Fakti, who says the two are cousins ​​and that Constantine is spelled “Konstantin” in Bulgarian, but has made no further comment since.

Another key claim Otter makes is that as HelpKarma’s donations increased, payday loan company Credissimo began reporting substantial increases in its capital, citing a November 2020 report by Fakti, implying that the donations were used to fund Credissimo.

Otter points out how this scandal is related to Nexo in the Nexo white paper says it is “powered by Credissimo”. Credissimo was founded by Kantchev and Nexo co-founders Georgi Shulev and Antoni Trenchev were the companies’ business development and innovation officers respectively.

In response to the claims, Nexo said that it and HelpKarma “did not and never had any common operations, common beneficial ownership or common management,” adding:

“‘Why would a company with hundreds of millions in revenue and billions in assets under management audited by Fidelity, Mastercard and dozens of regulators ever resort to petty theft, let alone from children with medical needs?’ is the logical but neglected question.”

Cointelegraph contacted Nexo for comment on the allegations and has not yet received a response.

See also: Don’t Click on Links: Crypto Community Responds to Alleged Telegram Exposé

Nexo’s main motive for Otter publishing the allegations is so that Otter can garner a large following and sell the account.

Nexo shared pictures of a person trying to buy Otter’s account, to which Otter replies that they ask for at least 50,000 USD coin (USDC) to do so.

But in a twitter thread Posted by Otter on June 26, they claim they suspected the messages were a “setup” to buy the account so Nexo could silence them. They instead “hatched a troll plan” to sell the Otter account to collect Nexo’s “hush money” and set up another account to “further embarrass them.”

Nexo says this isn’t the first time they’ve been part of a so-called “coordinated attack,” citing allegations in 2020 that it was behind Zeus Capital, an asset management firm that wanted to short Chainlink (LINK).

Awtey, Fama and Singo reunite with Victory Lane at Jennerstown Speedway


JENNERSTOWN – A huge crowd turned out at Jennerstown Speedway on Saturday for the First Responders Appreciation Night presented by the Somerset Trust Company. The evening kicked off with the biggest on-track autograph session ever seen on the circuit. Fans everywhere had the opportunity to meet and greet their favorite Jennerstown riders.

Recap of last weekTeammates Osborn and Sweeney take wins at Jennerstown Speedway

The first feature of the evening featured Ron’s Collision Center Street Stock division. Angie Kimberly took the lead from pole position and never looked back. It was Kimberly’s second career win and her first of the season. She became the second female driver of the year to visit Stoney’s victory lane at Jennerstown Speedway.

The Farmers Union CO-OP Charger division produced side-by-side competition with riders Steve Singo, Nick Niemiec and last week’s winner Nate Valente. After a fierce battle, Singo returned to Stoney’s Victory Lane for the third time this season.

First priceJennerstown riders, fans and community gather around the speedway to win a $50,000 prize

In the One Stop Auto Sales Pro Stock feature, points leader Jeff Giles took an early lead from his No. 1 spot. It looked like Giles would turn a decisive lead into another win this season. However, Adam Kostelnik would have something to say about it. Kostelnik, who suffered mechanical problems two weeks in a row, would not be denied as he took his first win of the 2022 season after starting sixth.

Not only is Johnathan Haburcsak the current points leader at Jennerstown Speedway in the Somerset Trust Fast N’ Furious 4 Division, but he also leads the NASCAR Northeast Regional points for his division. Haburcsak was seeking his first career visit to Stoney’s Victory Lane and was a man on a mission on Saturday. It was a fierce battle with Caleb Vasos and a late charging Lance Shawley, but when the checkered flag fell it was Haburcsak celebrating a very emotional victory lane.

special placeJennerstown Speedway: Hallowed ground for some of NASCAR’s best

After a caution-filled feature last week, the Stoystown Auto Wrecker Modifieds, they went flag-to-flag with their 20-lap event. John Fama took his third victory of the season. Fama was challenged by Doug Glessner. However, Glessner was unable to mount a charge for the win. Last week’s winner Tom Golik finished third on the line.

The final of the evening belonged to Barry Awtey, the winningest driver of all time at Jennerstown Speedway. In Martella’s Pharmacy Late Model Division, Awtey dominated from pole position, earning his third victory of the season.

Next week there will be two full nights of racing. A full program will begin on July 2, followed by a free concert by the Katelyn Rose Band. On July 3, a second full day of racing will be followed by fireworks presented by JR Tunstall Auto and Truck Repair.

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Prime Minister hints he is ready to break international law to protect British steel


The Prime Minister has hinted that Britain may be prepared to break international law to protect its steel industry.

Boris Johnson argued at the G7 summit in Germany that it was reasonable for British steel to enjoy the “same protections” as other European economies.

The Telegraph has reported that the Prime Minister intends to impose new steel tariffs in a bid to win back support in traditional Labor hearts.

He said ministers also plan to announce a two-year extension of steel tariffs already imposed on developed countries and China.

The newspaper said the changes were the same as those cited by Lord Geidt when he left his post as Mr Johnson’s chief ethics officer, as he claimed he had been placed in an “impossible and impossible” position. odious” by the Prime Minister.

The peer said in his resignation letter that he only credibly clung to his role “by a very small margin” at anti-lockdown parties in Downing Street.

But he said he was forced to resign when asked to advise on “the government‘s intention to consider measures which risk a willful and willful violation of the ministerial code”.

This has been widely interpreted to mean the issue of extending tariffs on steel imports despite the possible violation of World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments.

Asked about reports he was prepared to break WTO rules by imposing new tariffs, Mr Johnson said: ‘I think it’s very important that people understand the context of this, and it is that the UK steel industry is going through a difficult period, partly because of the energy prices that I have spoken about.

“We have a system in the UK where we don’t favor our industry like some other countries do. They pay a very high price for energy, we have to solve this problem.

“We need British Steel to get much cheaper energy and cheap electricity for its blast furnaces, but until we can fix this I think it is reasonable that British steel should benefit the same protections as the other European economies, absolutely all the other European steel economies. .”

Mr Johnson noted that “the proposal would be that we remove these protections, remove these tariffs” unilaterally, adding: “I don’t think that’s the right way to go. I want another way.

Boris Johnson’s former ethics chief Lord Geidt (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

“The difficulty is, is it possible to do this while still remaining within our WTO, our obligations at the World Trade Organization? That’s the problem. But those are tough choices you have to make.

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis said it was ‘right’ for the government to seek to strike the right ‘balance’ on trade, insisting it always works ‘within the law international”.

Asked about reports that ministers were considering imposing steel tariffs which could be deemed illegal, he told the BBC’s Sunday morning show: “Well we are still working and trying to respect international law.”

Pressed on whether the government would impose the tariffs even if it threatened some sort of trade war, he said: ‘I’m not saying we’re going to, the chancellor, the business secretary and the prime minister have to look at all these things.

“They need to balance what we do with how we trade internationally with people, and protect and provide a sector of the economy here that is important for jobs.

“I think it’s fair that they look at all of these things so that they can make the right decisions to protect the jobs here, to see our economy grow and to make sure we have the input for steel, for example. . , that we need to develop our infrastructure in the future, which is so important for our future economy.”

Congresswoman Calls Removing Abortion Rights ‘A Victory for White Lives’


A US congresswoman was thanking former President Donald Trump for his Supreme Court role in overturning Roe v. Wade when she said the decision was a “victory for white lives”.

U.S. Representative Mary Miller of Illinois was speaking at a Saturday night rally with the former president when she made the comments. Her spokesperson later said that was a mistake and that she meant “right to life”.

The line as delivered was out of step with the disproportionate impact that repealing abortion rights will have on women of color.

Congresswoman Mary Miller (left) is joined by U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert (right), of Colorado, on stage at a rally in Mendon, Ill., Saturday (Mike Sorensen/Quincy Herald-Whig/AP)

Ms. Miller is running for re-election in the state’s newly redesigned 15th congressional district against Republican Rodney Davis with the former president’s blessing.

She had been invited on stage to speak by Mr. Trump, who organized the rally in Mendon, Illinois, to vote ahead of the state’s primary on Tuesday.

“President Trump, on behalf of all MAGA patriots in America, I want to thank you for the historic victory for white lives in the Supreme Court yesterday,” she said, drawing cheers from the crowd.

Ms Miller’s spokesman, Isaiah Wartman, told The Associated Press it was “a mixture of words”.

“You can clearly see in the video…she’s looking at her papers and watching her speech,” Mr Wartman said.

Abortion rights activists rally at the Indiana Statehouse following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade on Saturday, June 25, 2022 in Indianapolis
Abortion rights activists rally at the Indiana Statehouse on Saturday following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade (AJ Mast/AP)

Her campaign noted that she is the grandmother of several non-white grandchildren, including one with Down syndrome.

The freshman MP, who was among those who voted to overturn the 2020 election results, had previously come under fire for quoting Adolf Hitler.

“Hitler was right about one thing. He said: ‘He who has the youth has the future,’ Ms Miller said in a speech last year, according to video released by WCIA-TV. She later apologized after Illinois Democrats called for her resignation.

The rally came as some far-right elements pushed the Great Replacement Theory, a racist ideology that claims white people and their influence are being replaced by people of color.

Proponents blame both immigration and demographic changes, including white birth rates.

Former President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Adams County Fairgrounds in Mendon, Illinois on Saturday, June 25, 2022
Former President Donald Trump speaks at the rally in Mendon, Illinois on Saturday (Mike Sorensen/Quincy Herald-Whig/AP)

During the rally, Mr. Trump on Friday won the explosive Supreme Court decision ending the constitutional right to abortion. The three Conservative judges he appointed all voted yes.

He noted that in 2016 he promised to appoint judges who would oppose abortion rights.

“Yesterday the court pronounced a victory for the Constitution, a victory for the rule of law and, above all, a victory for life,” he told the crowd, who chanted “Thank you Trump!” .

Mr Trump at the rally also endorsed Republican Darren Bailey, who is running to become the party’s nominee for governor.

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London, Ont., A family stuck in London, England, after airlines refused to let them board


Two Canadians are stranded in England after being refused entry on a connecting flight which was to take them home and so far no one is able to help them.

Hussein Boroot, 73, and his son, Mustapha, 25, were traveling together in Lebanon to visit family and returning home to London, Ontario, via London, England, via Calgary, Alberta, more earlier this week when they were denied boarding on their WestJet flight.

The two flew with the airline from Calgary to London, England on May 11 without any problems.

“WestJet said it was out of their control,” said Zainab Boroot, Hussein’s daughter, who works from London, Ont., trying to get her family members home.

Airline staff hinted that the problem might be that their return flight might take them over US airspace, but no one has provided a firm answer on why they can’t fly. Neither family member is on any no-fly list that they know of, Zainab Boroot told CBC News.

The family contacted Global Affairs Canada, the Canadian Embassy in England and the Transportation Security Board. They tried to contact Homeland Security in the United States, but could not reach anyone.

Airlines, Ottawa and unions blamed for travel delays

Airlines, unions and the government are blaming each other for delays at Toronto’s Pearson airport with a busy summer season ahead.

“We have been stuck in London, England since June 22, 2022, 3:05 p.m.,” Hussein wrote in an email.

“I am a 73 year old, with two knee replacements and two foot surgeries less than a month ago. I have been at the airport for over 48 hours. I slept on the floor of the airport. airport in an effort to get relief. My health is rapidly declining. I am beyond exhausted and my rheumatoid arthritis is reaching levels of pain that I have never felt before.

In an email to CBC News on Friday, WestJet said they were required to follow safety procedures in the countries they operate in and fly over.

“In the event that we receive notification from a jurisdiction that a guest is not permitted to board one of our aircraft, we are required to follow the process in place as set out by the jurisdiction from which we received it,” the company’s statement read.

4 flights, 4 refusals

A travel agent advised them to book all possible flights that do not cross US airspace. They tried to book four of those flights via Calgary, Toronto, Iceland and Halifax, but were denied boarding each time.

“We communicated this to the Canadian government, but they always come back with the same answer: the Canadian government has no legislative responsibility to help Canadians abroad return home,” Hussein said in his email to CBC. News.

The Boroots were stranded in London, England, after being denied boarding on their flight back to Canada. (Submitted by Zainab Boroot)

His daughter is distraught and worried about her father, but also angry that no one can help the family.

“They’re just trying to get home. My father has been a Canadian citizen since 1965,” she said.

Liberal MP Peter Fragiskatos helped the family return home, although he warned that the Canadian government could not interfere in decisions made by US authorities.

“We continue to do our best to help this family,” Fragiskatos said. “It is a very difficult situation. They are not allowed to board because of an American decision which, it seems, prevents them from entering American airspace. many flights, the United States is chosen by airlines to land in an emergency.”

The family is considering another flight through Iceland that could avoid US airspace.

“This situation is something we are aware of, and we care about it as an office,” Fragiskatos said. “My responsibility is to exhaust all options as to what Canada can do to help recover them.”

Senator Girdler recovers from heart attack | New


As a Kentucky state senator, Rick Girdler of Somerset had many stressful times. Few, however, were like the experience he had in May.

“It was a tough situation,” Girdler said.

On May 9, Girdler had what he described as a “massive” heart attack.

“I’m fine,” Girdler said. “I came back 100 percent.”

Unfortunately, that ‘100%’ figure factored into the coronary incident, as Girdler said he had 100% blockage in his right artery – “If it had been the left artery, I wouldn’t couldn’t have talked to you”. Girdler told a reporter.

“I woke up that morning around 5 a.m. and I mean, it was pressure galore on my chest,” he recalled. “I woke up my wife and said, ‘You’re going to have to take me to the hospital, something’s going on.’ … It was very painful, down to the pressure in my chest.

Girdler said he went to Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital and 38 minutes after walking through the door, Girdler had a stent placed in his body to help support his artery and he “felt much, much better”.

After the taping, an electrocardiogram, or electrocardiogram, was performed to check Girdler’s heart.

“I started hearing the codes saying ‘cath lab,’ and then they put me through there,” Girdler said, noting that Dr. Michael McKinney attended to him then.

Girdler stayed at LCRH for a few more days before leaving and said he would undergo cardiac rehab at the local hospital in July.

“They did a wonderful job,” he said of LCRH. “I can’t do anything but sing the praises of the hospital here, I really can’t.”

He said he was never afraid during the heart attack because of his faith in Christ.

Girdler said he felt better now than he had in years. Now retired from the insurance industry, Girdler is still in the Kentucky Senate, but says it won’t affect his political duties — in fact, it might make him more effective.

“Back in this (past legislative) session, I would wear myself out pretty quickly,” he noted. “I just thought it was my age, really. I would come home and sleep three or four hours on weekends. … I just attributed it to going back and forth.

Unfortunately, he was also advised to change his lifestyle.

“I haven’t eaten steak or anything fried for six weeks,” Girdler said.

At least, though, those efforts have paid off so far.

“I’m as good as gold,” Girdler said. “I’m better than I was. I have more energy, so we’ll get through this.

The government suffers its first double defeat in a by-election since 1991


The Conservatives’ defeat at the polls in Tiverton & Honiton and Wakefield is the first time in more than 30 years that a government has lost two by-elections on the same day. The previous occasion was on November 7, 1991, when the Conservative government of John Major lost the seat of Langbaurgh in Cleveland to Labour, as well as that of Kincardine & Deeside in the east of Scotland to the Liberal Democrats .

A double defeat of a government in a by-election is so rare in British politics that it has happened only seven times since the Second World War. The Liberal Democrats needed a swing of at least 22.8 percentage points to win Tiverton & Honiton – in other words, 23 out of 100 people in the constituency who voted Conservative in the 2019 general election had to go straight to the Lib Dems.

In the event, they pulled off a swing of 29.9 points: big enough to rank sixth against a government since 1945 in a by-election that saw a change of party and MP. The biggest such swing came in July 1993 in the Christchurch by-election, which was won by the Lib Dems on a swing of 35.4 points over the Tories.

Close behind is the 34.1 point swing the Lib Dems achieved against the Tories in the North Shropshire by-election in December last year. All of these six major changes were made by either the Liberal Democrats or its predecessor, the Liberal Party.

If the swing at Tiverton & Honiton were repeated evenly in the next general election, based on current parliamentary boundaries, the outcome would see many Tories lose their seats, including Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab (at Esher & Walton), former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt (South West Surrey) and former Prime Minister Theresa May (Maidenhead).

Labor needed a much weaker swing of just 3.8 percentage points to take Wakefield from the Tories. They won the seat on a swing of 12.7 points – coincidentally, exactly the same size swing as Labor made the last time it won a Tory seat in a by-election, in Corby in 2012.

A swing of this magnitude is the kind Labor needs at the next general election to have a chance of securing an overall majority of seats in the House of Commons. It is also the scale of the swing which, if repeated evenly in the general election on the current parliamentary boundaries, would result in the defeat of people like former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith (in Chingford & Woodford Green), Secretary Environment George Eustice (Camborne & Redruth), Transport Secretary Grant Shapps (Welwyn Hatfield) and the Prime Minister himself, Boris Johnson (Uxbridge & South Ruislip).

The next general election is set to take place on new constituency boundaries, though these won’t be finalized until the summer of 2023. History suggests that voter behavior in by-elections isn’t always a reliable guide. what will happen in the next general election. .

Labor’s victory in Corby in 2012 was overturned in 2015 when the Conservatives won the seat. And the last time the Tories suffered a double partial electoral defeat while in power – in November 1991 – the party won back both constituencies just five months later in the 1992 general election.

PM warns against forcing Ukraine to accept ‘bad peace deal’


Boris Johnson has warned NATO allies it would be a “disaster” to pressure Ukraine into agreeing to a “bad peace” deal that would see swaths of territory ceded to Vladimir Putin.

The prime minister said there was little hope of sending the navy to save grain from the Russian president’s blockade as he considered talks with Turkey to prevent starvation from being a consequence of the invasion.

There are fears in Kyiv that Germany and France could push President Volodymyr Zelensky to agree to a ceasefire deal that would see him hand over land to Moscow.

Mr Johnson, who is attending a Commonwealth leaders’ summit in Rwanda ahead of talks with G7 and NATO allies in Europe in the coming days, warned there is ‘no doubt that there is a lot of Ukrainian fatigue in the world”.

“But I think they will win. I know they will win. This is their country. They are desperately fighting for this,” he told reporters traveling with him in Kigali.

“But they need to be properly supported. So my message to colleagues in the G7 and in NATO in particular is going to be that now is not the time to be satisfied and to encourage the Ukrainians to be satisfied with a bad peace, a peace by which they are asked to give up parts of their territory in exchange for a ceasefire.

“I think it would be a disaster. It would be a trigger for further escalation by Putin whenever he wants. It would cause much more economic damage to the world.

One of the key elements of the NATO talks in Madrid will be freeing Ukraine’s more than 20 tonnes of grain before it rots, a crisis that takes on added importance as farmers harvest their 2022 crops with a lack of storage space.

Foreign Minister Liz Truss will use talks in Turkey on Thursday to raise the possibility of safe passage of ships to save grain.

Mr Johnson said there is a ‘strong moral case’ for getting the grain out of Odessa and across the Black Sea, a perilous task thanks to Russian ships and mines.

He was focused on Turkish talks to find a way to get the grain safely through, but conceded “we are a long way” from sending British boats on a recovery mission.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is due for talks in Turkey (Victoria Jones/PA)

“A lot of countries that we are going to see depend on this type of grain. Some of the poorest countries in the world are absolutely dependent on Ukrainian grain,” the prime minister said.

“What is happening now in Ukraine is not solely responsible for soaring food prices around the world. It would be a gross exaggeration to think so. But it is a factor.

“We have to do everything we can to get him out.

“Under the Montreux Convention we cannot, no navy can now enter the Black Sea, the Turks will not allow that to happen.

“But we definitely have to find a way to get the grain out that is not under Putin’s control.

“It takes a lot of care and thought, and we are working with the Turks and other European partners to see what we can do.

“But we are far from trying to send the navy across the Bosphorus and into the Black Sea. But I see why you think like that.

The UK Government’s new law aimed at undermining strikes will also be applied in Wales

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The new Stadler FLIRT. Picture by Transport for Wales.

A new UK government law that will try to reduce the effectiveness of strikes will also apply in Wales, it has been announced.

Although the Welsh Government has said it supports unions, striking workers in Wales will also be affected by a new bill that will allow companies to supply agency workers during industrial action.

Subject to the approval of Parliament, the changes are being made through a statutory instrument and are expected to come into force over the next few weeks and will apply across England, Scotland and Wales.

The move comes as tens of thousands of railway workers stage a second strike in a bitter dispute over jobs, wages and conditions.

The Welsh government, which privatized Transport for Wales, is not in conflict with the railway workers in Wales, but Network Rail, which runs most of the infrastructure, is not devolved.

UK government ministers have pointed out that under current trade union laws placement firms are not allowed to provide agency workers to cover strikers, saying it can have a “disproportionate impact”.

The legislation will repeal ‘onerous’ legal restrictions, giving businesses affected by a strike the freedom to use the services of employment firms that can provide skilled short-term agency staff, the UK government has said.

It would also help mitigate the impact of future strikes, such as those seen on the railways this week, by allowing trained temporary workers to take on crucial roles in keeping trains moving, ministers said.

They gave examples of qualified temporary workers able to fill vacancies such as train dispatchers.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said: “Once again the unions are holding the country hostage by crippling crucial public services and businesses. The situation in which we find ourselves is not tenable.

“Repealing these 1970s restrictions will give businesses the freedom to quickly access fully qualified staff, while allowing people to carry on with their lives uninterrupted to help keep the economy going.”


Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: ‘Despite the best efforts of militant union leaders to bring our country to a standstill, it is clear that this week’s strikes have not had the desired impact as more people can work at residence.

“However, far too many hard-working families and businesses have been unfairly affected by the union’s refusal to modernize.

“Reforms such as this legislation are vital and will ensure that any future strikes cause even less disruption and allow adaptable, flexible and fully qualified staff to continue to work.”

The government has also announced that it is increasing the maximum damages that the courts can award to a union, when the strike has been found illegal by the court.

For larger unions, the maximum compensation will increase from £250,000 to £1million.

A Network Rail spokesperson said: “This is good news and could help us provide better service to our passengers during the strike days if this dispute drags on.

“While key security roles require several months of training, there are many other roles where they could be used, such as in security operations, which would make a real difference.”


TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The government should bring people to the table to find a fair solution to this rail dispute.

“But ministers are more interested in fighting cynically with the unions than in reaching a negotiated settlement.

“After criticizing P&O for replacing experienced workers with agency staff, Grant Shapps is using the same playbook.

“These plans are a deliberate attempt to undermine the right to strike and reduce the bargaining power of workers.

“Using less qualified agency personnel to provide important services will endanger public safety, escalate conflict and poison industrial relations.

‘Both trade unions and the agency recruitment industry have warned ministers that these plans are unworkable.’

Angela Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader and shadow secretary of state for the future of work, said: ‘This is a recipe for disaster, not only undermining wages and working conditions, but endangering public safety and tearing up the ministers’ own words.

“The government appears to have learned nothing from the P&O scandal, which led to multiple safety issues and the grounding of ships.

“The idea that this could solve the travel chaos they have created is just more conservative fantasy instead of real solutions.

“It’s no wonder business leaders oppose it as much as unions. It’s just another tactic by the conservatives to inflame more conflict in the country they should be leading, not dividing.


Gary Smith, General Secretary of the GMB, said: “It is shameful that instead of helping to find sensible, negotiated solutions to legitimate disputes, this government has pressed the P&O button.

“Working people across the country are hurting and taking action to feed their families and pay their bills during this cost of living crisis, but Boris Johnson and his team just don’t want to know about it.

“In fact, they want to make it harder for people to defend their standard of living.

“With each passing day, we see how out of touch this government is.”

Unison deputy general secretary Jon Richards said: ‘A plan to tackle the cost of living crisis should be the government’s goal, not a fight with key workers and their unions.

“The use of temporary staff creates security problems and risks damaging the relationship between employers and their employees.

“Ministers’ time would be much better spent listening to the concerns of public sector workers and investing in them with the decent pay rises needed to protect essential services.”

“Different Context”

During today’s Prime Minister’s Questions on Tuesday, Adam Price asked Mark Drakeford if he supports the strikes. The Prime Minister said he supported the trade union movement but said Labor leader Keir Starmer was in a “very different position”.

Adam Price had asked: “When it comes to the decentralization of the railways, it is important that we have a clear position on this here in Wales. Plaid Cymru is clear – the infrastructure should be devolved to Wales in the same way as the franchise. However, the position of the British Labor Party has been ambiguous at best.

“Now in the Westminster rail crisis there seems to be a competition between politicians to see who can be more invisible. Is it Grant Shapps refusing to sit down with the railroad unions, or is it Keir Starmer banning his shadow cabinet from the picket lines and chastising them for not speaking out their favor?

“While Johnson attacks workers and Starmer ignores them, Plaid Cymru will always stand with workers to defend their wages and job security. I was at an RMT picket this morning, proud to be there to express my solidarity. At a time when trade unionists and workers are being demonized, scapegoated, vilified to distract from Boris Johnson’s many failures, isn’t it even more important that we show them our support?

“If England is to have its Summer of Discontent, can we compare here – in the areas we control – having a Summer of Solidarity and taking into account, for example, the unions’ call for pay agreements which follow in the minus the pace of inflation? ”

The Prime Minister replied: “Well, Llywydd, there are no inhibitions about members of my group who show their support for the trade union movement.

“Keir Starmer is in a very different position. He knows perfectly well that if he were to sanction that, history would never speak, would it, of support for the trade union movement; it would be for the Conservatives to succeed in their wish to portray this as an example of the country returning to days that were left far behind.

“So in our context, where we have a partnership approach with our unions, where we don’t have a dispute with our unions, of course the members of the Labor Party here in Wales are able to demonstrate their support to our trade union colleagues, but we operate in a different context and we come to different conclusions for very good reasons.

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Somerset County Treasurer’s Office loses $11,000 in email scam, troopers say | New


SOMERSET, Pa. — The Somerset County Treasurer’s Office was defrauded of more than $11,000 earlier this month when office staff responded to a fraudulent email requesting a wire transfer, police said Wednesday of Somerset State.

The office, located at 300 North Center St., Somerset, received an email on June 8 claiming to be from the Somerset County Chairman-Commissioner requesting a wire transfer of $11,295 for goods and supplies to a “business known,” the soldiers said.

That wire transfer was made the same day, according to state police.

The office received a second email on June 13 requesting an additional wire transfer of $23,470. That request was denied after it was discovered that the email address the requests came from was fraudulent, soldiers said.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, the soldiers said.

Somerset County Treasurer Anthony DeLuca and District Attorney Molly Metzgar said Wednesday they could not comment on the investigation.

“It’s a clear reminder that scammers are preying on everyone across the county,” Metzgar said.

It is unclear if other county offices have received similar emails.

Patrick Buchnowski is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. He can be reached at 532-5061. Follow him on Twitter @PatBuchnowskiTD.

Rogue Somerset landlord fined £5,500 by council


A rogue Somerset landlord has been fined £5,500 following a successful prosecution by Mendip District Council.

The council’s private sector housing team have brought a civil action against the landlord – whose name has not been released to the press – after he was found guilty of operating a multi-occupancy house (HMO) without permit.

The property in question – whose location has not been disclosed – was found during an official investigation to “lack adequate fire detection”, which puts residents at undue risk.

Councilor Richard Pinnock said: ‘While we always prefer to work with owners and help them achieve the required standards and meet their legal obligations, we will not hesitate to take strict enforcement action and apply penalties. where they are needed.

“We are pleased with this result and hope it sends a strong message to deter other owners from neglecting their duties.

“We have a responsibility to protect tenants and keep homes safe, and our legal obligations allow us to take strong action when landlords fail to follow the law.”

The board said it hoped the lawsuits would deter other homeowners, adding that advice and support was available for other HMO operators.

An HMO is housing that has been subdivided to allow multiple people or families to rent rooms while sharing common facilities, such as kitchen, bathroom, and garden.

All HMOs must meet government standards under the Housing Act 2004, with those containing more than five households requiring a license from the local council to operate.

The council’s investigation found the property had been without proper permits for 22 months, during which time up to six people had been living there.

After extensive inquiries, the council have fined the landlord £5,500 – with a warning he could be banned from letting properties if further breaches come to light in the future.

Rilee inspires Somerset to big win over Essex


Rilee inspires Somerset to big win over Essex


Rilee Rossouw climbed to the top of the Vitality Blast scoring charts as Somerset stayed on course for a home knockout tie, beating Essex by eight wickets at Chelmsford.

Rossouw plundered 85 not with seven sixes and five fours to edge Northamptonshire’s Chris Lynn in the standings as the visitors did light work to hunt 189 to win, although the Eagles were left on the street giving him a life, knocking down a regulation chance when the match winner had only made it four. Tom Abell (62 not out) provided excellent support to reach his own half-century on 39 balls.

It all came after Michael Pepper (86 not out) and Paul Walter (58) were mainstays on the host’s tally of 188 for five, Jack Brooks the Somerset attacking pick with two for 23.

On the same ground that yielded 477 points in Friday’s encounter with Sussex, the hosts initially struggled to master the flow after being set up.

Adam Rossington passed one from Peter Siddle to Tom Banton and Feroze Khushi flowered briefly before passing Ben Green to mid-wicket.

Pepper spiced things up, sweeping Roelof Van Der Merwe to the back square for six, but when in-form Matt Critchley missed the Eagles it was 78 for three.

It was Walter who changed the complexion of the sleeves, clearing his front leg and hitting the ball cleanly in all parts, one of his five sixes threatening the residents of the apartments at the old hospital site.

The all-rounder ran 50 from 26 balls and the stand hit 87 from 47 before drilling deep, one of two wickets in as many balls for Brooks.

Pepper however, 50 of which came in 31 balls, dicked Siddle for six on the third man as 20 came from the final.

Even so, 188 looked light, especially as Will Smeed plundered three sixes from the opener, but after running to 22 he edged Daniel Sams all the way to Rossington.

Banton briefly took over, only for Pepper to send him on his way with a stunning hold, running from the fence and diving his full length to cling inches above the turf.

If that was mind-blowing, Sams dropped a babysitter in comparison to give Rossouw a reprieve later in the same Ben Allison.

Groans from a large crowd suggested it was a pivotal moment and Rossouw bolstered the view by tossing the ill-fated Allison for successive sixes in his next over, before looting another maximum from spinner Simon Harmer .

Two more power shots from Aron Nijjar took him to 50 from 19 balls with five sixes and three fours, and with Tom Abell providing some wrist smarts on the other side, the 100 stand took just 52 balls as the Cider-men returned home.

At the end of the game, Somerset skipper Tom Abell said: “Rilee is just a freak! He takes so much pressure off everyone. I love him, he’s a legend.

“It was a huge moment when it was dropped, but in T20 sometimes you need things to go your way and we said in the middle ‘let’s make them pay’. Games can swing on those little moments and this was one.

“For the most part I found our bowling to be very good and Brooksy did it brilliantly. They probably got 10 more than we would have liked, but it was a very fast outfield and a short boundary on one side, so we were relatively happy halfway through. We hunted a lot in this competition so we felt it was in us to have them.

“It’s a brilliant win and a huge game in the context of the group with us second and them third.”

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Thousands of people in England and Wales have lost their jobs due to childhood mistakes, campaigners say | British criminal justice


Thousands of people are at risk of being unfairly barred from their jobs because of mistakes in their youth, campaigners have said, as new data shows childhood offenses were disclosed in more than 11,000 checks criminal records last year.

Politicians and justice activists are calling for reform of the criminal record check system. They say the widespread dissemination of minor historical offenses does not protect the public and leaves no room for people to wipe the slate clean.

More than a third of childhood offenses listed in Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificates in England and Wales in 2021 happened more than 40 years ago. The oldest was a 74-year-old man convicted of larceny (petty larceny without violence).

Thousands of people are also required to disclose decades-old adult warnings and irrelevant historical offenses in routine criminal record checks each year. Caveats were issued in more than 23,000 DBS certificates last year, more than 8,000 of which were a decade or more old.

The government data was released under the Freedom of Information regime at FairChecks, a campaign backed by legal charities calling for reform of the system. It calls for an end to automatically revealed warnings during checks; to wipe the slate clean of childhood crimes and stop forever forcing people to reveal short prison sentences.

Penelope Gibbs of FairChecks said: “For too long criminal record check reform has languished in the ‘too difficult’ box. Of course we need some checks. But our disproportionate system is ruining lives by forcing people to disclose relatively minor crimes to their employers decades later.

“Rehabilitation is about enabling people to move on with their lives. The government could facilitate this by making forensic audits fairer.

A Supreme Court ruling meant the rules were changed in November 2020 so that warnings for under-18s were no longer automatically issued – although adults still were. But youth convictions, including those so minor that they result in a community or suspended sentence, are still automatically released in DBS certificates. These should stop appearing in the most basic checks after five and a half years, but continue to be issued on enhanced certificates.

Shami Chakrabarti, the former shadow attorney general for England and Wales, said disclosing childhood offenses and historical warnings hurts people’s life chances and is a cause for concern for the Lords.

“There has been a huge push to encourage people to accept police warnings over the past few decades without proper legal advice. And those caveats then lead to greater legal and practical consequences for their lives in the years to come,” she said.

“It does not help us to rehabilitate people. It’s all part of turning more and more citizens into suspects. »

The criminal record check system was tightened after the Soham murders in 2002. Ian Huntley, who murdered schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, had been reported to police six times for sexually assaulting underage girls, but was still allowed to be a school custodian.

The reforms were designed to make it easier to identify potential predators and prevent them from working or volunteering with vulnerable people. But there are fears that the wide dissemination of irrelevant historical convictions, especially in the tighter checks, will prevent people from rebuilding their lives.

Those who work with young or vulnerable people are subject to heightened vetting, which means police can disclose even minor, decades-old interactions that have not resulted in any charges.

Wera Hobhouse MP, Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson, said: ‘The government must commit to reforming the rules on disclosing criminal records so people don’t have to report old and minor convictions not relevant that could have an impact on their future.

“These figures prove that the government’s ‘get tough’ approach to crime simply does not work.

“If the Conservatives really wanted to reduce crime rates, they should put dignity and respect at the heart of our criminal justice system.

When crimes are “past” they no longer have to be automatically disclosed, but many employers, such as schools, nursing homes and hospitals, require more extensive background checks.

Any offense resulting in a prison sentence, even if suspended or committed in childhood, will be disclosed for life under all but the most basic controls.

This means that thousands of people must report very short sentences, for example for petty theft or drug possession, for life. In 2020, 6,500 people were sentenced to less than a month in prison.

More than 31,000 reports detailed prison sentences last year, more than a quarter of them suspended.

The Department of Justice said: “Protecting the public is our number one priority and those convicted of the most serious crimes will have life sentences.

“At the same time, low-level reformed offenders shouldn’t be held back by their criminal records, which is why we’ve already reduced the time it takes for their sentences to be served.”

Business leaders predict ‘incredible’ damage from disrupted rail strike


Business leaders have warned that continued strikes will cause ‘incredible’ damage to the UK in the short and long term as businesses brace for severe disruption.

Economists at the Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) have warned that the three strikes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will have a spillover effect of at least £91million on the UK economy.

Industry leaders have warned that costs could be even higher as travelers and commuters decide to stay home.

Richard Burge, chief executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, warned that the capital ‘cannot afford a summer of chaos on the railways and Tube lines’.

The entrepreneur has called on the RMT union, Network Rail and the government to resume negotiations, fearing this week’s action could be repeated later this year.

“While this strike is damaging, a recession seems likely regardless; as such, I would not attribute any possible recession to this strike,” he said.

“However, what is very worrying is the possibility that this dispute will continue throughout the year and that we will see multiple strikes in the future.

“A lost week every month for the foreseeable future is going to cause incredible short and long term damage to the UK’s economy and reputation as an attractive destination for investment.”

CEBR has predicted that almost 50% of the impact of the strikes will be felt on Tuesday, when metro and railway workers will be involved in strike action.

Hospitality and retail businesses are expected to be particularly vulnerable to the financial consequences of lost business.

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UKHospitality, has warned the railway strike could cost the sector up to £540million.

She said: “Fragile consumer confidence will be further impacted, thousands of people able and willing to spend money in hospitality venues across the country will be prevented from doing so, while staff will have no no doubt struggling to get to work.

“We should all be pulling in the same direction if we are to get the UK economy back on track and to see urgent and productive talks to avoid widespread disruption next week.”

Meanwhile, James Hardiman, senior analyst at the British Retail Consortium (BRC), said: “Unsurprisingly, the upcoming rail strikes will be damaging to retail as the strikes limit commuter and customer traffic.

“Traffic in the UK is already down from pre-pandemic levels, and this will only slow the progress made by retailers in bringing people back to the store.”

Lord Coe hints athletics could follow swimming in banning transgender women


World Athletics chairman Lord Coe has hinted that athletics could follow swimming in banning transgender athletes from elite competition.

Swimming’s world governing body FINA has voted to bar transgender female competitors from competing in women’s races if they have gone through part of male puberty.

US college swimmer Lia Thomas had previously suggested she wanted to compete for the US Olympic team, but the new rules mean she would be banned.

Sebastian Coe has suggested Athletics could change its rules regarding transgender athletes (Mike Egerton/PA)

Coe was in Budapest over the weekend for the world swimming championships and suggested the athletics might change its rules regarding transgender athletes.

“My responsibility is to protect the integrity of women’s sport and we take that very seriously, and if that means we need to make adjustments to protocols in the future, we will,” he said.

“I have always been clear: if ever we are pushed into a corner to the point where we pass judgment on fairness or inclusion, I will always fall on the side of fairness.

“We see an international federation asserting its primacy in establishing rules, regulations and policies that are in the best interests of its sport.

“It is as it should be. We have always believed, and constantly repeated, that biology trumps gender and we will continue to review our regulations accordingly.

When asked if World Athletics would consider adopting the same policy as FINA, Coe added: “We have always said that our regulations in this area are a living document, specific to our sport and we will follow the science.

“We continue to study, research and contribute to the growing body of evidence that testosterone is a key determinant of performance and have scheduled a discussion of our DSD and transgender regulations with our board later this year.”

Health centers for farmers in Frome, Exmoor and Bridgwater


AGRICULTURAL workers, farmers and their families can now get specialist advice from NHS professionals at Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auction, as well as Frome Market and Derek Mead Health Hall in Bridgwater.

The health centers are run by NHS nurses supported by charities and agricultural businesses.

The Exmoor and Frome hubs follow the success of the Derek Mead Health Room, which has operated at the Sedgemoor Auction Center since 2018.

Exmoor Rural Health Hub chairman Richard Webber said: “Farmers are under considerable pressure from a variety of sources and are often unaware of their own physical and mental well-being, to the detriment of their own health.

“The Exmoor Rural Health Center…makes access to health services more accessible.

“We hope this will encourage farmers and those who live and work in this rural area to seek out health interventions earlier, as the center can be visited after a trip to the cattle market, with no appointment necessary.”

Nurses are recruited from agricultural backgrounds and Hub volunteers come from agricultural and community charities.

Jane Fitzgerald, director of the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust responsible for the centres, said: “Many people who work in the farming community often put the health and welfare of their livestock above their own welfare and delay the looking for help.

“Farmers often live and work in isolated communities and we are proud that our teams offer services in places that are easy to reach and where there is no need to make an appointment.

“Sometimes we see farmers looking for reassurance and other times we’ve noticed signs of something that could be more important. In these cases, a referral letter to the patient’s GP has, on occasion, provided early intervention in treatable conditions.

Olivia Winterton, Administrator of the Exmoor Rural Health Hub, said: “Rural communities are among the hardest to reach with mainstream health services.

“The nurses selected to run this service are very responsive to the needs of the farming communities they serve, particularly to recognize signs of physical or mental health issues and provide support before conditions worsen. ”

Frome Market Health Hub holds regular NHS clinics on the second and fourth Wednesday mornings of each month.

Podiatrist Kate Woollett hosts sessions every first and third Wednesday, available free to farmers.

She said: “Podiatrists can detect a number of underlying and potentially undiagnosed or untreated health conditions. During my short time at the FMHH, I identified a number of issues that needed further investigation.

UK government needs long-term plan for higher wages, not a fight with workers | Richard Partington


EEverywhere we look, the fabric of Britain is fraying to the seams. Railroad strikes, crumbling airports, severe staff shortages, soaring gas and food prices, the biggest drop in living standards since the 1950s.

As the biggest industrial dispute on the rail network in three decades is due to begin this week, the battle lines are being drawn. Alongside the succession of shocks wrought by the Covid pandemic and Russia’s war in Ukraine, Boris Johnson’s government will add another culprit to our palpable sense of national decline: the working people.

The tone could hardly be more different from last October, when the Prime Minister told the Conservative Party conference that Britain was on course to become a high-wage economy under his leadership. Business leaders have been warned to stop complaining about Brexit and staff shortages and instead told to raise wages.

Now the government is warning conditions are ripe for a dangerous ‘wage and price spiral’ that would force the Bank of England to raise interest rates even further to stifle inflation from the system – raising the specter of years 1970, when powerful unions raise wages, and with it inflation.

In the marked change, Treasury Chief Secretary Simon Clarke warned public sector workers in particular that they should not have “unrealistic expectations” about their pay, as the increases would only “prolong and intensify the cost of living crisis.

It was a revealing intervention, expressing a point of view held by high-ranking members of the cabinet. Although the public sector represents only 15% of the workforce, the Treasury believes that keeping wages in the sector can send a powerful message to the economy as a whole, helping to keep wage expectations at a low level. low level.

Over the next few weeks, annual pay plans for NHS staff, prison officers, teachers and civil servants will be revealed by the government. With all this talk of restraint, the signs are that a miserly settlement awaits. Bad luck for the heroes cheered in the coronavirus pandemic, now the villains of the play; cast as catalysts for our cost of living crisis.

None of this sits well with the promise of a high-wage economy. Nor to rebuild better or level up. “We’re not going back to the same old broken model,” Johnson told the Conservative Party conference last October. Has the Prime Minister changed his mind? If now is not a good time to abandon the low-wage economy that his party has presided over for 12 years, while working people are suffering the worst loss of living standards on record, when will it be?

Despite warnings about wages fueling the inflationary fire, there are few signs of a wage-price spiral taking hold.

The Bank of England estimates average wage growth across the economy, excluding bonuses, to be between 4% and 6%. Although well above pre-Covid rates, this hardly pulls the lights. With record vacancies and unemployment at a five-decade low – as well as the highest inflation in 40 years, which is already at 9% and heading towards 11%, according to the Bank – it may be more surprising that wages have not increased significantly. higher already.

There are sectors where wage increases are higher. Official figures show average wage growth, including bonuses, soared to 8% in the private sector due to windfall payments for city bankers and IT professionals. However, wage increases in the public sector languish at just 1.5%.

Last October, Boris Johnson told the Conservative Party conference that Britain was on course to become a high-wage economy under his leadership. Photography: Tayfun Salci/Zuma Press Wire/Rex/Shutterstock

All of this comes after the worst decade of real wage growth since the Napoleonic wars. Under the austerity measures the government now seems keen to recreate, public sector workers have been particularly hard hit.

Unions are bracing for a 3% pay rise for the NHS in England this year. While matching the wage deal agreed in 2021, this would mean a significant reduction in wages in real terms when adjusted for inflation, and would fall well short of income growth for the economy as a whole.

If ministers were to push through a 3 per cent settlement for NHS workers, the TUC estimates nurses and paramedics would face a £2,000 reduction in the inflation-adjusted value of their pay. For childminders this would represent a reduction in real terms of £1,200 and for hospital porters a reduction of £1,000.

Given weak wage growth and rising costs of living since 2010 after years of austerity, nurses are worse off by £5,200 a year. It’s no surprise that Britain’s public sector is fraying to the max. As wages rise at markedly faster rates in the private sector, the only spiral Johnson should worry about is the lengthening queue of health care workers leaving for better-paying jobs elsewhere.

Labor shortages are the biggest challenge facing the UK‘s health and social care system. The non-partisan Health Foundation think tank estimates that England’s NHS trusts alone face a staff shortage of 110,000. With Covid backlogs to deal with and an aging population, this will only grow. With new records for hospital waiting times revealed last week, the charity King’s Fund warned: ‘Until the government seizes the nettle on these staffing challenges, the NHS will not will not have the capacity it needs to provide the care patients need and deserve.

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So far, however, the government seems more eager to play politics than to come up with viable solutions. After Partygate, the Prime Minister fears giving in to the unions and setting a precedent, preferring to blame the strikes on Labor rather than his own shortcomings.

However, an action plan is urgently needed. To avoid a bleak future for jobs, the government must set out a roadmap to sustainably grow wages by boosting the productivity of the UK economy. Such conditions can allow wages to rise without fueling inflation. But where is the plan?

If the prime minister wants to build a high-wage economy, a good start would be to abandon the divide-and-rule tactic and get back to the table with unions and employers. Such coordination is common in European countries but seems anathema to a government more focused on ideological disputes.

Without a long-term plan and permanently stuck in campaign mode, Johnson chose to fight with the workers instead. This will only serve to fan the flames of a summer of discontent.

More and more students are receiving personal finance education. But is it enough?


Image source: Getty Images

One in four high school students has to take a course on personal finance.

Important points

  • Almost a quarter (22.7%) of high school students today must take a personal finance course to graduate.
  • Legislators in 26 states are introducing 60 separate bills to expand access to personal finance education.
  • People who are more financially literate are less likely to experience financial difficulties.

According to the S&P Global Financial Literacy Survey, 43% of Americans are financially illiterate — and gaps in financial literacy can lead to chronic money problems. In 2018, only 16.4% of US graduating high school students received a personal finance education. In the meantime, the number has risen to about every fourth high school student (22.7%).

As more states mandate financial literacy as part of the high school curriculum, Next Gen Personal Finance estimates that at least one-third (35.1%) of high school students have taken a standalone personal finance course. That still leaves two out of three high school students without the education they need to be financially capable.

More and more states are implementing personal finance requirements

Currently, only eight states require high school students to take a personal finance course: Alabama, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia.

Five more states are beginning to implement personal finance education at the high school level. Personal Finance Education is defined as a self-contained Personal Finance course lasting at least one semester or 60 consecutive hours of instruction.

Michigan recently passed legislation that would make it the 14th state to guarantee high school students a personal finance course before they graduate. Momentum has increased this year as 26 state legislatures introduced 60 separate bills to expand access to personal finance education.

The Importance of Personal Financial Education

Personal Finance Education helps people directly with their financial well-being. People with higher financial literacy are less likely to experience financial difficulties. People with low financial literacy are:

  • Six times more likely to have trouble making ends meet.
  • Five times more likely to not be able to cover living expenses for a month.
  • They are four times more likely to spend more than 10 hours a week thinking about or dealing with personal financial problems.
  • They are four times more likely to be dissatisfied with their current financial situation.

Studies also show that personal financial literacy reduces the likelihood of young adults taking advantage of payday loans and is positively correlated with wealth accumulation and net worth by age 25. States with mandatory personal finance courses saw lower delinquency rates and better credit scores.

Next Gen Personal Finance’s annual report found that access to personal finance education is still divided by location, race and socioeconomic status. Students across the country do not have equal access to personal finance education. Extending personal finance education to all segments of society can help bridge the socioeconomic gap and help more people build their savings accounts.

The vast majority of millionaires have not inherited their money or made a six-figure income. Financial success is often based on applying basic personal finance principles like investing regularly and consistently over a long period of time, being debt-free, and sticking to a budget. Financial literacy is key to financial success and can help build good habits for the future.

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David Hebert, Party Dress Express, Somerset Trustee


As we prepare to kick off a new week, let’s look back on the week that has been.

It was a week full of celebrations – from graduations to the exciting countdown to summer vacation for fellow area students to the Case softball team earning a berth in the state finals.

In other news, the former Brockton High and Boston College football star and Troy City Titans coach helps the Fall River stabbing victim recover from a near-fatal attack. Also, a trio of churches in Somerset and Swansea are drawing up a merger plan.

But the most read stories of the week on heraldnews.com were:

Working in the bakery program at Diman Regional Technical School Kitchen on Friday are from left, junior Zabdiel Montanez, senior Nina Faucci and Maximilian Acevedo.

“They want someone yesterday”

Looking for a job? You’re in luck, with experts saying the current job market offers historic levels of vacancies across a wide range of industries.

“This is the first time that the leverage is really in the hands of employees,” said Kevin Lazaro, director of cooperative education at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School.

“I’ve seen a lot of change, but I’ve never seen so many job opportunities across so many industries.”

In the culinary industry, which was hit hard at the start of the pandemic and is now rebounding, Lazaro said it’s been “astronomical in terms of the number of jobs they’re looking for.” The construction industry also sees a massive amount of job vacancies.

Find out which industries and fields are seeing the most new hires.

Booming labor market:Employers desperately need workers in these fields

Fall River businessman David Hebert leaves the John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston following his sentencing hearing on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, after pleading guilty to multiple corruption charges and extortion.

Correia’s co-conspirator has no jail time

David Hebert, the remaining co-defendant to be convicted in the fraud, extortion and government corruption case against former Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II, apologized before being sentenced to three years probation and to a total of $86,000 in fines and forfeiture in a Boston federal court on Wednesday.

Walking with a cane and wearing a dark blue blazer, Hébert, a local landlord and former friend and owner of Correia, apologized to the judge and his family, who he said had no knowledge of his connections , helping Correia extort money from one of four marijuana business owners looking to do business in the city.

Hebert, a Westport resident and owner of Hanover Properties, also expressed remorse to the “people of Fall River.”

Closing the book on the scandal:David Hébert sentenced for his role in the Jasiel Correia affair

Owner of Party Dress Express Jessica Cordeiro.

Evening dress boutique finds a new home

“Everything happens for a reason.” That’s the mantra that Jessica Cordeiro lives by, and one that has held true in recent weeks for the Fall River clothing store owner and her sister, Adrianna Cordeiro.

The siblings own Party Dress Express, a 36-year-old Fall River date that has become part of the defining moments of countless brides and proms over the years.

After nearly 13 years in the Tower Mill, Party Dress Express were forced out of their Quarry Street home and the couple worried about what would happen to their store. But when one door closed, another opened.

Later this month they will say goodbye to the factory site and move within minutes of their new home. Find out where they’re headed and how to participate in their moving sale.

To relocate:New home for Party Dress Express, a perfect fit for the Cordeiro sisters

Somerset Town Hall

Third time is a charm?

The Board of Selectmen’s first two choices to be the next Somerset Town Trustee have now both turned down the job.

The city has not had a permanent city administrator since November 2021, when former city administrator Richard Brown retired.

In May, the council voted to extend a job offer to current Uxbridge Town Administrator Steven Sette to fill the vacancy in Somerset. But that fell through when Uxbridge offered to raise his salary to $175,000.

Next, the selectors opted to hire former Bourne town administrator Thomas Guerino, who was their second favorite during the interview process. But on June 8, President Allen Smith told a selection meeting that Guerino was no longer interested either.

Back to the drawing board:Two candidates passed up the post of administrator of the city of Somerset

This 3,500 square foot home on Cherry and Webb Beach in Westport sold for $2.6 million on May 24.

A house with a view

Westport summer dreams must include beaches, sand dunes, waves and a beach house with views and decks galore.

A three-story, 3,500-square-foot pillared home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms sold on May 24, according to real estate and mortgage data firm The Warren Group.

The house has a rooftop terrace that overlooks Westport Harbor, Gooseberry Island and beyond. On the first floor there is a partially covered terrace, a hot tub and an outdoor shower. The second floor has bedrooms with mezzanines. The third floor has an open floor plan with a living room, dining room and large kitchen, and a recreation area with access to the roof terrace.

Get out and walk on a path over the dunes to the ocean and a sandy beach, between Horseneck Point and Horseneck Beach.

See what this house and others will do in your area.

Real estate report:This private $2.6 million beach house in Westport features sand dunes

Government responds to Jade Law petition and admits current guidelines are ‘onerous’


The government has acknowledged the issues surrounding the ‘Jade’s Law’ petition, which was started by the family of murdered mother Jade Ward. The 27-year-old was brutally killed by her ex-partner James Marsh, who was sentenced to life for his crime.

Jade, from Shotton, was stabbed and strangled to death last August. Despite being locked up, Russell still has parental responsibility for the four sons he shared with Jade. This caused fury among those close to Jade and was at the heart of a petition which garnered over 120,000 signatures opposing Russell’s right to have power over the children.

He retains control over medical needs and whether the children can leave the country, which means that if the family were to dispute this, they would have to go through a lengthy family court hearing. The government has now “acknowledged” this problem.

Read more:Racist bullies beat 12-year-old boy, pour him water and try to take his shoes

They said: “The government recognizes that in situations where one parent is found guilty of murdering the other parent, the process of restricting parental responsibility for an imprisoned parent can take time, and what to do or responding to court requests, and attending multiple hearings on related parental responsibility issues can often be onerous for those involved.

“Under the Children’s Act 1989, the exercise of parental responsibility held by one or more persons may already be limited by the court, where this is considered to be in the best interests of the child. The law also allows the court to restrain people who make multiple wrongful claims in court, which can be burdensome and burdensome for family members.

“Where a child does not have a parent to care for them on a day-to-day basis, family members can apply for court orders in private law proceedings, or a local authority can initiate public law custody in view When making such orders, the welfare of the child is always the primary consideration of the court.

Russell Norman James Marsh was jailed at Mold Crown Court for at least 25 years after murdering his ex-wife Jade Ward.

“In cases where one parent has been found guilty of murdering the other, the responsible local authority will have a duty to protect that child and ensure that he or she is protected from harm. This may include the initiation of care proceedings to provide the child with permanent or temporary care arrangement.

“A custody arrangement may include family members, such as grandparents, aunts or uncles, who are granted parental responsibility for the child. Alternatively, a local authority will acquire parental responsibility for the child. child where the court considers it to be in the best interests of the child.

“The court can already exercise powers to effectively remove all parental powers and authority in appropriate cases. The extent to which, and the period during which, these parental rights and powers are limited, are matters for the judge to decide. based on the facts of the case.

“The court may also exercise powers to prevent an individual from repeatedly attempting to bring matters before the court. Section 91(14) of the Children Act 1989 allows family courts to prohibit individuals to make other specific requests under the Children Act 1989 without the permission of These orders are known as section 91(14) orders.

“The court may make such an order ex officio or at the request of one of the parties involved in the private law case.

“Once an order under section 91(14) is in place, if a claimant subsequently seeks leave to make a relevant claim under the Children’s Act, the court will generally consider whether the circumstances that gave rise to the restraining order have changed.This provides protection to those caring for the child, removing the burden and distress associated with family members having to appear in court several times.

If a petition reaches 100,000 signatures, then it is considered for debate. The petition, which you can still sign here, says she is waiting 44 days for a debate date.

Cold-blooded killer Russell Marsh has been sentenced to life for the heinous attack which saw his estranged wife, Jade Marsh, 27, also known as Jade Ward, die at his hands. You can read our coverage of the entire trial HERE.

For more stories of where you live, visit InYourArea

King’s Hall U13 cricketers claim County Cup success


The KING’S Hall Girls and Boys Under-13 cricket teams both took part in the semi-finals of their respective Somerset County Cup competitions at Millfield last week.

In their match, the King’s Daughters fielded Millfield first and limited to 95 runs, thanks to an early wicket from Olivia H and a number of impressive performances, including Faith H who landed a stumping, catch and a run-out.

In response, Lulu R scored 20 outs, after which Emmanuella came in and hit 17 useful runs, but in the end the King’s Daughters finished 10 runs down.

In the boys’ game, King was first to field and thanks to an extremely tight bowling and fielding performance that included three-for-10 figures for Theo L and Nick W, Millfield was fired for 88.

When King’s responded, they battled patiently and scored their points in sensible fashion, with skipper Noah J leading the way by scoring 50 points and leading the team to victory.

Ali Halls, King’s Hall Sporting Director, said: “It was great that our U13 boys and our U13 girls were playing so well. At King’s we have enormous respect for Millfield and I think both results were fair. Millfield’s U13 girls had outstanding bowlers and didn’t give us easy courses.

He continued: “The boys game was hugely exciting and I’m delighted that Paul Thomas’ side qualified for the County Cup in their final season. In his 33 years at King’s Hall, Paul gave so much to cricket during that time.

What are other names for Juneteenth? US betrays ‘Jubilee Day’ spirit


This story was supported by the Project to report on cases of economic hardship a non-profit journalism.

Dating back thousands of years, the anniversary was a momentous celebration, a year to give back lands, forgive debts, and free enslaved people. Announced by the loud bang from a ram’s horn, Bible Scholars’ Notethe jubilee year was founded on the idea of ​​freedom and orchestrated an economic, cultural and moral reorganization of society. So it’s fitting that there’s often Juneteenth referred to as anniversary day.

In January 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation abolished body slavery. to explain “all persons kept as slaves” to be “free forever”. But it wasn’t until two years later, on June 19, 1865, that news of liberation finally reached the enslaved people of Galveston, Texas. June 16, sometimes called Black Independence Day or Freedom Day, honors this indeed end of slavery.

In a way, the Emancipation Proclamation functioned as Black Americans’ first and only jubilee — in fact, “jubilee” is what used to enslave people called phase that followed the civil war. Abolition essentially ended an entire economy of exploited labor built the modern capitalist world. But the Emancipation Proclamation went further than simply acknowledging the abolition of slavery by the Confederate States—they did, too reliant the United States government to “preserve” the liberty of formerly enslaved people and “to take no action or actions to oppress such persons” or “to make such efforts as they may make for their actual liberty.” Today, in stark contradiction to the instructions of President Abraham Lincoln, the government continues to sanction and facilitate black oppression.

Stock tenure, convict leasing, medical racism, mass incarceration, police, and other racist institutions locked Black Americans in cycles of debt bondage, forced labor, and suffering. Forced to fund public goods and their own incarceration through debt, blacks bear the brunt of students, medical, and criminal liability. For-profit colleges, hospitals, police departments, and the industrial prison complex are all (literally) banking on their plans to indebted black communities. Just a decade ago, in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, racist housing construction practices methods exercises and job loss wiped out more than the half of black wealth.

As a result, today’s black and white homeownership gap is wider than over 50 years ago. From the Three-Fifths Compromise to jail and racist maneuvering, politicians have repeatedly stripped black political power and given them voting rights weaker for black Americans than 1965 when the Voting Rights Act was first passed. The scourge of gun violence and the school-to-jail pipeline have stolen the future of black children. Black girls are disappear at an unscrupulous price and black trans women have a Life expectancy approximate age required to become president: 35. Being black increases your chances of being imprisoned almost fivefold. If you are a black woman in New York City, your odds of dying in childbirth increase eightfold. Unfortunately, Black Americans make up 13% of the US population and 40% of the general population death row.

British government approves extradition of Julian Assange to US for espionage


LONDON — The British government has approved the extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to the United States to face espionage charges.

Assange now has 14 days to appeal the district judge’s decision and the Secretary of State’s decision to order the extradition.

Assange has consistently denied any wrongdoing and an appeal is likely.

“Under the Extradition Act 2003, the Secretary of State must sign an extradition order if there are no grounds for barring the order,” the Home Office said. UK in a statement following the decision. “Extradition requests are only sent to the Home Office Secretary once a judge decides they can proceed after considering various aspects of the case. On June 17, after review by the Magistrates Court and the High Court, the extradition of Mr. Julian Assange to the United States has been ordered. Mr. Assange retains the normal 14-day right of appeal.”

According to the UK Home Office, all extradition requests from countries outside Europe are sent to Westminster Magistrates’ Court. The court then hears the arguments of both parties before making a decision on extradition.

“In this case, the UK courts have not found that it would be oppressive, unfair or an abuse of process to extradite Mr. Assange,” the UK Home Office continued. “Nor have they concluded that extradition would be inconsistent with his human rights, including his right to a fair trial and freedom of expression, and that while he is in the United States he will be treated as appropriate manner, including with regard to his health.

This is a developing story. Please check for updates.

Plans for new homes in the tiny Somerset village have been rejected following ‘woefully inadequate’ motorway advice


Plans for new homes in a small Somerset village have been rejected following ‘woefully inadequate’ advice from motorway experts.

Persimmon Homes South West and Johnstone Land Company (Bristol) Ltd. jointly requested the construction of 26 houses at the western end of Chapelfield in the village of Oakhill, near Shepton Mallet. The Somerset County Council Highways Department advised that the development would not cause significant damage to the village.

But Mendip District Council’s planning board voted unanimously to refuse the plans at its meeting on Wednesday evening (June 15), citing concerns about overdevelopment, road safety and the impact on the character of the town. Rob Westell, who lives near the site, said he and more than 100 local residents were “fiercely opposed” to the development, arguing the village could no longer cope with new housing.

READ MORE: Two men admit to killing Wiveliscombe man Jason Lock

He compared the plans to Gladman Developments’ proposals for 95 homes in the nearby village of Chilcompton – which were canceled by the Planning Inspectorate in February following a public inquiry. He told council: “As a secondary village, Oakhill is expected to be one of the last places to see new housing developments of this scale.

“Twenty-six new homes in Oakhill represents 9.4 per increase in the size of the village – the village which, according to Part II of the local plan, has already exceeded its fair share of new development.” Part II of the local plan – which was ratified by councilors in December 2021 – notes that Oakhill has already delivered 49 new homes since the initial local plan was approved in 2014, compared to a minimum of 40 properties until 2029.

Mr Westell continued that Somerset County Council‘s Highways Department had made no robust assessment of the existing road safety issues in the village, which could be exacerbated by the additional houses. He said: “The issues surrounding the narrow High Street with its lack of pavements, the dangerous junctions with the A37 and A367, or the existing blind 90 degree bend in Chapelfield have not been assessed, although these issues are repeatedly raised by residents.

“Between the center of the village and the application site, pedestrian access is downright dangerous. With no commerce, limited bus services and no employment opportunities, Oakhill residents are forced to use the car for almost all trips.

“The density is far higher than the surrounding existing development. The result is a development that will result in a permanent loss of privacy and loss of light for existing properties.”

Oakhill is in the ward of Ashwick, Chilcompton and Stratton – represented by Councilors Joshua Burr and Sam Phripp. In a joint statement, read aloud on their behalf, they said: “We stand with the vast majority of local residents in stressing how inappropriate this home construction would be.

READ MORE: Dad left with a fractured skull and broken arms after being thrown off a cliff

“Oakhill has a village which has grown in recent years and has contributed its fair share to the overall housing objectives of the district. The site and its access are at the end of a quiet and relatively narrow cul-de-sac, and is currently a lot – loved green spaces.

“Frankly, we shouldn’t add extra traffic on roads that can’t take it.” Councilor Tom Killen – who represents the neighboring wards of Chewton Mendip and Ston Easton – said the council and village had been “abandoned by Somerset County Council” and the inaction of its highway department.

He said: “Anyone who knows Oakhill will know you have bad junctions on the A37 where visibility is non-existent and then at the other end near the war memorial you have a pinch point where you have to clear a way in traffic, putting a big development in the middle of it just doesn’t seem realistic without some improvements or without these issues being addressed.

Councilor Tom Killen, Leader of the Conservative Group
Councilor Tom Killen, Leader of the Conservative Group

“It’s just not realistic to walk to the Gurney Slade store without putting yourself in danger.” These views were shared by Councilor Edric Hobbs, who was recently elected to represent the Mendip Hills division (including Oakhill) on county council.

He said: “The road network in the area is appalling. If you go up the main road I have blind junctions where we need to improve the mowing of the grass.

“Truck movements are going to go into this area – it’s horribly dangerous. If they’re coming the other way, I’d like to see them try to drive down the main street, with all the parking.

READ MORE: Martin Lewis’ 10-second fuel tip that lets drivers fill up for less

“One of the first things I did after becoming county councilor was to visit the village, and a bit further down towards the junction near the school, raw sewage was in the road. The system sewer can’t take it.”

Councilor Alan Townsend – who represents the neighboring borough of Coleford and Holcombe – added: “I have been driving in Oakhill for over 45 years. When you arrive on the A37, you are blind on the right and semi-blind on the left. , so most of us do a dog leg and walk out through The Mendip Inn.

“How many accidents have there been in the past 20 years? County council safety records show that no one has died within 500 yards of the site in the last five years – so they don’t care.”

Councilor Damon Hooton (Liberal Democrat, Frome Park)
Councilor Damon Hooton (Liberal Democrat, Frome Park)

Councilor Damon Hooton, who chairs the planning board, said the county council’s advice on highways was “woefully inadequate”. He ranted: “I’ve been sitting around this table in one form or another for almost 19 years – and nothing’s changed. We’re still getting useless advice.

“So at some point, before I stop being an adviser, I want to put my foot down and challenge him – and I think I’ve reached that point.” Mr Hooton stood for the Liberal Democrats in the Frome West division in the recent local elections, but finished four of seven candidates.

After about an hour of debate, the board voted unanimously to decline the plans – a decision that was cheered by other members of the public.

Struggling cosmetics company Revlon seeks bankruptcy protection


Cosmetics company Revlon has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy – weighed down by rising debts, global supply chain disruptions and new rivals. The company has been in the beauty business for 90 years, but has struggled in recent years with mounting debt, growing competition and a failure to keep pace with changing beauty standards.

The company said that following court approval, it expects to receive US$575m (£467m) in funding from its existing lenders, which will allow it to continue operations daily. The company avoided bankruptcy at the end of 2020 by persuading enough bondholders to extend its maturing debt.

Debra Perelman, who was named President and Chief Executive Officer of Revlon in 2018, said, “Today’s filing will allow Revlon to bring our consumers the iconic products we have offered for decades, while providing a clearer path for our future growth. products remain strong, but its “challenging capital structure” provided limited ability to navigate macro issues.

His father, billionaire Ron Perelman, backs the company through MacAndrews & Forbes, which acquired the company through a hostile takeover in the late 1980s. Revlon went public in 1996 .

Over the past few months, Revlon has experienced industry-wide supply chain challenges and higher costs that are challenging businesses around the world. It said in March that logistical problems were affecting its ability to meet customer orders and that it was being held back by rising prices for key ingredients and continued labor shortages.

None of Revlon’s international operating subsidiaries are included in the proceedings, with the exception of Canada and the United Kingdom. The filing was made in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

The company has listed assets and liabilities between US$1bn (£810m) and US$10bn (£8.1bn), according to its bankruptcy filing.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection offers a company a way to reshape the business by reorganizing debt and assets, including real estate. The company generally continues to do business, with Chapter 11 effectively giving it a fresh start after restructuring its debt and other legal obligations.

Why Revlon is in trouble – and hopes for the future

Revlon has some household names, including Almay and Elizabeth Arden. The company also broke down racial barriers and brought models like Iman, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington to the fore.

In 1970, Revlon became the first beauty company to feature a black model, Naomi Sims, in its advertising. In the 1980s, she caused a stir with her modeling campaign featuring diverse, famous and new models, including Iman, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington, when she promised to make women “unforgettable”.

However, the New York company was slow to catch up with most women who ditched flashy cosmetics like red lipstick for more subdued tones from the 1990s onwards. In addition to rivals like Procter & Gamble, it faced increased competition from celebrity cosmetic lines like Kylie Jenner’s Kylie, which capitalized on their huge social media following.

Revlon’s problems only intensified with the pandemic as lipstick sales plummeted, with face masks all the rage at the time. Sales fell 21% in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, although those sales rebounded 9.2% in its last reporting year as vaccines became widespread.

At its height in the 20th century, Revlon trailed only Avon in terms of sales. It now ranks 22nd among cosmetics manufacturers, according to a recent ranking by fashion magazine WWD.

As women venture out after the pandemic, Revlon’s makeup sales are rebounding, according to Ms. Perelman. She said the company has also used the health crisis as an opportunity to double down on its online investments. During the pandemic, Elizabeth Arden has launched individual virtual consultations.

Ms Perelman also said the company was learning from celebrity launches like Kylie to be more nimble and had cut months of new product development. She said she also sees Revlon regaining market share. In the last quarter that ended in March, sales increased by almost 8%.

Ex-soldier who killed ‘not mentally ill’ neighbors


A former soldier who stabbed his neighbors to death as their children slept upstairs was not mentally ill at the time, two psychiatrists have said.

Collin Reeves, 35, is on trial for murder at Bristol Crown Court after killing Jennifer and Stephen Chapple on November 21 in Norton Fitzwarren, near Taunton in Somerset.

Reeves and his family lived next door to the Chapples in Dragon Rise in the new development and had an argument in a parking lot in May 2021.

There had been several angry exchanges between them, including an incident in which Reeves called Ms Chapple a ‘f****** c***’ and a ‘fat bitch’.

Reeves admits he stabbed Mr and Mrs Chapple, but denies murder and has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Read more: Ex-soldier tells court he doesn’t remember killing neighbors

The Afghan veteran, who served with the Royal Engineers and underwent grueling commando training, used the ceremonial dagger given to him when he left the army.

The jury heard he had problems in his own marriage and about 40 minutes before the attack his wife, Kayley, filed for legal separation.

After the murders, Reeves was recorded in the background of the 999 call telling someone, believed to be his mother Lynn, “I couldn’t let her (or them) torment Kayley any longer.”

Forensic psychiatrist Dr Lucy Bacon, who assessed Reeves on behalf of the defense team, concluded that he was suffering from moderate depression at the time.

She said Reeves did not have symptoms consistent with acute post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The accused said he was anxious in crowds but was not “hyper-vigilant” – a symptom of PTSD often seen in soldiers where they feel a constant sense of threat.

Reeves said his life “felt dark all the time,” the witness said.

Dr Bacon said: “To me that’s quite an evocative description of low mood, there’s no brightness, no pleasure or happiness, things are pretty miserable.”

She diagnosed his depression as moderate because he was still able to function in some aspects of his life, such as going to work or going for runs, and worried about providing for his family.

Read more: Ex-soldier who killed neighbors tells 999: ‘I stabbed them’

Dr Bacon said: ‘I would certainly say depression is a relevant factor in Mr Reeves’ actions; I wouldn’t say depression caused him to do what he did, but I think if you look at the totality, depression played a part in it.

She added: “From my perspective, I don’t think this meets the criteria for mitigated liability, but that is my perspective, and it is a jury decision.”

While at the police station, Reeves gave his name “Lance Corporal Collin Reeves” and gave his service number, and seemed confused as to why he was there.

Dr Bacon said it appeared the defendant had “regressed” in his training.

“He spent many years as a soldier and he went back to that way of answering questions with his service number, that sort of thing,” she said.

“I think it was caused by the shock of killing the Chapples.”

Dr Bacon added: ‘It’s possible he’s already regressed somewhat and gone into armed mode during the kills.’

She said that, when talking to Reeves, he said “he didn’t feel that the depth of his feelings for the neighbors accounted for the fact that he killed them.”

Dr. John Sandford, a forensic psychiatrist for the prosecution, said Reeves’ memory loss regarding the murders was consistent with “dissociative amnesia” and was not a contributing factor to the incident.

He said it’s common in domestic violence homicide cases, where the perpetrator may call the police immediately afterwards but quickly lose all memory of the incident.

“It has nothing to do with depression – it’s a reaction to a traumatic act, something that’s usually a reaction to something you did rather than something that was done to you,” he said. said Dr. Sandford.

The witness diagnosed Reeves with mild depression, adding that it was a normal response for someone who was unhappy in his job and unhappy in his marriage.

Dr Sandford said Reeves described a pattern of “subtle bullying and social cruelty” by Ms Chapple towards his wife.

He said that, in his opinion, “the main factor in the commission of this offense is the dispute between the two families”.

The trial, which is due to be completed by the end of the week, is continuing.

New funding for local authorities to prepare for the tariff reform

  • £15.5m will help local authorities prepare for adult social care pricing reform in October 2023
  • Adult social care reforms will change the way social care is paid for and protect people from unpredictable care costs across England
  • Pricing reform is part of wider welfare reform which will reduce pressure on the NHS, helping the government continue to tackle Covid backlogs

More than £15million will be paid to local authorities across England today (Wednesday June 15) to help them implement new social care pricing reforms to end the unpredictable cost of care for the public.

The introduction of the tariff reform, which will include a cap on the cost of care and a more generous means test, will lead to an increase in the demand for additional assessments and will force local authorities to upgrade IT systems to record and maintain care accounts.

The £15.5m will be shared by local authorities to hire additional staff, prepare their workforce and recruit dedicated IT staff to oversee the implementation of care accounts.

This is the first part of the funding for local authorities, and further support will be made available later to build capacity and support the implementation of technology that can support pricing reform.

Additional funding of £2.9 million will also be distributed to pioneer local authorities to cover the costs of implementing pricing reform early. Pioneer Authorities are areas that have been selected to ensure that all of the information, evidence and lessons learned from this initiative will be useful to providers and authorities to support roll-out in all parts of England.

Social care staff have worked incredibly hard during the pandemic and wider social care reforms will strengthen the workforce, enabling them to provide greater support in the community – keeping people out of hospitals and reducing pressure on the NHS.

Wider social care reforms will better integrate health and care systems, support earlier discharge from hospitals in the community and free up hospital beds to increase NHS capacity and tackle Covid backlogs.

Minister of Care, Gillian Keegan said:

Our pricing reforms will mean that no one will have to face unpredictable and often catastrophic care costs and this new funding will help local authorities implement these vital changes.

We are committed to providing equitable, high-quality care, and this is the start of our journey of reform, creating the next step to realize our ambitious plans.

We are working closely with local authorities, providers and care recipients to ensure a smooth transition to the new system to end the unpredictable cost of care for the public.

The Health and Social Care Levy will raise more than £5.4billion for adult social care reforms, including £3.6billion to reform the way people pay for their health care pricing reform social care to ensure the new system is fair and accountable, balancing government support with the need for people to be responsible for their future care needs.

It’s part of wider reforms backed by £39billion to eliminate Covid backlogs and reform social care, helping people access care when they need it in the community and reducing pressure on the NHS.

Adult social care pricing reform includes a new lifetime cap of £86,000 on how much anyone in England will have to spend on personal care, as well as a more generous means test for financial support from authorities local.

The transformed social care pricing system, which includes a significant increase in state support, will apply to people in residential and home care. This will ensure that adult social care is fair and accessible to all who need it, and will protect people from unpredictable care costs.

From October 2023, no one will start receiving care will pay more than £86,000 in their lifetime, and no one with assets of less than £20,000 will have to contribute from their savings or of his property assets – to £14,250. Anyone with assets between £20,000 and £100,000 will be eligible for means-tested support with an upper limit greater than four times the current limit.

Lloyd & Whyte acquires Naturesave Policies Ltd


A TAUNTON-based specialist financial planning and insurance firm has purchased a Devon business.

Lloyd & Whyte’s takeover of Totnes-based Naturesave Policies Ltd was announced this week.

National law firm Foot Anstey LLP advised the shareholders of Naturesave Policies, a leading provider of green and ethical insurance.

Founded 28 years ago, Naturesave Policies has won awards for best ethical insurance from the Good Shopping Guide and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable development.

In 1995, Naturesave Policies established the Naturesave Trust, its own registered charity.

Naturesave Insurance has donated over £1million to the trust. The donations are mainly used to fund grants for environmental projects.

Matthew Criddle, the founder of Naturesave Policies Ltd, said: “Foot Anstey handled the legal side of the sale of our business. They provided a task-related price for doing this, even though they committed a few more hours to the job in question. They were helpful. , clear and favorable to personal circumstances. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to sell their business. A nice group of people to deal with.”

The Foot Anstey team was led by partner James Crotty. He said: “It was a pleasure advising the shareholders on their sale to Lloyd & Whyte Ltd. We were able to achieve a successful outcome which worked for all parties involved. It was fascinating to work so closely with a company with such fantastic green credentials, in line with the founder’s vision.”

Trainer scammers ‘get by’ with victims’ money


According to a major bank, reports of purchase scams involving sneakers and shoes have more than doubled so far this year compared to the previous year. Lloyds Bank said the volume of such customer reports soared 112% this year on the previous year, with victims losing an average of £152.

The figures are based on analysis of shopping scams reported by Lloyds Banking Group customers between January 2022 and April 2022, with comparisons made to data from the same period last year. Purchasing scams involve people being tricked into transferring money for goods or services, often advertised online or through social media, which may not exist or are of poor quality or fake.

Sneaker and shoe scams are the most commonly reported type of shopping scam that Lloyds said it has seen. While scammers will advertise any brand they believe could trick an unsuspecting victim, Lloyds said analysis of reported cases has shown Nike to be among the popular brands that merchandise scammers can falsely claim sale.

Ticket scams had also exploded this year as people were eager to attend events following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions. While the total number of reported ticket scams was lower than some other items, the number of reported cases had already soared 603% this year, Lloyds said. The average amount lost was £251, with football matches and concerts being the events most likely to appear in fake adverts.

The number of purchase scams involving electrical appliances has also risen by more than a third so far this year, with an average loss of £174. Lloyds said the Dyson Airwrap styling tool was among the most common items reported in this category at the moment.

Football tickets were most likely to appear in fake ads

Some other purchase scams that rose earlier in the pandemic, such as puppies and game consoles, have declined this year, the bank said. This could reflect a change in tactics by fraudsters, as with the readjustment of people’s post-lockdown lifestyles and routines, demand could now drop.

Liz Ziegler, director of retail fraud and financial crime, Lloyds Bank, said: “Fraudsters are always looking for new ways to cheat victims with their hard-earned money, and with designer trainers among the latest must-have items targeted, criminals are ready to get away as soon as they get their hands on your money. Shopping scams come in all shapes and sizes, but the vast majority start with items advertised on social media, where it’s too easy for scammers to use fake profiles and advertise items that do not exist.

“When shopping online, the best way to stay safe is to buy from a trusted retailer whenever possible and always pay by card for the best protection. If you are unable to doing these things should be a big red flag that you are about to get scammed.

Here are the most common purchase scams reported to Lloyds Banking Group this year so far, the increase or decrease in the volume of reports compared to the previous year and the average amount lost:

1. Trainers and Shoes, 112%, £152

2. Vehicles and parts, 31%, £1,506

3. Phones and accessories, 23% off, £229

4. Clothes and fashion, 35%, £166

5. Game consoles, 64% off, £192

6. Event tickets, 603%, £251

7. Holidays and travel, 15%, £798

8. Puppies and dogs, 64% off, £312

9. Electronics, 37%, £174

10. Household furniture, 14%, £344

Here are Lloyds’ tips for staying safe from shopping scams:

– Using your debit or credit card when shopping online can help protect your money in case something goes wrong.

– Fraudsters often use social networks to post fraudulent offers. They can even send them straight to your inbox. Always search for offers yourself.

– Check any offer sent by SMS or email to make sure it is genuine. Call the sender to find out using a trusted number, not necessarily the one in the message, or visit the website to verify. Never click on a link without checking first.

– Low prices and bargains can hide scams. See if you can find them elsewhere. And remember, if an item sells, scammers may charge more to fool desperate buyers.

– Make sure a seller or website is genuine. Look for good reviews from different buyers. Beware of mixed, bad or non-existent reviews.

– Ask questions before buying. If an item is expensive, offer to pay a deposit. If a seller can’t provide details about an item or tries to rush you to pay, it could be a scam.

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Governor Larry Hogan – Official Website of the Governor of Maryland


ANNAPOLIS, MD—On the fifth day of his East Coast tour, Governor Larry Hogan today toured publicly funded academic buildings on the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) campus in Somerset County, as well as the new ECI gas pipeline, which is the first of its kind in the region.

UMES School of Pharmacy and Health Professions. When completed in the coming weeks, the UMES School of Pharmacy and Health Professions will allow the university to consolidate its pharmacy and health programs into one building, where previously it was spread on campus in six different buildings. The state has committed more than $96 million to the project, which is the school’s newest building.


Building UMES Engineering & Aeronautical Sciences. Completed in 2016, the largely state-funded UMES Engineering & Aviation Sciences Building complex enables students to pursue careers in aviation and engineering. The school is nationally recognized for its work promoting diversity in the aviation and engineering industries. The state has also committed approximately $96 million to this project.


ECI pipeline. The ECI pipeline, the first of its kind on the Lower Coast, provides Somerset County with direct access to natural gas for the first time. This major state project will help reduce annual fuel costs, reduce emissions, and save UMES nearly $700,000 annually, allowing the university to reinvest more in students.


Squeaky Cafe. Governor Hogan stopped for lunch at Squeaky’s Cafe at Princess Anne.


The key to reducing child poverty? Monthly child allowances


With the extraordinary of the last month inflation rate of 8.3 percent that is dragging Americans down, the rapidly rising costs of food, fuel, shelter and childcare are putting countless families at financial risk.

Knowing that the nation would continue to face economic strains from the pandemic, the US government approved and implemented an ambitious policy agenda last year that included the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) program. In just six months, this historic initiative was significantly reduced child poverty and infused local economies with about 19 billion dollars per month in additional expenses.

A key reason for the success of the child allowance? Checks go to parents’ bank accounts once a month.

This idea is not new. Just look at the nation most effective Anti-poverty program – Social Security – which distributes benefits to recipients throughout the year. We know that Social Security keeps older Americans out of poverty, but—as columnist Bryce Covert recently pointed out in the New York Times — America has chosen not to give children the same priority.

The fact that CTC payments under the American Rescue Plan were paid on a monthly basis goes a long way in understanding why this direct payments program worked so well and why 3.7 million other children live in poverty after congress let the program expire At the end of last year.

New analysis from the Columbia University Center on Poverty and Social Policy proves this point head on by breaking down the anti-poverty benefits of the monthly CTC and showing that monthly payments are more effective than an annual flat rate.

If CTC payments are made once a year at tax time, child poverty falls significantly by about 11 percentage points, or from 22.4 percent to 11 percent. However, anti-poverty benefits often tail off by May. Compare that to monthly payments, which, according to Columbia findings, keep nearly a third more children out of poverty each month.

According to that report, monthly child tax credit payments at any time during the year could save about one in 10 children from falling into poverty, compared to annual payments that often only alleviate poverty for a month or two during tax season.

Monthly checks reduce year-round child poverty by reducing income volatility – thereby destabilizing month-to-month income swings that hit low-income families the most. Monthly payments not only reduce the risk of children being persistently poor, but also the risk of children becoming poor year-round.

The data from Colombia shows what we actually saw in real life when the child tax credit was in place.

When CTC checks began hitting bank accounts in July 2021, the life-changing impact of the loan was immediately clear. In six weeks, the lack of food decreased by about a quarter. The improvements were significant in Black and Hispanic families, who experience the highest rates of food deprivation.

As we navigate this “new normal,” let’s not forget this important lesson from the American Rescue Plan: Monthly cash payments keep children out of poverty. These payments also help families in other valuable ways. Bills come every month, and monthly CTC checks ensure grocery shopping, bills are paid, and rent or mortgage payments are made on time. In a survey of low-income families three quarters of SNAP recipients used their CTC payments for bills, including to prevent shutdowns, evictions, and foreclosures. Families across the country could get one breath of fresh air and reported feeling less financial stress because of CTC.

Economists are still learning about the long-term impact of the Child Tax Credit on the financial health of American families. However, the preliminary data – as well as the real-life experiences of millions of families – show that not only monthly CTC payments played a role no discernible negative impact on employmentyou supported labor and entrepreneurship among some parents. In addition, monthly CTC payments helped parents lose weight credit card debt and reduce reliance on payday loans, pawn shops, and even selling blood plasma.

Monthly payments have been a key component of the CTC’s success, and this model must be maintained if – and if – Congress brings the program back to life.

Christal Hamilton is a postdoctoral fellow at the Center on Poverty and Social Policy at Columbia University School of Social Work.

Natalie Foster is President and co-founder of the Economic Security Project, a network dedicated to advancing the conversation about cash benefits and basic income in the United States.

UK Government Consults on Handling Systemic Failures of Stablecoin Firms | Shearman & Sterling LLP


HM Treasury has opened a consultation on dealing with the failure of systemic digital settlement asset companies, including stablecoin companies. In April 2022, the UK government confirmed that it would bring the issuance or facilitation of the use of stablecoins used as means of payment into the UK regulatory scope. Issuers of stablecoins for payments as well as other entities providing related services, including wallet providers and companies providing custody services, will be subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority. The government also noted that, to manage the failure of systemic stablecoin firms, it would consider expanding the definition of a payment system to include arrangements that facilitate or control the transfer of “digital settlement assets” (DSA ). Those companies deemed to be systemically important will also be subject to the supervision of the Bank of England, which means that they will be authorized by the FCA and recognized by the Bank of England, and the Bank will be the main prudential regulator.

The recent turmoil in the crypto market has prompted the UK Treasury to consider how to appropriately regulate certain types of stablecoins to mitigate risk to consumers, market integrity, and financial stability. In this new consultation, which closes on 2 August 2022, HM Treasury uses the term “digital settlement asset” to refer to stablecoins used as a means of payment as well as other digital assets used for payments or settlement.

HM Treasury is proposing to make changes to the legislation to apply the existing Financial Market Infrastructure Special Administration (FMI SAR) scheme to systemic digital settlement asset businesses. This regime would take precedence over the special regime for the administration of payments and electronic money in cases where the IMF SAR and the PESAR apply to a company. However, the government is of the view that the existing IMF SAR will need to be amended, as it applies to systemic digital settlement asset businesses, to ensure that the regime addresses all financial stability risks posed by such businesses. . This would be done by adding an additional purpose for the return or transfer of funds and safekeeping of assets when the IMF SAR applies to systemic digital settlement asset businesses. In addition, the Bank of England would be granted the power to direct administrators and introduce new rules and regulations to support the additional objective. The application of the IMF SAR to companies already covered would not change.

The government confirms that it will consult in the coming months on the regulatory scope for all systemic payment companies.

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Friday’s credit card outage shows just how vulnerable NJ is


Have you ever felt that we sometimes depend too much on technology? I’m sure many in New Jersey did Friday afternoon. It didn’t get much mainstream media attention, but it was all over social media.

Indeed, not only were people making purchases scrambling to pay with checks, but there was an above-normal run on ATMs for cash withdrawals.

It’s called a major credit and debit card outage, Visa and Mastercard. Chase Bank runs the network that runs them and had major issues.

This has bothered customers not only in New Jersey, but also in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Kentucky and beyond.

I remember the Northeast blackout of 2003 that affected not only that part of the country, but spread all the way to Michigan where I was living at the time. I was trying to buy bags of ice at a 7-Eleven, just like everyone was trying to store food in their now useless refrigerators.

Of course, the store couldn’t process anything electronically. It was a cash situation that most people weren’t prepared for. Customers were yelling at the workers for not having the old-fashioned carbon paper machines. It was heckling.

A major technology failure recently affected my boys’ eye doctor’s office. They were so dependent on technology with no back-up system that when it broke down and burned out, they couldn’t book new appointments, couldn’t access patient records, couldn’t view a past prescription or make any business function. It literally shut them down for weeks.

We have become so used to technology always being there for us that society can come to a screeching halt if it fails. And that’s when we see how enslaved we have become to technology.

The opinions expressed in the above post are those of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski only.

You can now listen to Deminski & Doyle — On demand! Listen to New Jersey’s favorite radio show every day of the week. Download the Deminski & Doyle show wherever you get podcasts, on our free app, or listen now.

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Municipal tax bill for every city and town in NJ, filed

Just under 30 cents of every $1 of property taxes collected in New Jersey supports municipal services provided by cities, townships, boroughs, and villages. Statewide, the average municipal tax bill alone in 2021 was $2,725, but that varied widely from over $13,000 in Tavistock to nothing in three townships. In addition to the $9.22 billion in taxes for municipal purposes, special tax districts that in some locations provide municipal services such as fire protection, garbage collection or economic development collected 323, $8 million in 2021.

New Jersey license plate designs over the years

A judge will rule on a boy’s future in a fight against life-saving treatment


A judge is set to rule on the future of a 12-year-old boy at the center of a life-sustaining treatment dispute in the High Court after suffering brain damage.

Doctors treating Archie Battersbee at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, east London, believe the youngster is ‘brain stem dead’.

They say life-saving treatment should end and Archie should be taken off a ventilator.

Archie’s parents, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, from Southend, Essex, say the youngster’s heart is still beating and want treatment to continue.

Lawyers representing the Royal London Hospital’s governing trust, Barts Health NHS Trust, have asked Mrs Justice Arbuthnot to decide which measures are in Archie’s best interests.

Madam Justice Arbuthnot is due to render a decision on Monday.

She recently finished overseeing a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

Hollie Dance, mother of Archie Battersbee, outside the High Court (James Manning/PA)

The judge heard that Archie suffered brain damage in an incident at home in early April.

Ms Dance told how she found him unconscious with a ligature on his head on April 7 and thought he might have taken part in an online challenge.

The young man did not regain consciousness.

Archie Battersbee case
Archie Battersbee’s father, Paul Battersbee, outside the High Court in central London (James Manning/PA)

Lawyers representing Archie’s family told the judge his heart was still beating.

His mother also said he shook her hand.

A campaign organization called Christian Legal Center supports Archie’s family.

“This case raises the important moral, legal and medical question of when a person died,” said the center’s chief executive, Andrea Williams.

“Archie’s parents are not accepting that he is dead and are fighting for his life.

“There is no clear definition of death in English law, and a case like this has never been brought before an English court before.

“The outcome is crucial for Archie and his family and anyone who cares about the value of life in this country.

“The medical expert’s opinion presented to the court is clear in that the whole concept of ‘brain death’ is now discredited and, in any event, Archie cannot be reliably diagnosed as being in good condition. of brain death.”

She added: “We pray that the judge will be given the wisdom to make the right decision.”

Taunton School leaders discover lost relics on school grounds


TWO heads from the Taunton School have uncovered a series of historic finds, including a Victorian Jubilee Medal, after they started metal detecting during the pandemic.

Neil McKellar and Peter Council, who between them have worked in the school kitchens for over 30 years, were delighted to discover their own memories of the Jubilee.

Neil McKellar said: “Metal detecting is such an interesting hobby, and we feel lucky to work for a place that is so happy for us to explore our passion and learn more about the history of our county and school.

“Finding these lost relics is so exciting; it makes you wonder who or what happened when this object was dropped into the earth.”

Since 2020, the two chiefs have uncovered a number of fascinating finds this year, including a farmer’s token from 1649 and the Golden Jubilee token from 1887, which was given to local residents by the town’s mayor at the ‘era.

After their dig, they made sure to replace the earth and shared their find with the school’s history department so students can experience what life was like at Taunton school hundreds of years ago. ‘years.

The couple are looking for new places to dig in the county and hope their story will help inspire others to get “beep” in the future.

Taunton School Areas Manager Terry Harris said: “Any opportunity to be curious is encouraged here at Taunton School, and we are delighted that Neil and Peter have been able to find some fascinating pieces of our history on the campus of our school.”

Payday loan ads on social media


Those were tough years for many Americans. Unfortunately, it has become the norm to gamble every dollar to buy essentials. Some may be looking for a second or third job to help pay the bills.

This is exactly the type of person that payday loans are aimed at. These ads, which promise a quick buck without telling the full story of the cost of borrowing, have popped up on social media platforms like TikTok.

Read on to find out how these companies are getting around the rules and why taking out a payday loan is a bad thing.

Here’s the backstory

All social media platforms have advertisements as it is a primary way to generate profits. But some websites are not as strict as others when it comes to ad content. For example, TikTok claims to have a policy against “overachievement or promises.”

Still, there are many payday loan sites that target at-risk users. According to Media Matters for AmericaThree companies are consistently violating TikTok’s advertising policies by promoting payday loans.

By promising instant cash, Earnin, Brigit and Albert’s posts target those in a hurry with phrases like “living from paycheck to paycheck” or “always broke.” It is unclear how the advertising may be on the platform.

TikTok payday loan
Credit: Media Affairs for America

But Earnin is no stranger to controversy. The company settled a $12.5 million lawsuit three years ago alleging fraudulent lending practices. Brigit and Albert aren’t registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​either, as some users have claimed unexpected charges or missing deposits.

What you can do about it

It might seem like a lucrative opportunity to quickly get some cash in your wallet, but there’s always going to be a catch. The interest rate will be exorbitant, and they don’t mention it that often. Some ads use words like “fee” or “tip” without mentioning the interest rate.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a two-week payday loan with a $15 fee for borrowing $100 earns you an APR of 400%. That’s far more than the typical 30% on a high-yield credit card.

However, this can lead you into a cycle of debt according to BBBThere are safer alternatives to payday loans:

  • Develop a budget with an emergency fund. Create a budget so you know how much money you’re taking in and how much you need to pay bills. In this way you avoid a loan from the outset. Then set aside cash each month to build an emergency fund. You are also covered when unexpected expenses or emergencies arise.
  • Get credit advice. Get credit counseling if you can’t pay your bills or find yourself stuck in debt on a high-interest loan. That US Department of Justice has a list of agencies for people looking for debt reduction help. Check out BBB’s tip too Credit advice for more resources.
  • Look for credit. Compare interest rates, fees, and late fees by reading the fine print before choosing a lender. Pay close attention to interest rates and loan renewal fees. Credit unions are an excellent place to go for a small loan with low interest rates. Even credit card cash advances, which typically have interest rates in the double digits, are likely to have lower interest rates than what a payday lender will offer.
  • Contact creditors if you cannot pay on time. If you find you can’t make a payment on time, don’t panic. Contact the creditor directly. Many creditors are willing to work with you to develop a payment plan that you can afford.

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These family plans will save you money—even if you’re not part of the family

Check if you have any of those obsolete devices that sell for big bucks on eBay

Prince Charles Rwanda: Clarence House does not deny comments on report that Prince of Wales finds UK plan to send migrants to Rwanda ‘appalling’


“He said he was more than disappointed with politics,” The Times reported, citing an unnamed source. “He said he thought the government’s whole approach was appalling.”

CNN has not independently verified the Times report.

Clarence House told CNN in a statement that the Prince of Wales remains politically neutral.

“We will not comment on purported anonymous private conversations with the Prince of Wales except to reaffirm that he remains politically neutral. Matters of policy are government decisions,” Clarence House said.

The Times reported that the Prince of Wales fears the controversial policy could hover over the Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit to be held later this month in Kigali, Rwanda, where he is expected to represent Queen Elizabeth II.

In response to the Times report, a UK government spokesperson told CNN in a statement: “Our world-leading partnership with Rwanda will see those who make dangerous, unnecessary and illegal journeys to the UK be there. relocated to have their grievances addressed and rebuild their lives There is no one size fits all solution to the global migration crisis, but doing nothing is not an option and this partnership will help break the business model of criminal gangs and prevent loss of life.”

“Rwanda is a fundamentally safe and secure country with a proven track record of supporting asylum seekers and we are confident that the agreement is in full compliance with all national and international laws,” the statement added.

The British government announced in April that it had reached a deal to send asylum seekers to the East African country, in a move it said was aimed at disrupting smuggling networks and deterring migrants to cross the dangerous English Channel to England from Europe. .

The UK‘s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda as early as next week was approved on Friday, after the High Court in London rejected an injunction brought by campaigners to block the first flight due to leave on Tuesday .

The Home Office scheme is under judicial review by the Royal Courts, where a ruling on its legality is expected in late July.

Human rights groups said they would appeal the decision. Care4Calais, one of the rights groups that launched the initial challenge to block the evictions, said it was granted permission to appeal the decision on Monday.

Maryland shoots suspect charged with murdering co-workers


A man has been charged with the murder of three co-workers at a machine shop in Maryland.

The alleged shooter, Joe Louis Esquivel, 23, of Hedgesville, West Virginia, was treated in hospital following a shootout with police and is currently being held at the Washington County Detention Center.

Authorities say Esquivel arrived Thursday morning for his normal shift at Columbia Machine in the small rural community of Smithsburg in western Maryland.

He reportedly worked until he left the building to retrieve a weapon, went back inside, and shot employees in the area of ​​a break room.

Police responded to a 911 call around 2:30 p.m.

It is not known what the motive for the attack was.

Tactical police are working at the scene of the shooting (Steve Ruark/AP)

The police who arrived first on the scene found an injured person outside the establishment. As more police arrived, three bodies were found inside.

Esquivel, who is also charged with attempted murder and other offences, reportedly left the scene in a car but was soon met by Maryland State Police.

A Maryland State Trooper who was injured in a shootout with the suspect was treated in hospital and discharged Thursday evening.

The 25-year veteran of the Maryland State Police was shot when police say Esquivel fired multiple shots at soldiers. At least one soldier returned fire, striking the suspect, state police said.

A search warrant was executed at the suspect’s residence in West Virginia and additional firearms were located, the sheriff’s office said.

Washington County Sheriff Doug Mullendore identified those killed in the shooting as Mark Alan Frey, 50, of Hagerstown, Maryland; Charles Edward Minnick Jr, 31, of Smithsburg, Maryland; and Joshua Robert Wallace, 30, of Hagerstown.

Maryland filming scene
Officers remove evidence from one of the two cars involved in the shooting with police (Timothy Jacobsen/AP)

Nelson Michael, the father of Brandon Michael, 42, who was injured in the machine shop shooting, said his son was still hospitalized on Friday but was unaware of his condition.

“He survives,” he says. “I’m glad he’s alive, but it’s going to get on his nerves. I know that.”

Mr Michael said he did not know why the shooter shot the victims.

He added: “I’m just glad my son is alive and I feel so bad for other people’s families.”

Authorities said the investigation was ongoing.

Mr Mullendore said the suspect used a semi-automatic handgun, which was recovered after the shooting.

Smithsburg, a community of nearly 3,000 people, is just west of the Camp David presidential retreat and about 75 miles northwest of Baltimore.

Teenager forces 10-year-old autistic boy to lick his shoes


A mother has revealed the bullying suffered by her ten-year-old autistic son, including making him lick his bullies’ shoes. Devastated April England, 30, says her vulnerable boy Logan doesn’t want to go out and play because of the abuse he’s been suffering.

She says this resulted in five teenagers chasing and cornering the young schoolboy as he played outside. They forced him to “lick their shoes” on pain of beating him, “starting with a kick in the face”.

The incident took place in Chestnut Park near their home in Wonford, Devon on Monday while he was with his brother ‘Jack-Jack’. April, a single mother of five, said: “Logan was in the park in a part where you can’t really be seen.

“Then a bunch of guys and maybe a girl started chasing them and cursing them Jack-Jack and their friend. It’s not the first time they’ve had a problem with someone or they’ve had to hide.

“For some reason Logan just couldn’t get away and was surrounded by the group – they made him lick his shoes or they beat him up starting with a kick in the face. Logan told me that he licked a shoe and ran away and ran home.

Avril England with Eve, Jack-Jack and Logan

“I didn’t report it to the police because they won’t do anything and part of Logan’s autism means he wouldn’t be able to describe or recognize who they were.”

Logan, who his mother says ‘doesn’t quite understand what he did wrong’, was unable to remember what the brutal bullies looked like, but had reason to believe they were around 15 to 16 years old . April hopes to make residents of all ages aware of the increasing incidents of bullying and threats of violence in the area – and even claims that she is still being bullied.

She admitted: “I just don’t feel safe allowing the kids to have a bit of freedom with friends. It would be just awful if they were beaten up and it would be so dangerous for my daughter to get hurt. struggling because she has a heart condition.

“These teenagers need a curfew and there needs to be more police in the parks and CCTV. The teenagers think and know they can get away with this. I’m so scared to let out my children in case something happens to them.”

Briton’s death sentence will ‘invigorate’ Russia’s fellow fighters, friend says


The friend of a British soldier captured by Russian forces while fighting for Ukraine says his death sentence will “invigorate” those still resisting Russia’s advances.

Aiden Aslin, 28, was found guilty of taking steps towards a violent power grab in a court in the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic.

Another Briton, Shaun Pinner, 48, and Moroccan national Saaudun Brahim, were also convicted alongside Mr Aslin after the three were accused of being “mercenaries” fighting with Ukrainian troops.

Russian state media RIA Novosti reported that the three men faced a firing squad.

Brennan Phillips, a former US soldier who met Mr Aslin in Syria and worked alongside him in Ukraine, said the judgment was a “provocation”.

Speaking to BBC Newsnight, Mr Phillips said: ‘I think it will invigorate people more than anything.

“Whatever effect they thought they had in this provocation, I don’t think it’s going to be well received. And they did it as a provocation.

Mr Phillips, from Tennessee, added that “many people expected ‘Russia to choose’ the most provocative stance it can take” – namely the death penalty.

“I don’t believe Sean or Aiden will face the death penalty or anything like that,” he said.

“I believe their captivity under the Russians will be extended a bit, but I wholeheartedly believe and am very confident that they will be released safely to their families.”

The British government insisted that the sentences had no legitimacy and that the two men should be treated as prisoners of war.

Mr Aslin is from Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire (Mike Egerton/PA)

Russia’s Interfax news agency said the men could appeal their convictions.

Howard Morrison QC, the UK‘s independent adviser on war crimes in Ukraine, told the broadcaster the sentence was likely used for “negotiation purposes”.

He said: ‘I would hesitate to call it a legal process, frankly.

“Judges must be fully independent and must act within due process and the requirements of international and national law and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as the Geneva Conventions.

“I see very few signs of any of this happening.”

Asked if the penalty was a bargaining ploy, Mr Morrison replied: ”Well, it could well be. I mean, the problem is, we’re not sure.

“It is very unlikely to be simple. There will almost certainly be some subtext somewhere and it’s likely to be for negotiation purposes.

“In a way, I hope so, because these men are under the death penalty, and the last thing you want is for that to be implemented.

“But if it’s for negotiation, it’s hard to see exactly what the subtext is – because the UK government doesn’t hold any prisoners, it’s the Ukrainians who hold the prisoners.”

Mr Morrison said the government’s complaint that the men are prisoners of war who should be treated in accordance with the Geneva Conventions is “fair”.

“There shouldn’t have been a show trial and there certainly shouldn’t have been a death penalty,” he said.

Mr Aslin, from Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire, and Mr Pinner were both members of regular Ukrainian military units fighting in Mariupol, the southern port city that has been the scene of some of the most violent conflicts since the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin.

Mr Phillips said Mr Aslin had an established life in Ukraine after arriving in 2017 and did not go there to fight as a “thrill seeker”.

He said: “He has a Ukrainian fiancée. They have or had a house outside of Mariupol and he was part of the 36th Marine Brigade.

“So, yes, he had a well-established life in Ukraine, Ukrainian citizenship.”

Cost of Living Crisis: Glasgow is the fourth most affected city in the UK

People in Glasgow are among the hardest hit by the cost of living crisis in the UK, research has found.

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Food, energy and fuel prices have all skyrocketed in recent months, leaving people struggling with rising bills and looking for cost-cutting measures.

Using search engine data from the last three months of search engine tools Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner and KWFinder, a study was conducted examining key terms such as energy cap, payday loan, save money and cheapest energy supplier.

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This data was then analyzed and ranked by the combined number of searches for all keywords. This data was then sorted.

Most popular

How well do you know Glasgow?

Glasgow was the fourth most searched area in the UK, with same-day loan searches being the third most searched term across the UK. Other Scottish cities that felt the impact of the cost of living were Aberdeen 7th and Edinburgh 22nd.

Analysis of the data has shown that people from Manchester are struggling with the cost of living more than anyone else in the UK. With 2200 people searching for payday loans monthly, 210 searching for energy price caps and 310 people searching for cheapest energy suppliers, Manchester was the hardest hit area in the UK by population.

Newcastle was the second most targeted city and, with its small population, had one of the highest number of payday loan searches compared to the other cities and towns in the study. With 1000 people a month looking for quick ways to make money and cover unexpected expenses.

People from Leeds were the third most affected place in the UK when it came to the cost of living crisis. Leeds had one of the highest numbers of people looking for information about the energy price cap, along with people wanting to switch energy providers for the cheapest service.

Newport, Cardiff and the London Borough of Brent were the least affected areas, with the fewest people searching online for information on energy caps, quick loans, savings and information on the cheapest energy suppliers.

A spokesman for Pink storage Commenting on the results, “The cost of living is a concern for most of us. By analyzing online search behavior, we can see how people are trying to make ends meet.

“If wholesale energy prices remain high, we can expect further increases in energy prices, and as a result, that will be reflected in people’s online search behavior.”

COVID-19 surveillance and immunity studies through March 2022

Since the start of 2020, the government has funded a number of large-scale surveillance and immunity studies (SIS) via NHS Test and Trace, which has since become part of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). This page briefly presents these studies and their findings where government support was completed in fiscal years 2021 and 2022.

Read about ongoing studies under the Living with COVID-19 plan throughout 2022 and 2023.

This coronavirus (COVID-19) surveillance program was led by a team of scientists, clinicians and researchers from Imperial College London, alongside colleagues from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Ipsos MORI and other partners.

REACT protocol

REACT study information

REACT study announcements



April 2020 to March 2022

The REACT-1 study was launched in April 2020 and ended 2 years later. This was a large population-based study that measured the prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in the general population and estimated how quickly the virus spread between people (R-value) over a 2-week period. every month while the survey was active.

Up to 125,000 unique participants participated each month and the results provided information on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, in addition to the prevalence of emerging variants.

REACT-1 monthly search results


May 2020 to March 2022

The REACT-2 was launched in May 2020 to estimate how many people had already had SARS-CoV-2 in England.

More than 150,000 participants took a finger-prick antibody test at home to provide useful information about changes in antibody levels in the general population.

The study also helped scientists learn more about the ease of use and accuracy of different antibody tests, as well as how vaccines affect antibody levels in people.

Press Releases:

REACT-2 search results

ZOE Health Study

March 2020 – ongoing

It is a not-for-profit initiative launched by health sciences company ZOE in collaboration with King’s College London in March 2020. It supports vital research into COVID-19, is one of the world’s largest ongoing studies of COVID-19 symptoms and makes it easier to spot hotspots. .

The ZOE app provides unique insight into asymptomatic and symptomatic information across the UK with up to a million users logging in each week. It was supported by a grant from UKHSA until March 2022 and continues its activities with regular updates provided on its website.

Protocol and methodology

Press release: August 2020

search results

COVID-19 Symptom Study App FAQs

March 2020 to March 2022

CoMix was a unique social contact survey launched in March 2020 by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), with data collected by Ipsos MORI.

The study was funded by several organizations, including the National Institute for Health Research (NHRI), the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

Participants indicated the total number and nature of direct contacts they had the day before the survey: people with whom they had at least a brief face-to-face conversation or with whom they had skin contact to skin.

Additional questions were also asked of participants, such as whether they were wearing a face mask on the day of the reported contacts.

The data was analyzed to produce a bi-monthly report for the Pandemic Influenza Scientific Group on Modelling, Operational Subgroup (SPI-MO) and Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) that tracked replication counts, average participant contacts over time, and explored differences across regions.

Protocol and research results

SKID surveillance study

June 2020 to September 2020

In early June 2020, the study was launched through a partnership between Public Health England (now UKHSA) and the Ministry of Education (DfE), with funding from DHSC.

The study focused on providing a better understanding of the prevalence in nursery and primary schools during the last half of the summer term 2020 after national lockdown measures began to ease. It was designed to provide government with information to inform the response to SARS-CoV-2 and the management of educational institutions in a safe and secure manner.

This study focused on blood tests and swabs of nursery, primary and staff from 130 schools across England to better understand transmission rates of COVID-19.

Following the completion of SKIDthe study became the sKIDsPLUS study (September 2020 to June 2021), which examined enhanced surveillance for COVID-19 in 20 high schools and colleges and the development of 2 surveillance, immunity and health studies and welfare on a larger scale in primary and secondary schools, SIS1 and SIS2.

Protocol and methodology

Press release: June 2020

search results

Additional information on pediatric COVID-19 surveillance

SKIDsPlus Protocol

UK Biobank SARS-CoV-2 serology study

May 2020 to December 2020

This study was set up in May 2020 by UK Biobank, in collaboration with the University of Oxford. It was designed to establish the proportion of biobank participants who had previously been infected with SARS-CoV-2, the strength of antibody responses from different groups, and their variation over time.

It used a fixed cohort of 20,000 people registered with UK Biobank and their families who self-administered finger prick blood samples once a month for 6 months.

Press release: May 2020

search results

Final results

UK Biobank SARS-CoV-2 Serology Study FAQs

PHE serological study

March 2020 – ongoing

NHS Test and Trace funding for this study was provided between March and November 2020. This was a weekly serological test of blood samples obtained from existing sources which provided baseline population data showing antibodies.

Blood samples from the NHS Blood and Transplant Service, Great Ormond Street Hospital and other pediatric hospitals were analysed. Data collection continues on a small scale.

Protocol and methodology

Press release: August 2020

COVID-19 Surveillance and Immunity Studies

Sportsmanship is not dead in New Jersey


Sports at all levels tend to bring out the most competitive instincts in people, but sometimes that competitive fire is tempered by sportsmanship. This was the case recently during an important baseball game in high school.

According to the Daily Journal, Pitman High School was playing Schalick for the right to go to the South Jersey Group 1 Semifinals. NJSIAA rules state that a pitcher can only throw 150 pitches in a five days, obviously trying to preserve young arms.

Schalick pitcher Luke Pokrovsky had pitched Wednesday and Saturday in their previous wins and was pitching again on Monday. Coach Pitman and Coach Schalick kept track of the number of pitches (as they always do), but they had different numbers regarding the number of pitches thrown.

Pitman’s coach John Hopely had Pokrovsky at 151 pitches when Schalick’s coach Sean O’Brien pulled him out of the game, thinking he had just thrown his 150th pitch.

There were back and forths and consultations with the NJSIAA to clarify the rule, but ultimately it was determined that Pitman had the basis for a protest, which if upheld would result in Schalick dropping out of the game. they had won 5-4.

So what did Pitman’s trainer Hopely do? Nothing. He didn’t protest, he didn’t push for the forfeit, he took the loss rather than try to move forward on a clerical error. He had compiled all the necessary documentation but had not sent it. He told the Daily Journal: “I don’t feel well,” he said. “It didn’t affect the game.”

He said not all of his players (and their parents) agreed with his decision, but he said if the tables were turned he would hate to see his players lose a playoff game over a technicality. .

Thus, Schalick progresses, but Pitman High School is also a winner.

The views expressed in the above post are those of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Doyle only.

You can now listen to Deminski & Doyle — On demand! Listen to New Jersey’s favorite radio show every day of the week. Download the Deminski & Doyle show wherever you get podcasts, on our free app, or listen now.

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These are the best hiking spots in New Jersey

A trip to New Jersey doesn’t have to be just the beach. Our state has incredible trails, waterfalls and lakes to enjoy.

From the Pine Barrens to the Appalachian Trail to New Jersey’s hidden gems, you have plenty of options for a great hike. Hiking is a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature, plus it’s a great workout.

Before you hit the trails and explore some of our listeners’ suggestions, I have some tips on hiking etiquette from the American Hiking Society.

If you descend and encounter an uphill hiker, pull to the side and give the uphill hiker some space. An uphill hiker has the right of way unless they stop to catch their breath.

Always stay on the trail, you may see side paths, unless marked as an official trail, avoid them. Going off the trail, you risk damaging the ecosystems around the trail, the plants and wildlife that live there.

You also don’t want to disturb any wildlife you encounter, just keep your distance from the wildlife and continue hiking.

Cyclists must yield to hikers and horses. Hikers should also give in to horses, but I’m not sure how many horses you’ll encounter on New Jersey trails.

If you plan to take your dog on your hike, they must be on a leash and be sure to clean up all pet waste.

Finally, pay attention to the weather, if the trail is too muddy, it’s probably best to save your hike for another day.

I asked our listeners for their suggestions on the best hiking spots in New Jersey, check out their suggestions:

Municipal tax bill for every town and city in NJ, filed

Just under 30 cents of every $1 of property taxes collected in New Jersey supports municipal services provided by cities, townships, boroughs, and villages. Statewide, the average municipal tax bill alone in 2021 was $2,725, but that varied widely from over $13,000 in Tavistock to nothing in three townships. In addition to the $9.22 billion in taxes for municipal purposes, special tax districts that in some locations provide municipal services such as fire protection, garbage collection or economic development collected 323, $8 million in 2021.

TUI forced to hijack two planes after issuing ’emergency code’


Two TUI flights sent emergency alerts this morning as they were diverted over UK airspace. The diversions were picked up by live flight tracker Flightrader24 and both planes were diverted to Birmingham.

The flight tracking site detected two hijackings which began after pilots indicated a ‘general emergency’, reports Yorkshire Live. It is not yet clear why the planes diverted, or what the emergency was and TUI has been contacted for further information.

TUI flight BY245 was returning to Bristol, from Espargos, Sal, Cape Verde, when it was diverted to Birmingham. The pilot had transmitted an emergency code 7700 while flying northwest of Gloucester.

TUI Airways flight BY255, also from Espargos and bound for East Midlands Airport, was also diverted to Birmingham after transmitting the same emergency code.

British travelers faced more delays today following a strike by Italian aviation workers which is causing more hardship for British travellers. Dozens of flights between the UK and Italy were canceled on Wednesday, with easyJet, Ryanair and British Airways among the airlines affected.

EasyJet has cut 20 Gatwick flights, including departures to Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome and Venice. Some 14 flights between London airports and Milan have been canceled by British Airways, while Ryanair has cut a handful of flights between Italy and Stansted.

Pilots and flight attendants who are members of two Italian unions are on strike from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. over various issues, including wages, sick pay, holidays and refreshments.

One of the unions, the Italian Union of Transport Workers (UILT), warned that if an agreement is not reached, “it will only be the first in a series of protest actions”.

EasyJet and British Airways continued to cancel flights to and from destinations other than Italy due to staff shortages. In recent months, many passengers whose flights have taken place have reported being stuck in airport queues for several hours.

NJ 2022 Live Primary Election Results: Somerset County


Voters in Somerset County cast their ballots in the 2022 primary election on Tuesday.

Check back here for unofficial contested race results. Vote totals will only be displayed for contested races. The winning candidates will have an X in front of their name.

Ballots mailed in and postmarked before June 7 can be accepted until June 13, so results will continue to change after polls close on election night. Provisional ballots are not counted until all absentee ballots have been counted. Detailed information and results for each race are available on the county‘s website.

For all our election coverage, go to nj.com/elections.

Vote for one


Melonie Marano


Amber Murad

Vote for one


Darrin Russo


John Sheridan

Vote for one


Steve Stone


Suzanne Maeder

Vote for two


Uttara Patla

Giuseppe Zaccagnini


Douglas A. Stevinson

Gina Lisa Fernandez

Vote for one


Jessica Simpson Cook


Janice M. Fields

Vote for one


Mary Jane Canose

Vote for two


Jena McCredie

Chad McQueen

Vote for two


Lise Brandi —

Susan Taper—

Linda Brnicevic —

Vote for two


Thomas L. Young

David S. Owens

Vote for one

No request filed

Vote for two


David Karner

Vote for one


Jennifer Dawson


Gerard Searfoss

Vote for one


John Ciccarelli


Ronald Yoder

Vote for two


Ashley Neumann

Jessica Nichols


Joseph M. Devito III—216

Ronald Skirkanish—186

Jeoffrey Puia — 99

Jade Puia — 134

Vote for one


Raymond Heck

Vote for two


Mandy Coppola

Vote for two


Devra Keenan

Vincent P. Barragan


Ayush Nallapally

Vote for four


Given Suezette

Steven McIntyre

Everett Merrill

Wendy Schaefer


Francine Gargano

Christine Holman

Robert Fisher

Richard S. Blundin

Vote for one


Marc Corigliano

Vote for two


Jill Weible

Eric Quartello

Vote for two


Adam Armahizer

Joe Kempe


Nicolas Carra

Frank Del Rocco

Vote for one


Robert Uhrik

Vote for two


Jonathan Lee

Catherine Plunkett

Vote for one

No request filed

Vote for two


Gina M. Stravic

Roger A. Vroom III


mario hadad

Christopher Petrosini

Vote for two


Anne Dedousis

Christopher “Chris” Prozor

Vote for one


John “Tony” Gordon

Vote for one


Kimberly Dunn-Meynell


Lisa Lontai —

Jolanta Maziarz —

Vote for one


Pietro “Pete” Martino


Ronald Jubin

Vote for two


wendy robinson

ray barratt


Paul Marano

Paul Fisher

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Nova Scotia UARB cuts interest rates on payday loans

A payday lender on Wyse Road in Dartmouth on Tuesday. Photo: Zane Woodford

Payday lenders will receive a smaller portion of checks from Nova Scotians later this year.

In a decision released Tuesday, the province’s Utility and Review Board (UARB) lowered the maximum interest these lenders can charge from $19 on a $100 loan to $17 starting September 1 . From January 1, 2024, this number will drop back to $15.

Currently, Nova Scotia’s maximum is the second highest in Canada, with Newfoundland and Labrador capping interest at $21 on a $100 loan. Saskatchewan and Manitoba allow $17 per $100. At $15, Nova Scotia would rival British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

The change to $15 per $100 brings the annual interest rate Low to approx. 390% (with a two-week term). If that phrase sounds criminal, that’s because it is, but payday lenders in Canada are exempt Provision of the Criminal Code Interest capped at 60% annually.

Nova Scotia was the first province to regulate payday loans, and the UARB first held a public hearing on the loans in 2008 and opted to set the interest rate at $31 per $100 (about 800% annually). Since then, the regulations have been regularly revised and interest rates have been reduced each time. Most recently, she held a hearing in 2018 and lowered interest rates to currently $19 per $100.

In his decisiona three-member board of directors — vice chairman Roland Deveau and members Richard Melanson and Jennifer Nicholson — summarized a hearing that took place in March 2022 when the board listened to members of the public, consumer advocates and representatives of the payday loan industry.

These proponents argued lower interest rates would wipe out the payday loan business. Canadian Consumer Finance Association (CCFA, formerly known as the Canadian Payday Loan Association) attorney Patty Ko argued that the pandemic was already having a significant impact on the industry.

“Given the significant negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, she cautioned that it was not the time to make any significant changes and urged that the maximum borrowing cost of $19 per $100 be maintained,” the board wrote .

Patrick Mohan, president of the Independent Payday Loan Association of Canada, argued that rates should rise.

“Mr. Mohan suggested that instead of lowering or maintaining the current maximum borrowing costs, they should be increased to allow smaller operators to offer their product,” the board wrote.

“While his presentation provided anecdotal evidence, there was no verifiable data or expert opinion to support the suggestion that the cap should be increased. The board rejects this proposal.”

The pandemic has led to a decline in payday loan origination and repeat customers, but the board noted that the default percentage has increased.

“The data shows a decline of about 8% in the number of loans from 2015 to 2019 for the pre-COVID period, although the decrease in the total value of loans was only about 3%,” the board wrote. “The data also shows that the number of diverse businesses offering payday loans in Nova Scotia and the number of retail stores have remained stable from 2017 to 2021, despite a reduction in maximum borrowing costs and a pandemic.”

The board decided that there was no reason why lenders in Nova Scotia couldn’t make a living at the same interest rates as the rest of the country.

“The CCFA has not provided any evidence or satisfactory explanation as to why this would not be the case,” the board wrote. “While there are undoubtedly regional differences in overall population, demographics, income and other financial measures, given the nature of the product, the profile of the product’s consumers should be relatively similar across the country. The industry as a whole should be able to serve this demographic on a relatively equal footing with the rest of the country.”

Although it did not side with the industry, the board wrote that it had taken into account the pandemic-related impact on the business.

“Except for the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the board would have been inclined to move immediately to the maximum borrowing cost of $15 per $100,” the board wrote. “The Board believes that a phased approach to lowering the maximum cost of borrowing is appropriate to reach a level where consumers in Nova Scotia receive the same interest protection as is available in most of the rest of the country under the circumstances.” “

The Board also lowered the maximum default interest rate from 60% to 30% and left the default penalty at $40, the highest in the country.

The board noted that many members of the public were asking for payday loans to be abolished altogether or for similar regulations to be adopted as in Quebec, where a 35% cap on annual interest has effectively ended the practice.

The board accepted the provincial government‘s position on the issue, arguing, “The elimination of the regulated payday loan industry in Nova Scotia would reduce the short-term borrowing options available to consumers.

“It would also increase the presence of unscrupulous and unregulated lenders, particularly unlicensed online lenders, potentially leading to the unfortunate consequences of innocent borrowers accessing such unregulated loans via the internet,” the board wrote.

The board will next review payday loan rates in three years unless “a critical issue is brought to the attention of the board in the meantime.”

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UK government presents ambitious plans for electric vehicles

(Image by (Joenomias) Menno de Jong from Pixabay)

The UK Government’s commitment to green transport has accelerated after announcing plans to invest £1.6 billion to boost the UK’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network as part of its infrastructure strategy for electric vehicles.

The proposals – announced in March – are designed to support the UK’s ambition to reach 300,000 public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations by 2030, equivalent to nearly five times the number of pumps fuel today and a tenfold increase in the number of EV charging stations. currently available.

The plans are part of the government’s strategy to expand the UK‘s charging network, so that it is ‘robust, fair and covers the whole country’, as well as to ‘improve the consumer experience at all charging points”.

Speaking in March, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “We are moving forward with plans to help Britons go electric, with our expanding charging network making it easier to get around the country. “

The announcement was welcomed by industry group Logistics UK, which said in a statement that it would “help make the transition to zero-emission fleets a reality for logistics companies”.

It continued:

The plan, which aims to ensure commercial vehicles have access to public charging stations, will require these stations to have high reliability standards and tackle current barriers, including network capacity, charging costs and access to a sufficiently wide charging network on the strategic road. network – to help the road transport sector decarbonise with confidence.

Harnessing technology for greener transportation

For those of us with an interest in the future of electric vehicles, the news is another milestone as the UK continues its transition to Net Zero. But while large-scale investment in grid infrastructure grabs the headlines, the transition to commercial electric vehicles isn’t just about charging stations and the latest developments in battery technology.

Tech companies in this space are also working alongside transportation companies as they begin their journey toward fleet electrification. More than ever, managers need comprehensive fleet monitoring – down to the number of miles an individual vehicle has left before its next charge.

This is where cloud-based connected systems – which are already used for traditional ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles in the logistics industry – are being developed specifically for electric vehicle fleets.

While EV and ICE fleets share the need for similar fleet management tools – such as GPS tracking, route planning, driver safety and operational monitoring – EV fleet managers have a priority to which they must respond. Load anxiety.

What is the load of each vehicle? What is the range? How far will it go until it needs to be recharged? Where is the next charging station if needed? Where is the nearest mobile load recovery vehicle in case of an emergency?

IoT data is fueling the transition to electric vehicles

By harnessing the Internet of Things (IoT), the technology industry is able to provide the tools needed to give fleet operators the confidence to go electric. And it can’t happen soon enough.

A combination of push and pull factors – including the high cost of fuel and the ever-increasing availability of commercial electric vehicles and an ever-expanding charging network – means that logistics companies are accelerating their transition to electric vehicles.

A straw poll at a recent meeting of UK-based fleet operators – held under Chatham House rules – found companies were at different stages of vehicle and infrastructure testing.

As one delegate explained:

The EV infrastructure isn’t there yet, but there is definite pressure on ESG executives and managers to demonstrate their commitment to the EV transition as 2030 approaches.

Access to IoT-enabled data was highlighted as important as it helps shape management decisions, especially in areas such as fuel savings, measurable carbon emission reductions and return on overall investment.

While another pointed out that it won’t be long before companies start appointing an “electric vehicle transition manager”, someone dedicated to supporting the shift to electric vehicle fleets.

Real-world data is critical as the evolution of electric vehicles evolves

As individual carriers and economies embark on a path to broader electrification, it’s clear that the tech industry has a role to play in ensuring businesses can navigate this change. By collecting and analyzing meaningful data, stakeholders will be able to make informed decisions about progress.

For electric vehicle manufacturers, access to real-world data once their trucks have rolled off the production line could prove critical in the further development of their vehicles.

For fleet managers, driving conditions, driver characteristics, traffic, payloads, charging and maintenance schedules could all feed into the real-world information needed to operate a fleet of vehicles. electrical.

The same goes for charging station operators who are building a network to cater to the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads.

And with such political will driving change, having the data will also be an important source of real data for the government as it continues to create a regulatory framework to encourage the switch from diesel and petrol vehicles to cleaner and cleaner alternatives. greener.

By providing real data – not modeling or survey sampling – the information provided by IoT systems could be used to help shape government policy. If nothing else, it can be used to keep tabs on progress and highlight areas that need more investment.

And, ultimately, this connected farm data can be used to ensure the UK maximizes the environmental and economic benefits of switching to electric vehicles.

NJ Gas Hits $5: 3 Reasons Prices Keep Rising


NEW JERSEY – With most of the pandemic restrictions in the back, more and more people are getting behind the wheel to enjoy the summer. But those trips come at a steep price, as gas prices in New Jersey average nearly $5 a gallon.

Turmoil in the global oil trade, increased demand for summer travel and oil and gas companies continuing to make strong profits have contributed to record gas prices across the country.

The average cost of a gallon of regular gasoline in New Jersey was $4.99 on Monday, according to AAA. Five counties average over $5 – Somerset ($5.08), Essex ($5.04), Cape May ($5.03), Morris and Mercer (both $5.02).

Diesel prices averaged $6.12 a gallon in New Jersey on Monday.

AAA predicted 35 million travelers would hit the road on Memorial Day weekend — the highest weekend number since 2019. The auto club also expected 860,330 in New Jersey to travel by car for Memorial Day weekend getaways.

“So far, pent-up wanderlust caused by the pandemic has outweighed high prices at the pump for many consumers,” said AAA spokesman Andrew Gross. “But 67% of drivers surveyed recently told us they would change their driving habits if gas reached $4.50 a gallon. That number jumps to 75% at $5 a gallon. If pump prices continue increase, will people change their summer travel plans? That remains to be seen.”

On Memorial Day in the United States, European Union leaders agreed to cut Russian oil imports by about 90% by the end of the year. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the EU has debated how to sanction Moscow despite the bloc’s dependence on Russian oil. The EU decision has a major impact on global oil trade, which saw oil prices surge above $120 a barrel on Monday.

Meanwhile, 28 of the world’s leading oil and gas companies made $93.3 billion in combined profits in the first quarter of the year, according to The Guardian. Shell made $9.1 billion in profits from January to March, while Exxon made $8.8 billion, about triple what the companies made in this period last year.

Last week, New York suspended its gasoline tax until the end of the year, becoming the fourth state to do so after Connecticut, Georgia and Maryland. New Jersey lawmakers introduced several bills aimed at easing the burden at the pump, but none became law.

State Assemblyman Raj Mukherji (D-33) has sponsored a bill that would give drivers of New Jersey-licensed vehicles a $400 to $800 rebate and a three-month user rate holiday of NJ Transit. A bill by state Sen. Edward Durr (R-3) would provide a tax refund of up to $500 per taxpayer to offset gas prices and inflationary costs.

Aquarian to Acquire Majority Stake in Somerset Re and Provide Additional Equity to Support Growth


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aquarian Holdings (“Aquarian”) and Somerset Reinsurance Ltd (“Somerset Re”) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement allowing Aquarian to acquire a majority stake in Somerset Re, a leading providers of reinsurance solutions for the US life insurance market. and the annuity market. In addition, the transaction will provide Somerset Re with a substantial amount of immediate and committed new capital to further drive growth, strengthen Somerset Re’s strong market position and provide additional resources to support its strong pipeline of opportunities.

The transaction joins Aquarian with existing strategic investors Hannover Re, the world’s third-largest reinsurer, and Weiss Family Interests, which includes George Weiss, CEO of Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisors LLC and founder of Somerset Re, who will each retain a stake and stake to Somerset Re. Atlas Merchant Capital and several other existing shareholders have agreed to sell their interests to Aquarian. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2022 and is subject to customary regulatory closing conditions. Additional terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Somerset Re was founded in 2014 to provide insurers with tailored solutions to help mitigate risk and improve capital efficiency. The reinsurer, which has been backed by strategic investors with extensive experience in the insurance industry since its launch, is rated A- by AM Best and BBB+ by S&P Global. The company, which has grown 93% annually to $5 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2021, intends to continue its liability-driven approach to provide a strong professional reinsurance option to the market .

“We are delighted to have Somerset Re join the Aquarian platform,” said Rudy Sahay, Founder and Managing Partner of Aquarian. “Since our launch, we have successfully partnered with leading insurers and asset managers to support their strategic growth. We look forward to continuing to grow and scale Somerset Re alongside CEO Jeff Burt and the management team, in partnership with their strong strategic shareholders.

Mr. Burt added, “I am delighted to partner with Aquarian and welcome their strategic investment in our platform as we continue to build on our well-established successes, alongside the continued support of our founder George Weiss and Hannover Re. Aquarian brings highly differentiated asset management capabilities focused on the insurance market that will complement our long-term partnership and solution-focused approach to serving our clients.

Mr. Weiss said: “As CEO of Weiss Multi Strategy Advisers I have been in this industry for 43 years and as Founder of Somerset Re I am absolutely delighted to be partnering with Rudy Sahay and the team. Aquarian. I see great things to come for this combined organization.

Dr. Klaus Miller, Board Member of Hannover Re, added: “We are delighted with the recognition of the success of our current investment and look forward to continuing our successful relationship and growing our collective business in the future. .

Colin Savage, Managing Director and Head of North American Investments for Atlas Merchant Capital, said: “We are very proud to have been part of Somerset’s growth story with Jeff and the team in building a leading life reinsurance franchise over the past six years and wish them every success in the future.

Citi and RBC Capital Markets acted as financial advisors to Aquarian Holdings, with Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, Walkers (Bermuda) Limited and Arthur Cox LLP acting as legal advisors. Barclays Capital, Inc. acted as lead financial advisor and Crédit Agricole CIB also acted as financial advisor to Somerset Re, Mayer Brown LLP and Conyers Dill & Pearman Limited acting as legal advisors.

About Somerset Re

Somerset Reinsurance Ltd. is a leading provider of reinsurance solutions for the asset-intensive life insurance and annuity business, helping clients manage capital efficiency and improve financial results. Somerset Re’s solutions include programs for new business flows and the management of legacy blocks of life insurance and annuities. For more information, please visit SomersetRe.com.

About Aquarian Holdings

Aquarian Holdings is a diversified holding company with interests in businesses including insurance, asset management, real estate and technology. We draw on our decades of collective experience to deliver debt and equity capital solutions that meet the objectives of our partners and our portfolio companies. For more information, visit www.aquarianlp.com.

The reopening of the British Embassy in Tripoli

Excellencies, distinguished guests and colleagues, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you all for taking part in our Queen’s birthday party tonight – our first in Tripoli for eight years. And a special thank you to our sponsors: UK Solar Power, Velichor Risk, A1 Security Print, BACB and Petrofac.

We are gathered today to celebrate a historic event. On February 6, 2022, Her Majesty The Queen became the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking seventy years of service to the people of the United Kingdom and her Commonwealth. His remarkable reign began in 1952, just a year and two months after the formation of the United Kingdom of Libya.

Since then, she has made more than 260 official visits abroad. Her second state visit was to Tobruk, where she met King Idris, who entrusted her with the Order of Idris I. Truly, throughout her reign, the Queen has testified to the dynamic and enduring relationship between our two countries.

The relationship is deep and lasting. Our armed forces fought together – in World War II and more recently against Daesh in Sirte. Since 2000, 166 Libyans have won Chevening scholarships to study in the UK. Our cultural ties are strong and continue to grow.

It’s the past. In the present, it is my job – our job – to strengthen bilateral relations between the UK and Libya, and to support the Libyan people.

That is why I am delighted to announce tonight that the UK is today officially reopening our British Embassy here in Libya.

Although the embassy is based in Tripoli, it is a demonstration of our commitment to the whole of Libya. I am proud that our work is already touching the lives of Libyans across the country. For instance:

  • Training of law enforcement agencies in Benghazi, Sabha, Misrata and Tripoli;
  • Mine action projects in Sirte;
  • Helping English teachers in Libya through the British Council,
  • Peacebuilding programs in Ajdibaya, Tobruk and Zliten; and
  • Our support for the High National Electoral Commission throughout the country.

I am particularly proud that British companies are working with Libyan companies and having a significant impact on Libya’s economic development. Many of these companies are represented here tonight, including UK Solar Power represented by Serag Elalam, which is leading the charge to increase solar power in Libya.

But I want to acknowledge that many friends and colleagues from across the country cannot be here with us tonight, due to the political and security challenges facing Libya. I ask you to keep our absent friends from all over Libya in your thoughts tonight.

If Libya is to realize its political and economic potential, Libyan leaders must continue to implement the October ceasefire agreement, work together and seek compromise, cooperation and concord.

The Libyan people deserve it.

The Queen is our best example of such leadership. Throughout her 70-year reign, the Queen has dedicated her life to public service, transcended politics and geography, and been a source of continuity and strength.

So please would you all raise a glass to Her Majesty The Queen on her Platinum Jubilee. Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen. The Queen.

And now I am delighted to officially reopen the British Embassy in Libya thanks to the raising of our Union Flag.

Best stories in Fall River, Somerset, Swansea, Westport, Tiverton


As we prepare to kick off a new week, let’s look back on the week that has been.

A major bust led to arrests in Fall River, Taunton and Lawrence and the seizure of approximately $350,000 worth of illegal drugs. Find out how the police dismantled this drug network.

In other news, Fall River area movie theater owners talk about the plight of the industry after the challenges faced during the pandemic.

Also, after 11 years, it looks like the Fall River Biopark is about to be filled. The Redevelopment Authority has entered into three agreements for the sale of land in the SouthCoast Life Science & Technology Park. Find out how many jobs this will mean for the city.

But the most read stories of the week on heraldnews.com were:

Go, go, already gone

This week Swansea’s famous Pleasure Island, long abandoned, was sold.

People gathered on Pleasure Island hoping to see the place auctioned off on Thursday were disappointed as the owner struck a deal with a buyer before the scheduled auction could take place.

Sometimes referred to as Shady Isle, Pleasure Island is a 4.25 acre island just off the mainland near Ocean Grove Avenue, has been a longtime popular event location for local weddings, corporate picnics and family celebrations. It sat unused for about 10 years. Edward Costa and Costa Management LLC have owned it since 2005.

Island with a complicated past: Swansea’s Pleasure Island will be auctioned on Thursday

Off-market : Swansea’s Pleasure Island sold ahead of scheduled auction

Fall River foodies take note

There’s a party at the gates of town and you’ll want to arrive hungry.

Fall River Food Trucks at the Gates kicked off this weekend at the water’s edge, welcoming an enthusiastic crowd who enjoyed a diverse range of food, musical performances and more.

The city has partnered with PVD Food Truck Events for a series of similar parties on Ponta Delgada Boulevard throughout the summer.

Food Trucks at the gates: The Fall River event kicks off with a dozen trucks and live music

MIAA power rating

The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association recently released its final tournament softball power rankings for the spring season.

Teams finishing in the top 32 of these rankings qualify for the state tournament.

Find out where softball teams in the Greater Fall River area compare to teams across Massachusetts.

Softball Stars: See where your Grand Fall River teams are located

New sworn advisor

There was an upheaval in city government last week after Councilman Trott Lee announced on Tuesday that he would be resigning from council.

In a brief public Facebook post, Lee wrote that he had sent his resignation letter to the board. The letter says he was resigning “for family reasons.”

Two days later, Laura Washington, who came in 11th place in last November’s city council election, was sworn in as the newest member of city council. She is a lifelong resident of Fall River and works as a psychotherapist for Steppingstone.

The councilor resigns: Trott Lee has resigned from his post. Here’s what happens next.

“I have a lot to bring to the table”: Washington sworn in as new Fall River councilman

Restoration of Saint Mary’s Cathedral

A Fall River icon needs restoration work, and it’s going to need some help doing it.

It’s been a little over 20 years since the Cathedral of Sainte-Marie de l’Assomption has not been renovated. Now, the structure will undergo more critical repairs in several areas, including the roof, bell tower and its historic stained glass windows.

A gala is scheduled for Wednesday to help fund the cost of repairs.

Preserve a city icon: St. Mary’s Cathedral needs major repairs. Here’s how the diocese plans to fix it.

The Weekly Authority: 📱 Pixel Prototype

⚡ Welcome to The weekly authoritythe Android authority Newsletter that breaks down the top Android and tech news of the week. The 197th edition here, with this Pixel 7 prototype, foldable Galaxy specs, Final Fantasy 16 updates and some good news for coffee drinkers.

🎉This week marked the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations here in the UK (the first British monarch to celebrate 70 years of service!) so I enjoyed the two day National Day and we had a street party here in town!

Popular news this week

Google Pixel 7 prototype below









Top Gun Maverick

To play: